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So is my status going to update soon, or will it pretend that my Twitter account hasn't existed for about a month?

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Every terrible leader Zombie Pie has compared me to.

Seems that Zombie Pie has a tradition of comparing me to a morally reprehensible/incompetent/infamous/etc. government official in each Community Spotlight. It's a proud tradition that dates all the way back to June 9th, 2011. Rather than take issue with that, I thought I'd compile them all. Hey, maybe it'll even get in a Spotlight, right next to a Hitler reference.

List items

  • The emperor, although I wouldn't be surprised if he compared me to this Nero, at some point.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: June 9th.

  • Fuck. Turns out that Caligula isn't in the database. I sense a theme developing.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: June 16th.

  • No comparisons the week of June 23rd. That was my Spotlight week. I guess he thought my overly dramatic freak-out spoke for itself.

  • Sure, why not? What other Chamberlains are there?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: June 30th.

  • This was the closest I could find to James Buchanan. In fact, let's pretend that this is the real James Buchanan.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: July 7th.

  • Zombie Pie started rolling out the obscurity with Reza Pahlavi. Fitting!<p><p>

    Date of comparison: July 14th.

  • Wait, Robert Mugabe? He's contemporary! Does he know nothing of my material?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: July 21st.

  • Ah, Augusto Pinochet. Sounds like a fine wine, but goes down like it's being jammed down your throat with the butt of a gun.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: August 4th.

  • Up next is Romanian leader Nicolae CeauČ™escu. I think Zombie Pie is trying to incite a December Revolution, forgetting that I use that month to post all my fucked up shit. I don't intend to miss something like that.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: August 11th.

  • Hey, I got a two-for-one deal this week with King Leopold II. This time, I actually know who he is: a boss from weirdo Flash title Vegetable Game.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: August 11th.

  • Another two-for-one deal, possibly to make up for the lack of dictators the week prior. This time, Zombie Pie changed things up with evil video game guys. I guess Zombie Pie is trying to say that I take all the fun out of Giant Bomb, and I honestly can't blame him.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: August 25th.

  • Again with the obscurity. This is the guy behind Battlecruiser 3000AD, the Limbo of the Lost of its day. If you don't know what the hell Limbo of the Lost is, it was the Duke Nukem Forever of its day. Why do heavily delayed games always suck hard?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: August 25th.

  • My birthday present: a Muammar Gaddafi comparison. You're some weirdo, Zombie Pie, comparing me to dictators! (I'd have used the "nobody can hire my feelings" line, but good luck getting it to work.)<p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 1st.

  • Again with the contemporary stuff, Zombie Pie rolled out a Hosni Mubarak comparison. Just to prevent such a revolution in my Kingdom, I've begun a cat distribution program. Pussy all around!<p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 8th.

  • I think Zombie Pie is setting out to confuse me. Might as well go with it. <a href="">There we are.</a><p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 15th.

  • This was the week that Zombie Pie tried to creep me out with Ivan the Terrible. I bet Zombie Pie's the type of guy who finds Google to be horrifying. Then again, he did link my name to <a href="">this</a>, so maybe he just doesn't know what he's doing.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 22nd.

  • I think Zombie Pie's just fucking with me, at this point. He linked me to some obscure Greek tyrant called Thalidomide. Is he trying to come off as cultured, or is he insinuating that I'm a philosophical pedophile?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 29th.

  • This week is Silvio Berlusconi. Is Zombie Pie implying that I get tons of puss-wait, I used that in the Spotlight itself. Eh, it's still kinda funny. Plus it implies that I get tons of pussy.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 6th.

  • It was at this point that Zombie Pie resorted to comparing me to video game villains. At least he had the courtesy to compare me to Gharnef. That way, I CAN NEVER DIE!.....Unless you happen to have the Starlight spell. But what are the chances that you'll remember to get that awesome spell?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 13th.

  • Oh, and he added Zephiel to the pile. Why Fire Emblem 6, though? He could at least have compared me to Nergal. Or maybe the idea of me sucking the blood out of squirrels is too much for him to bear.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 13th.

  • His tyranny has returned. Now he links my name to things like incest. Just because I'm a King doesn't mean I'm into incest.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: July 27th.

  • OK, turns out it was more of an on/off thing, given the date below. Guess he couldn't think of too many mean things to say about me. Who can?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: September 28th.

  • This gets to me, man. I can take the Mubarak and Caligula allusions, but this is too far. Have you no shame, ZombiePie?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 5th.

  • Surprisingly, this isn't some type of placeholder page for what ZombiePie linked to; this is actually what he linked to this week. Strange world.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 13th.

  • I can't tell what Zombie Pie is saying with this one. Is he saying that I'm deep and hard to penetrate, or that all the men want to be inside me? Because I like either one.<p><p>

    Date of comparison: October 19th.

  • I...uh....I don't get it. Somebody mind explaining it?<p><p>

    Date of comparison: November 2nd.

  • <a href="">OK, what the fuck?</a><p><p>

    Date of comparison: November 24th.