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Pistols are a type of gun, usually held in one hand.  Types of pistols range from revolvers, the most common "magnum" design of which dates back to the original Samuel Colt design in 1836, to semi-automatic pistols like the USP 40.  In video games, guns have been a central theme since their debut.  While they originally simply fired single shots, as in Outlaw, they have evolved into different types, depending on the game.  In games based around stealth, like Perfect Dark or Splinter Cell, silenced pistols are usually used as a quiet and portable gun by the protagonists.  Commonly in video games, pistols have the most readily-available ammunition supply.

Types of pistols in games  

Semi-Automatic Pistols

Many games, from Modern Warfare to Doom, provide a basic semi-automatic pistol as a "last resort" or "starter" weapon.  While in real life it is much more efficient to hold one gun in a two-handed grip, many games feature characters holding a gun in each hand in an " akimbo" style.
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Notable semi-automatic pistols and their users



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In contrast to semi-automatic pistols, revolvers are usually set up to be a powerful gun, whose drawbacks usually include being slow to reload or fire.  In contrast to semi-automatics, there does exist historical precedent for revolvers being dual-wielded, mostly owing to their lack of ammo capacity and long, bullet-by-bullet reload time.  

Notable revolvers and their users

  • Revolver Ocelot took his name after his proficiency with revolvers in the Metal Gear Solid series.
  • The . 44 caliber Magnum, which can refer to the gun or to similarly "overcharged" bullets, is used in many military or other "realistic" games in this role.

 COP 11 .357 magnum Derringer
 COP 11 .357 magnum Derringer


In contrast to Revolvers and conventional Pistols, Derringers doesn't have magazines. They only use their own barrels to contain their bullets. They are often very compact and concealable, however they don't often contain many shots. They can be single-barreled or have multiple barrels, and usually feature down-break or top-break action.

Games With multiple ammo types

Games like Bioshock and Others have handguns that can use multiple ammo types, some names can be doubles in therms of effects (that's because games sometimes doesn't give a real name or use generic names)
Also some kind of ammunition only appears in small or large caliber handgun bullets.

defaultAnti organic
SpecialAnti armor
Flamableless lethal
StandardAnti personnel
Dum dum
Armor piercing
Plastic rounds ( non lethal)
JHP (hollow point)

FMJ plus P

Rubber shotshell
FMJ plus P plus
JSP (soft point)
Bird shot

Glass destabilizer

Shotshell (exists in bullet for all type of handguns and shotshell variant for revolvers and derringers)


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