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    Aaron Cash

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    Aaron Cash is one of the most senior and respected guards at Arkham Asylum. He aids Batman repeatedly when dealing with Arkham's numerous inmates.

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    Aaron Cash is one of the most respected guards at Arkham Asylum. Possessing expert reflexes and formidable strength, Cash is capable of handling even the most dangerous inmates. Cash pursued a romantic relationship with psychiatrist Anne Carver, before her murder at the hands of Jane Doe.

    Cash famously had his right left arm bitten off below the elbow by Killer Croc during a riot. Cash was traumatized by the event, but eventually returned to work at the encouragement of Dr. Jeremiah Arkham. He wants to control his fear of Killer Croc.

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

    Batman first encounters Cash while escorting the Joker to Intensive Treatment. Cash is later found trapped with Dr. Kellerman in a room full of Joker Toxin. Batman succeeds in activating the vent system and saving the pair.

    Once released, Cash escorts Dr. Penelope Young to Arkham Mansion to retrieve her Titan research notes. The pair is confronted by Joker’s thugs and Cash orders Young to flee to her office. The guard is captured by the thugs and tortured for information, before being rescued again by Batman.

    The Dark Knight seeks out Cash’s assistance once again to gain access to Killer Croc’s lair in order to collect spore samples of Poison Ivy’s plants. He finds Cash standing guard in the overgrown lobby of Arkham Mansion. Cash provides Batman with directions to Croc’s cell and remains on guard until the crisis is resolved.

    Batman: Arkham City

    Cash makes a smaller appearance in Arkham City. He tells Batman that he was unable to find a job elsewhere, so he started working as protection for doctors who go into Arkham City to aid the inmates. He gets involved in The Riddler sub-plot, but makes it out alive.


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