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Gordon wielding his crowbar
Gordon wielding his crowbar
The crowbar is considered one of the most iconic objects of the Half-Life universe. It is the first weapon aquired in Half-Life, and another is always readily available in the other games, often given to Gordon by Barney Calhoun. Because of it's low attacking power, the crowbar is often more useful as a tool than a weapon against standard enemies, however, when fighting against weaker enemies such as headcrabs or manhacks, the crowbar is an efficient and speedy method of disabling them. Gordon must frequently use it to clear corridors filled with boxes, destroy padlocks on gates, or smash windows in order to escape from zombies. But when Gordon recieves the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, the usefulness of the crowbar as a tool is diminished, as the Gravity Gun is more effective at destroying or moving obstacles.


  • In Series 1 of the TV series Lost, Sayid's friends discuss the effectiveness of the Crowbar as a weapon.
  • In Half-life 2: Episode One, on giving Gordon yet another crowbar, Barney states that he doesn't "have many of these left".

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