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Keith David plays himself as The Boss' Vice President in Saints Row IV.

Saints Row IV

Like the rest of The Boss' allies during the invasion from the Zin Empire, Keith David is abducted and is trapped within the simulation. After Kinzie Kensington is able to break free from the simulation and hijack a ship, David is the first person she rescues -- even before The Boss.

The twothen go on to rescue The Boss, and the three work together in saving the rest of the Saints. However, David begins to lack faith in The Boss' capabilities that s/he'll be able to beat Zinyak, and helps the Zin place Kinzie into their own simulation of what she considers Hell.

He sides with the Zin because of a promise made by Zinyak that surrendering will bring back Earth--which Zinyak destroyed after The Boss' escape--but soon concedes to The Boss that Zinyak wouldn't stick to his word.

Back with The Saints, he then aids along with the rest of the team in staving off the Zin while The Boss kills Zinyak. And with that, The Saints and Co. take control over his empire, which bestows upon them the power of time-travel.


  • If Keith David is called up alongside Julius Little--a character the real life Keith David voiced in prior Saints Row games, who is now a secret unlockable 'Homie' character--the two will share their confusion with each other at how similar everybody thinks they are, while they believe they both look and sound nothing alike.
  • Keith David is the only character on the Saints' ship The Boss cannot have sexual relations with.
  • Enjoys playing Dead Island, though David gave up on ever playing it again once the Zin invasion cut short his 10-hour long playthrough and made him lose his save.
  • His default attire when called up as a Homie in the Steelport Simulation is an exact mimic of the clothing he wore for his supporting role in John Carpenter's They Live. Saints Row IV features many more such references to the movie, including a short parody of the infamous fight scene between Frank Armitage--David's character--and John Nada, a role played by Roddy Piper, who also guest starred as himself for the scene.


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