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    AFO Neptune

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    One of the Tier One groups in Medal of Honor(2010). The group containts Mother, Rabbit, Preacher and Voodoo

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    AFO Neptune is a four man group, formed of Navy SEALs operating in Afghanistan during the 2002 battle of Shahi-kot Valley. The group is based on the real Navy SEALs who fought and died during Operation Anaconda, one of the fiercest battles the US faced in Afghanistan. The team worked it's way from the town of Gardez, located near the outskirts of the mountains, armed with M4 CQB-R rifles, Remington 870 shotguns and SIG Sauer P226 pistols , secured an intel-asset by the name of "Tariq" and cleared the town of Taliban fighters. 

     Preacher(Right) and Mother(Left)moving up after a firefight. Early development screenshot.
     Preacher(Right) and Mother(Left)moving up after a firefight. Early development screenshot.
    Tariq would inform the team, and AFO Wolfpack present at the gathering, that the Taliban was putting together an offensive at the Shah-i Kot Valley, an ammassed group of up to and exceeding 500 Taliban fighters. After 5 months the team would go on to fight their way up the Valley, with support from AFO Wolfpack(mainly from the two man sniper team led by Dusty), Apache AH-64 Helicopters and US Army Rangers
    The team consists of; 
    Mother: The head of the team, usually the pointman. Always carries an M4 rifle. Preferred type of optics is the EOTech Holo-Sight. Uses his P226 with great efficiency, and uses his comms unit to contact Panther of AFO Wolfpack or HQ. He is bald and most probably is the oldest of the team.
    Voodoo: The wild, short-tempered member of the team, Voodoo hails from Boston. He has scar marks on his face, has a broken nose and ties his long beard in a knot. He uses a Tomahawk axe as his melee weapon. Prefers to use his MK43, the SEAL designation for an M60E4 with rails and a shorter barrel. Uses a CQB-R during the first levels of the game. Voodoo is also the first NPC the player comes into contact with in the game. Voodoo dislocates his shoulder while trying to help Rabbit up, and is forced to switch weapons with him as his MK43 is too heavy to be operated with a single good arm.
    Preacher: Not much is known about Preacher, except that the fact that he got his name because "he doesn't speak at all"(comment by Executive Producer, Greg Goodrich). Preacher uses an M4 and is one of the characters that keeps his cool under any and all circumstances, even when he and Voodoo are left alone on the ridge of a mountain with massive Taliban forces closing in.
    Rabbit: The player character of AFO Neptune. Rabbit got his name because he has 6 kids back home. Rabbit is always quiet, allowing the player to project onto him his/her own personality. In reality Rabbit is said to have been inspired from a real Navy SEAL who died during Operation Anaconda. The place he died is named after him; "Robert's Ridge". Rabbit can use any weapon he comes across, his standard loadouts include CQB-R, SIG Sauer P226, M4A1 SOPMOD, Remington 870, PKM LMG, combat knife.

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