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An ambulance is a specialized vehicle that is designed to transport persons in medical distress to a hospital. Ambulances are usually based on vans that are large enough to carry a patient on a stretcher in the rear area, and they are equipped with emergency medical equipment and systems for communications. In addition to the driver, an ambulance will have a small crew of emergency medical technicians who can attend to the needs of the patient while they are in transit.

Ambulances In Games

Ambulances in games typically mimic their real-life counterparts, appearing in scenes where there are injured or sick people who need emergency medical assistance. In the Grand Theft Auto series, ambulances will appear on the scene after someone has been killed; in Grand Theft Auto 3, one could steal an ambulance and engage a minigame where they pick up injured people from the street and drive them to a nearby hospital. In the Emergency Call Ambulance arcade game, the player is charged with driving an ambulance around a crowded city; they have a certain amount of time to reach the hospital, and the patient has a predetermined level of health that goes down with reckless driving and colliding with other vehicles.

Saint's Row 2's ambulance
Saint's Row 2's ambulance

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