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    Rome is the present-day capital city of Italy. It has been the seat of power in the Italian peninsula for over 2000 years.

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    Ancient Rome

    Rome is often portrayed in gaming as it was when it was the capital of the Roman Republic (510 BC to 27 BC) and the Roman Empire (27 BC to 476 AD). Because Rome was such a wealthy city, it is filled beautiful and impressive architecture. The Flavian amphitheater, also known as the Colosseum, is world-known as the largest of its kind in the Roman Empire.

    Ancient Rome was a civilization based around expansion. The empire was successful in taking over extraordinary amounts of territory in order to gain economic wealth and to increase the growing supply of slaves needed for the economy. The fall of the Roman Empire is attributed to several things: the decline of slaves due to lack of expansion, the lack of easily accessible resources, the decline of trade along the silk road, the lack of universalizing (such as a common religion), and a streak of bad emperors. Furthermore, the Roman Empire experienced many invasions from nomads. The empire couldn't adequately defend itself because it could no longer afford the military, a side affect of the decrease in the economy. In a desperate attempt, the Roman Republic hired barbarian groups to help defend against the nomads. The barbarian groups, however, hated the Roman Empire, and they actually assisted the nomads.

    The invading barbarians moved in from the west and laid waste to everything. The final blow to the Roman Empire occurred in 476 CE. The eastern part of the Roman Empire, however, managed to survive for quite some time after the fall as the Byzantine Empire.

    Modern Day Rome

    Today, Rome is the capital of Italy. Due to its rich history it is filled with archaeological and artistic treasures, and is a major world tourist destination.


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