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    Dane Vogel

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    Dane Vogel is the head of Special Projects for the Ultor Unlimited corporation. Vogel's objective was to destroy the 3rd Street Saints gang, and turn the Saints Row neighborhood into an urban utopia.

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    The head of Special Projects in the Ultor Corporation, Dane Vogel made Alderman Richard Hughes' dream of a remodeled Stilwater reality after the Third Street Saints were finished. Women loved him for his handsome looks and men respected his work. Vogel and Ultor kept Saints Row under control until the return of the Boss, who awoke from his coma. With the return of the Saints, other street gangs were being eliminated. After the Boss killed the girlfriend of the Brotherhood's leader Maero. he threatened Vogel into helping to defeat the Saints. The alliance later failed after Maero was led out by XM8-wielding Ultor security guards. Vogel also entrusted Shogo Akuji and the Ronin as protection for the company's money in the casino, something that they failed to guard from the Saints. Vogel also met with Shogo's father, Kazuo Akuji, and gave him orders which was an insult to the elder Akuji who then broke off the Ronin's connection with Ultor. Vogel then gave the Ronin's base location to the Boss who went and blew it up.

    As time went on, the Third Street Saints had terminated all the rival gangs and ruled most of Stilwater, something Ultor did not want. In a banquet, Vogel explained his gentrification plan in which he has gang violence run amok and devalue the property. Then, Ultor would step in, donate money to increase police presence, and run the gangs down before they buy the land at next to nothing. Then, Vogel will make the utopia that he promised. He then sent in the elite Ultor Masako team to kill the Boss, but the plan failed and the Saints attacked the Ultor Corporation back, hitting the Pyramid which was Vogel's secret underground facility.

    Unhappy with Vogel's work and the Saints becoming too powerful, the board threatened to fire him. To make sure no one would oppose him, Vogel tricked the Boss into killing the board members, making him the sole chairman of the Stilwater division of Ultor. As he was holding a press conference, the Saints launched an assassination attempt on Vogel. As he tried to plead for his life, the Boss shot him in the mouth to shut him up for good, killing him. With Vogel dead, Ultor carried on with Eric Gryphon replacing him.

    Dane Vogel is voiced by US actor and comedian Jay Mohr.

    Vogel is to appear in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell as a denizen of hell after his death.


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