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    Black Mesa East

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    Former resistance base and research facility located on the outskirts of City 17.

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    Black Mesa East was an underground facility that served the human Resistance after the events of the Seven Hour War. The base was totally self-sufficient, featuring power generation facilities, kitchens, and research labs. It was maintained by a large group of Vortigaunts and humans, with Eli Vance and Judith Mossman being overseers among the staff. The Gravity Gun was stored and used in and around Black Mesa East before being carried off in the evacuation by Gordon Freeman.


    Shortly after the arrival of Gordon Freeman, Black Mesa East came under attack from the forces of the Combine Overwatch. Base-wide evacuations were quickly issued and the Resistance abandoned the facility.  A few key personnel were captured in the raid, Eli Vance being the most valuable. After the destruction of the Citadel and City 17, it is unknown how much of the base still remains intact.

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