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    Changing Sides

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    Whether it's a hero's turn to the dark side or a villain becoming a hero, it's usually unexpected and will bring a whole new moral dimension to the story. Sometimes, they change they sides more than once.

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    Dealing with the everyday stress of being a hero isn't easy; always a princess to save, shadowy organization to overthrow, or big bad that's just up to no good. Some people's moral compass can get eroded in this miasma of evil, and decide to become what they once fought.

    Being a villain isn't a piece of cake, either; hated by the general public, plans constantly thwarted, constant trips to prison... Wouldn't it be nice start from scratch and be a positive influence on the world?

    For one reason or the other people's ideas can shift radically, be it from world-weariness, life-threatening situations or simple temptation, causing them more often than not to join the ranks of their former enemies in the battle between the forces of Good and Evil.


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