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    Cuba is a republic and island country in the Caribbean Sea. Its capital city is Havana.

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    Cuba's official  name is the Republic of Cuba. Its capital is Havana and it has a population of approximately 11 million people 
    Cuba is a small island nation in the Caribbeans.  In 1958 a small communist military force under command of Fidel Castro. They fought the government and finally in on January 1st 1959, Cuba was declared a communist state.
    Shortly  after the communist revolution Americans forces and some Cuban exiles from the old government launched a mass invasion on Cuba, the year was 1961. This operation was called the Bay of Pigs Invasion. Cuba amassed more then 200,000 civilians who tool up weapons to defend the new communist government. 3 days later Cuban forces under command of the communists managed to defeat the invaders or force them to surrender. This was a Cuban victory.
    Today Cuba is one of the few remaining communists states from around the world. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba suffered economical problems. As of 2006 these problems where solved by the government and now the economy is as strong as it was before. 
    After Fidel Castro got sick, his brother Raul Castro took over the country.
    Cuba still has strained relations with the USA. Americans can not travel to Cuba legally. They first need to go to Mexico or Canada to fly to Cuba. Cuba has strong relations with many countries in the area. It has strong relations with Venezuela. President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has given large amounts of money and weapons to Cuba. Cuba also has strong relations with Bolivia and is a strong supporter of President Evo Morales of Bolivia.   
    Cuba is a large travel destination for tourists from around the world because of its many beaches and resorts.


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