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    Considered one of the most frequent and controversial implements of destruction in video games and real life, guns are devices that fire projectiles with explosive force.

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    The gun has played a critical role in history. An invention which has been praised and denounced... served hero and villain alike.. and carries with it moral responsibility. To understand the gun, is to better understand history. - Tales of the Gun

    The development of guns began over one thousand years ago, with the discovery of gunpowder by the Chinese. Its use and

    refinement for military purposes created weapons with explosive and fiery power, including early forms of grenades and mines. As time progressed, gunpowder was used for launching projectiles towards enemy forces at high velocity, and firearms were created. Technological advancements over the centuries have created countless varieties of guns, large and small, dangerous and non-lethal, and have improved their usability tremendously.

    The lethality inherent in many guns makes their use and ownership an extremely controversial subject in real life. This controversy extends to video games, where games that employ guns often face scrutiny and criticism for promoting violence. Some critics even go as far to say that first-person shooters teach players how to use guns in reality. While such claims have yet to be proven, guns still play a key role in the argument made against violent video games.

    Notable Guns In Games

    The BFG 9000 firing; a very powerful gun from the Doom series.
    The BFG 9000 firing; a very powerful gun from the Doom series.
    • The Walther PPK aka PP7, as featured GoldenEye 007. One of the most iconic guns due to being heavily featured in dozens of James Bond films, books, and video games.
    • Revolver Ocelot zealously uses the Colt Single Action Army, and is more proficient with them than perhaps any other video game character, ever.
    • Armed & Dangerous features the landshark gun, a gun that shoot sharks, that swim through the ground, and eat your enemies.
    • Perhaps the single most notable and notorious gun in the realm of games is the BFG 9000. The Doom series spawned the original Big Fucking Gun, which has been often imitated, but never duplicated. Great for when you absolutely have to frag everything in the room. With one shot.
    • Fans of Modern Warfare 2 are all too familiar with what in real life is an extraordinarily uncommon weapon: Dual wield, sawn-off Winchester 1887 lever-action shotguns.
    • Perfect Dark not only had a very advanced and very cheap sniper rifle in the form of the Farsight XR-20, but one that could that could auto-aim through walls with infrared/X-Ray vision, and then shoot with one-shot-one-kill, through an entire map.
    • Almost as well known as the Konami Code, Contra's Spread Gun was worth fighting over.

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