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    Tier 1 Operator from the 2010 Medal of Honor.

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    Dusty is one of the Tier 1 Operators from the 2010 Medal of Honor game. He serves as a leader to the player. Dusty is a man of patience, tactics and represents the 'scalpel' part of the game. His trademark long beard, sunglasses, reversed cap and shemagh have become Medal of Honor's definitive 'elite' appearence, as Dusty was used in nearly all of the MoH press kits and trailers. He is seen in the level 'Friends from Afar', using a M110 while serving as a spotter for the player(codename: Deuce) who is armed with a M82 Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle. 
    Dusty is part of a two-man sniper team in Afghanistan and usually operates within long distances.
    Multiplayer Tier 1 Operators resemble the appearence of Dusty but are not actually him.


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