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Close Quarters Combat/Close Quarters Battle is a form of fighting that involves small units engaged with hostiles at very close range, potentially leading to hand to hand combat. In a usual CQB scenario, the attackers operate at a very quick and aggressive takeover of a vehicle or structure (weapons, etc.) controlled by the defenders, who usually have no easy way to withdraw or react (i.e. robbery).

In the military and other law enforcement agencies, CQC/CQB is an important and integral aspect of training. These could include knife fighting, hand to hand combat, etc. CQB is not only associated with law enforcement and military personnel, CQB is often used by the criminal element and is also applicable to robbery and even jail escapes. Guerrilla and Jungle warfare are also considered as forms of close quarters battle.

CQC In Videogames

 Snake, a master of his craft.
 Snake, a master of his craft.
In the Metal Gear Solid Series, Naked Snake and his mentor, The Boss, created CQC during the 1950s. This form of fighting is used in extremely close quarters and is designed to incapacitate or disarm the opponent quickly with ease. Naked Snake used a mix of throws, grabs, and advanced knife techniques that could be effectively used with one handed weaponry such as knives or pistols.


CQB In Videogames

 Stay frosty soldier.
 Stay frosty soldier.
In the Rainbow Six series, the counter terrorist units often times encounter situations wherein CQC/CQB is needed. These are due to the close confined spaces and limited amount of time to accomplish the rescue. The Rainbow operatives use room clearing and room breaching procedures to dispatch hostiles, reduce casualties and fatalities. This includes the use of flashbangs, door placed charges, smoke grenades, fiberoptic snake cameras, simultaneous room entry, etc.

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