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    Johnny Klebitz

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    Johnny Klebitz is the leader of the Liberty City biker gang located in Alderney, the Lost Brotherhood. He is the main protagonist of the Lost and Damned.

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    Johnny Klebitz is the vice-president of the The Lost motorcycle club, a hardened biker gang based out of Alderney, across the river from Liberty City. Johnny was first introduced to Niko Bellic by Elizabeta Torres, who tasked Niko with protecting Johnny and Playboy X during a heroin deal. After the deal was busted by an LCPD sting operation, Niko and Playboy X escape to the rooftops while Johnny fights his way through to the streets. Later in the game, it is found out by Niko that Johnny survived the drug bust, and was now being tasked by Ray Boccino to oversee a diamond deal between Johnny and diamond dealer Issac Roth at the Libertonian.

    The Lost and Damned

    Johnny has returned to the storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV in Rockstar's first downloadable content pack, named The Lost and Damned. The player is able to play as Johnny, along with the ability to do new missions, shoot new weapons, drive new vehicles, and listen to new music soundtracks.

    Grand Theft Auto V

    Johnny makes a brief appearance in Grand Theft Auto V. After a scene in which Trevor is shown having sex with Johnny's long time on-again off-again girlfriend Ashley, Johnny confronts Trevor about reawakening her methamphetamine addiction. Subsequently, Trevor kicks in Johnny's face, killing him. The player is then left to allow Ashley to run into the desert or kill her.

    Criminal Database Profile

    First NameJohnny
    Place of BirthActer, Alderny
    AffiliationMember of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost OMG

    Criminal Record:

    • 1991 - Grand Theft Auto
    • 1993 - Assault
    • 1994 - Manslaughter
    • 2000 - Parole Violation


    • Believed to be second in command of the Alderney Chapter of the Lost Outlaw Motorcycle Gang.
    • Assumed control of the gang when its head, Billy Grey, was incarcerated.
    • Exact nature of the relationship between Grey and Klebitz is unknown.
    • Under his command, the Lost OMG have been able to co-exist with the Angels of Death OMG in relative peace.
    • Ties to known South Bohan drug dealer, Elizabeta Torres.

    Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Blow Your Cover
    • Museum Piece

    The Ballad of Gay Tony

    • I Luv L.C.
    • Frosting On The Cake
    • Not So Fast


    • Johnny's gang, the Lost, are blood rivals of the Algonquin based Angels of Death.
    • Has a brother in the army who is found out to the player via him sending Johnny an email after the mission Get Lost.
    • One of Johnny's patches says: "I Rode Mine Los Santos 2004" This means, That Johnny was in San Andreas at some point in 2004 with other members of The Lost Because Brian Jeremy and Terry Thorpe also have this patch on there jacket.
    • While playing The Lost and Damned you will notice that johnny runs slower than other protagonists (Niko, Luis) it is referenced multiple times in the game that at one point Johnny was in a horrific motorcycle accident.
    • Johnny has changed appearance from GTA IV to The Lost and Damned, not just his clothes but the tattoo's on his neck have reduced in size.

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