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    Italy is a republic on the Appenine Peninsula in Southern Europe. Its cusine has given the world pasta and pizza. Mario, one of the most famous video game characters, is of Italian-American origin.

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    Italy (or Italia in Italian) is a country located in southern Europe, it shares land borders with France to the north-west, . The capital city of Italy is Rome (or Roma in Italian), a city known for its long history and association with the Roman Empire.

    A southern European peninsula notable for its boot-like shape, Italy has been a nation-state since 1861 when it was united under King Victor Emmanuel II. During World War II its government, at the time under a Fascist dictatorship, aligned itself with Nazi Germany. In 1943 Italy declared the Italian Social Republic, under complete Command of Nazi Germany. At this time Rome was liberated by the Allies. It is now a democratic republic and is a member of the European Union.

    Game Appearances

    Due to its long-spanning history and prominence in western culture, Italy has been frequently used and referred to in games. Italy has commonly appeared in games themed around World War II, the Italian Renaissance and the Roman Empire.

    Italy is also a common location for many racing games, particularly due to the fact that the country has a strong motorsport scene and houses some of the world's most recognizable and expensive car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo.


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