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    Outer Heaven

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    Created by Big Boss in line with his vision of a nation for soldiers, Outer Heaven is the setting of Solid Snake's first ever sneaking mission in the original Metal Gear.

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    Outer Heaven is the name given to a hidden fortress located on the continent of Africa. It is the site where Big Boss establishes his nation for soldiers, and the setting for both Metal Gear and the Game Boy Color version of Metal Gear Solid.


    As already stated, Outer Heaven is situated in the south of Africa. According to information from the original Metal Gear, the fortress is located approximately two hundred kilometres north of Galzburg, South Africa. In Metal Gear Solid for the GameBoy Color, its location is revealed to be within the fictional African nation of Gindra.


    In Metal Gear Solid for the GameBoy Color, Solid Snake returns to Outer Heaven to deal with a terrorist group who have hijacked a Metal Gear from the United States military. In this game, the rebuilt fortress is renamed Galuade. This name is later referenced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty in one of the Colonel's Arsenal Gear lines.


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