Overwatch 2

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    The sequel to Overwatch brings a full story mode, the ability to customize heroes, and new multiplayer modes.

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    Overview and new additions to Overwatch 2

    Overwatch & Overwatch 2

    • The progression of a player, achievements, records & cosmetics, will be carried forward to Overwatch 2.
    • The original Overwatch & Overwatch 2 players will fight together in PvP.
    • All Overwatch 2 maps & heroes will release for both games.

    Story Mode

    With Overwatch 2 Blizzard aims to bring what many players have asked for in Overwatch. The story takes place a few years after the Recall cinematic in which Winston initiates a recall for Overwatch.

    • Play together with friends to finish story missions.
    • Every mission will have an intro cinematic and an outtro cinematic.
    • Every mission will tell a specific story with predefined heroes, so not all characters will be playable during a mission.

    Hero Missions

    Hero Missions are short randomized missions you can do with your friends to level up your heroes and earn powerful customizations.

    Hero levelling

    In Overwatch 2 PvE players will be able to level up their heroes to be able to choose different talents to better help their PvE progression.

    New additions coming to Overwatch with Overwatch 2


    • Sojourn
    • Echo (not confirmed, but shown in cinematic)


    • Toronto, Canada
    • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
    • Monte Carlo, Monaco
    • Gothenburg, Sweden


    • Push - Each team fight to see who can push a robot the furthest on a symmetrical map.

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