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    North Atlantic '86

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1983

    North Atlantic '86 is an early war strategy game that was released for the Apple II in 1983, revolving around hypothetical battles between Soviet and NATO forces in the North Atlantic during 1986. It was designed by Gary Grigsby and published by Strategy Simulations Inc.

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    North Atlantic '86 is about a hypothesized battle between NATO forces and Soviet forces over the control of the North Atlantic. The game is a primitive strategy game involving the use of air, land and sea forces. There are two main battles in the game; one taking place from September 7 to December 31, 1986 and a second taking place from November 1 to December 31, 1986. There are also two smaller campaigns focusing on the invasion of Iceland in November of 1986 and a convoy operation in September of 1986.


    You are the commander of theses hypothesized battles. Since it takes place in the North Atlantic you main units are ships, with them you can attack enemy ships, launch your jets and invade enemy territory. Each turn in the game comprises the passage of 12 hours. Each turn consists of building and moving your task forces, moving, launching air missions and launching missile attacks. The playing field is a 40x40 grid where each square represents 100km. Like most strategy games the tiles are colored and obviously colored, green tiles are land, blue are ocean, white are bases, red are your Soviet enemies and black are your units.

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