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    Colonel Volgin

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    Colonel Yevgeny Volgin is the leader of the GRU, and the secondary antagonist of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

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    Before the events of Operation Snake Eater in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Volgin had acquired a large amount of funds. This money previously belonged to the Philosophers, but was stolen by Volgin's father. Volgin later inherited the enormous fortune. Using a portion of these funds, Volgin built Groznyi Grad as a facility to develop and construct a secret weapon,
    Sokolov's Shagohod, which was chosen over Granin's Metal Gear designs.

    During the Virtuous Mission, Volgin fired a Davy Crocket nuclear missile. The consequence of this action was that tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States rose dramatically as the USSR was under the belief that the USA had fired the missile. This action prompted and necessitated Operation Snake Eater.

    Operation Snake Eater

    During Operation Snake Eater, Volgin's lust for torture was made evident when he tortured Naked Snake. At one point, he electrified Snake after he had been covered in water. After Snake had lost an eye when Ocelot accidentally blinded him with the muzzle flash of his revolver, Volgin remarked that he found the torture session 'refreshing.'

    After Naked Snake later rigs part of the Groznyi Grad facility with explosives, Volgin appears and fights Snake. Snake beat Volgin in a fist fight and escaped the facility as it exploded. Volgin survived however, and piloted the Shagohod out of the wreckage. This initiated a chase with Eva and Snake attempting to escape on Eva's motorbike, as Volgin gave chase in the Shagohod. Despite their efforts (including destroying a bridge that Volgin was crossing in the Shagohod), Volgin continued pursuing Snake and EVA.

    Realising that escape was impossible, Snake decided to confront Volgin and engaged him in combat. Against the odds, Snake managed to partly disable the Shagohod with an RPG. Although this meant Volgin had to get out of the pilots compartment of the Shagohod, Volgin was still able to connect himself to the electrical components of the Shagohod (as Volgin has electricity running throughout his body). Once again, Snake and Volgin fought with Volgin controlling the Shagohod. Eventually, Snake defeated Volgin again.

    A thunderstorm began prompting Volgin to arrogantly ask, "Who's afraid of a little thunder?" as opposed to his catchphrase "kuwabara, kuwabara." This is a phrase he shouts throughout MGS3 which apparently protects against lightning strikes. His change in attitude causes him to be hit by a bolt of lightning, killing him.


    • Volgin is apparantly bisexual. In MGS3, he is having a relationship with Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov. Raikov is meant to look like Raiden from MGS2, who had particularly feminine looks.
    • Upon being non-lethally defeated in his first boss battle in MGS3, he drops the "Cold War" camouflage pattern, which features the print of the USSR flag on the front and a United States flag on the back. Guards will not spot Snake from the back while he's wearing this camo.

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