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    One of the more forthcoming characters in Saints Row, Julius is the leader of the Saints and is voiced by Keith David.

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    Saints Row

    Julius' character model from the first two Saints Row games.
    Julius' character model from the first two Saints Row games.

    Julius Little is the leader of the 3rd Street Saints in Saints Row. He is voiced by actor Keith David. In the beginning of the game, after a gang fight, the player is saved by Troy and recruited by Julius. As the Saints start to pick up steam, he gives a speech on how it's the Saints' time, and they will be taking back the streets soon.

    Julius pops up at various points during the three primary gang storylines to deliver words of wisdom, but for the most part he acts as just a faceless leader. His biggest role is in the Vice Kings storyline when the gang turns on their leader, Benjamin King. He sends the player to go rescue him, and then help him out for the remainder of the Vice Kings story.

    When the player has finished off the Vice Kings, Carnales, and Rollerz, Julius calls him from his car to send congratulations. He then warns the player that some police officers are tailing him, and that he has to go. After the cutscene, the player is subsequently called up by Police Chief Monroe who informs him that Julius is in custody. The player must perform Monroe's dirty work in order to secure Julius's freedom.

    At the end of the game, Julius is last seen observing the yacht on which the player is meeting Richard Hughes, the corrupt mayoral candidate that had pulled strings in order to con the Saints into eliminating his competition. As he walks away, Julius checks his watch. Moments later, a bomb on the yacht detonates, and it is hinted at that it was Julius that had planted the bomb.

    At some point after the game's story concludes, Julius leaves the Saints and disappears. The gang falls apart soon after, and the city of Stilwater reverts back to the state it was at the start of the first game, with multiple rival gangs fighting to control the city while what remains of the Saints struggle to get by.

    Saints Row 2

    Julius's role in Saints Row 2 is a minor one, and it is only available through a secret mission.

    Through a series of taped phone call recordings at the Stilwater Police Station, the Boss, the player character from the first game) finds out that Julius betrayed the Saints and rigged the boat explosion that caused his coma. Boss calls Dex, and at Dex's word goes to a meeting at the Saints' original base; the old church. On arriving, the Boss finds Julius instead of Dex. After a brief argument and fight, the two realize they've been set up by Dex and work together to protect the church and escape. When the two finally get away, the Boss shoots Julius in the chest. Julius explains his actions, saying that the Saints didn't help the city at all; all of the problems that had plagued the city before the Boss had done so much to elevate the Saints to power were now problems of the Saints' own creation. In effect, the Saints just became "Vice Kings wearing purple." Julius attempted to kill the Boss in the yacht explosion because he felt that the Boss was too dangerous and didn't represent a positive direction for the Saints or Stilwater. He chastises the Boss for not having learned anything, and says if not for him, the Boss would have been killed on the street corner where the first game began. The Boss responds by saying if not for Julius, he wouldn't have spent five years in a coma. Julius coldly jokes that that makes them even, but the Boss disagrees and kills his former mentor.

    It is revealed through a newspaper clipping in one of the Boss's cribs that after leaving the Saints, Julius had become an employee of Ultor as a tour guide for the old church.

    Saints Row IV

    Julius in Saints Row IV
    Julius in Saints Row IV

    While he isn't involved in any narrative capacity, Julius Little makes a cameo in Saints Row IV as one of the optional targets the player must assassinate within the simulated world of Steelport. Upon completing the mission and killing Julius (again), he is then unlocked as a 'Homie', who the player can call up for backup.

    If he is called up alongside Keith David--who is a separate character within the game--the two will share their confusion with each other at how similar everybody thinks they are, while they believe they both look and sound nothing alike. Julius will also reminisce with Benjamin King whence called together as Homies.


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