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    Humans are bipedal, sapient primates capable of abstract reasoning, language, and emotions.

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    Humans in Games

    Understandably, a great many games feature Humans. In games where Humans are an option as a playable race, they are generally the "middle of the road" option that is almost average. Humanity is often represented in various ways including different traits and abilities that may not match those of reality. These variations in the depictions of humans can be chronicled below.


    Humans of Norrath can choose almost any profession and can either come from the west coast of Qeynos or the east coast of Freeport. They have the most balanced distribution of base statistics and can align themselves with almost any god, good or evil. The only class unavailable to Humans is shaman, but they do have the unique option of being monks. Humans have no enhanced vision in the dark and only wear medium armor.

    Phantasy Star Universe

    The most populous race in the Gurhal System, and the original race from which the others were derived. Humans tend to be all-purpose, with a good balance in abilities. They are not especially poor at anything, and can manage any kind of occupation. On the other hand, they don't excel in any one area. They primarily live on Parum.

    Humans are the most populous race in the Gurhal System, but their position in society is not necessarily very high. This can be seen in the distribution of power determined at the end of the 500-year war. The three planets are ruled by CASTs, newmans and beasts, and humans do not have a planet of their own. The other races, while not as balanced as humans, are superior in specific areas. Rather than being considered the original race, humans are considered a sub par race with limited abilities.

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