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    A compound often used in bullet proof vests and other protective clothing.

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    Kevlar is a registered trademark for a compound called poly-paraphenylene terephtalamide, it was invented in 1965 by Polish-American chemist  Stephanie Kwolek while working for DuPont. It is five times stronger than steel in terms of strength to weight ratio and is typically spun into a thread or rope.
    Usually found in games in the form of body armour such as jackets and masks.


    Although it was originally developed to replace steel tread in tires to lower fuel consumption, Kevlar has been adopted for many applications. These include:
    • Loudspeaker cones for high end audio systems.
    • Boat hulls for speed boat racing.
    • Protective safety gear for motorcyclist.
    • Snare drum skins.
    • Cable and rope such as that used in bridge construction.
    • Bullet proof vests and masks.
    • Protective sheathing for fiber-optic cables.

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