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    AFO Team Neptune Tier-1 Operator. Preacher got his name because he doesn't talk much.

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    Preacher is one of the four members in the AFO Team Neptune. He's a Tier-1 Operator, one of the few elite warriors to have set foot in the hostile grounds of Afghanistan. "Preacher got his name because he never really says anything" said Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of Medal of Honor. Preacher groups with Mother in the first mission of the game which takes place in a village called Gardez . Team Neptune's objective is to secure an insider by the name of "Tariq" and escort him to safety. Preacher and Mother lead the two-vehicle convoy, and their transport gets ambushed by  Chechen militia. During the firefight, the team gets seperated, with Preacher and Mother cut off from Voodoo and Rabbit. All of the members survive and make their way through the village, in what seems to be a setup. Armed with Navy CQB-R compact M4 rifles, Remington 870MCS shotguns and SIG Sauer P226 pistols,  the team ultimately secures Tariq and escapes the village, thus marking the beginning of Medal of Honor 2010.
    According to Mother, Preacher likes hip-hop music.
    Preacher is one of three survivors from AFO Neptune, the last cutscene shows him without his helmet and shemagh, and reveals that he has dark brown/black hair. He also takes Rabbit's "lucky charm", a rabbit's foot after Rabbit is killed during the battle of Shah-i kot.


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