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    Claude is the silent protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III. He also makes a cameo appearance in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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    This character page is about Claude, a character in the 3D universe of Grand Theft Auto.

    For the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 2, Claude Speed, click here.


    Claude is a career criminal who originally operated in San Fierro as an illegal street racer. By the events of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Claude meets Catalina, a crazed bank robber who decides to abandon Carl Johnson so she can move to the east coast with Claude. After winning a street race, Carl wins the deed to an abandoned garage in San Fierro which once belonged to Claude. Sometime later, both Catalina and Claude make their way to Liberty City - while Catalina frequently calls Carl to insult him.


    Claude appears as the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto III and would return as a supporting character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


    Claude has become an iconic character for the Grand Theft Auto series, being referenced many times in future GTA titles. For example, you can obtain and wear Claude's outfit if you own Playboy X's penthouse in Grand Theft Auto IV. Claude also unofficially appears in GTA: Online as one of the player character's possible parents alongside Misty, as well as characters from other games developed & published by Rockstar.


    • Claude shares the same first name of Grand Theft Auto 2's protagonist Claude Speed. Despite sharing many similarities, both characters are completely unrelated to each other. This is because both games take place in two different universes.
    • Although Claude doesn't speak, he can make audible grunts when injured.

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