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    3rd Street Saints

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    The player's own gang in Saints Row. They are lead by Julius, who claims that all he wants is for the other gangs to leave his neighborhood alone.

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    The 3rd Street Saints are a gang at the core of the Saints Row franchise. The Saints' gang color is purple, and their symbol is the fleur de lis. In the original Saints Row, the Saints recruit the player's character at the beginning of the game after rescuing him from a gang fight on a street corner. It is revealed to him that the gang used to be the biggest, strongest gang in the city of Stilwater, but due to unknown reasons, they lost that power, becoming the weakest of the four gangs that vie for control. However, by the game's end, the player character's efforts manage to restore the Saints to power, and he is promoted to become their boss.

    Shortly after the Boss's promotion, he is betrayed by the Saints' former leader Julius Little and is nearly killed in a yacht explosion that instead puts him in a coma for five years. When he awakens at the start of Saints Row 2, he learns that the Saints have once again lost control of Stilwater and must not only fight new rival gangs for control of the turf, but must also deal with the insidious plans of the Ultor Corporation. The Boss once again leads the Saints back to prominence by destroying the three new rival gangs, as well as Ultor.

    After regaining their power in Stilwater, the Saints not only hold onto it, but manage to expand their influence by becoming celebrities prior to the events of Saints Row: The Third. Members of the Saints become TV stars, and the gang licenses the Saints identity as a brand for products ranging from Johnny Gat bobblehead dolls to Saints Flow, an energy drink. Depending on the path taken by the player at the end of the game, the Saints will either take control of the city of Steelport and declare it an independent city-state, or become heroes before going on to film an adaptation of the Saints' comic book, Gangstas in Space.

    The Code of the 3rd Street Saints

    1. "Murder Trial" is a phrase for free publicity.

    2. Say "Thanks!" when taking something by gunpoint.

    3. It only matters who presented the idea first.


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