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    9 Toes

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    Leader of a gang of psychos who hide out in Skag Gully, 9 Toes is the first boss encounter in Borderlands. In addition to the deformity which gives him his name, he has three balls.

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    Located deep in the caves of Skag Gully, 9 Toes hides out while sending his dastardly thugs and psychos out to murder and pillage the portion of the badlands surrounding the small town of Fyrestone.  He wears a pair of orange jumpsuit-like pants with no shirt, as well as many spikes on his clothing.  This includes trademark spikes over his nipples. The most noticeable thing about 9 Toes is that he wears a Safety First sign over his crotchal region, and the intro screen that names off 9 Toes exclaims "Also, he has 3 balls". 
    He also has two pet skags named Digit and Pinky.  Upon killing 9 Toes, he will drop The Clipper, a repeater pistol that deals fire elemental damage, and features a razor-sharp bayonet that allows the gun to be used for melee attacks instead of the character's default melee weapon ( Mordecai's sword, Roland's combat knife, etc.). The flavour text on the pistol implies that 9 Toes received the deformity that got him his nickname by dropping The Clipper on his foot.


    "I'll rip your arm off and beat your baby with it!" 
    "Time for another pound of flesh!"
    "You remind me of my mother... I
    ate my mother"
    "You woke the wrong dog...Aww yeah!"

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