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    Central Intelligence Agency

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    The Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, is an arm of the US government devoted to espionage activities. The Agency plays a significant role in plenty of games.

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    The fictional role of the C.I.A. in video games is more often than not to convey conspiratorial elements that are never disclosed to the general public. They are usually also portrayed as a varying mix of antagonistic and friendly force.


    • They have played a pivotal background role in the Metal Gear series. In the 60's, they are the American branch of The Philosophers, a clandestine organization that would later take form as The Patriots. Naked Snake served as a C.I.A. agent in their then-unofficial special forces unit, FOX. He left after the events of Snake Eater and faced them under the leadership of Hot Coldman in Peace Walker. In Peace Walker, they are referred to by the Costa Rican rebels as "la Cia" (see-ah). Many pivotal characters have fickle affiliations with them as "agents", either working primarily for other, opposing interests or leaving very shortly (The Boss, Ocelot, Solid Snake).
    • In the Splinter Cell series, they take the form of supporting characters that assist Sam Fisher by briefing him, supplying him with weapons and gadgetry, or directly assisting him in the field (while he is still under the employ of the NSA or the U.S. Government).
    • They are at the center of the events occuring in the Call of Duty: Black Ops subseries, where the protagonists are CIA Black Ops field agents, taking part in 'classified' fictional operations that are often spearheaded by them.
    • In the (mainly) Cold War political management simulation game Tropico, the CIA is most physical presence of the U.S.. Agents of the will attempt to oust you if you displease them enough, and the player "El Presidente" themselves can choose to have been installed by the CIA as the background detailing their rise to power.
    • Willis Huntley is a CIA operative in both Far Cry 3 and 4 that narrates virtually all of the flavor text in 3 and gives the player main plotline missions in both. He is portrayed as a jaded, right wing, and callous man who is willing to use the protagonist to advance his own objectives, whether or not he helps them or plunges them into harm's way.

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