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    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City

    Game » consists of 18 releases. Released Oct 29, 2009

    The Lost & Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony are collected onto this standalone disc of Grand Theft Auto IV's post-release content.

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    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City is a disc-based product consisting of the two DLC packs for Grand Theft Auto IV. It includes both Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned and Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony. The achievements for the game will not be separate and will add on to GTA IV's achievements.

    New vehicles in the Ballad Of Gay Tony

    Vehicle ImageDescription
    1619472-buzzardfront_screen.jpgBuzzard - You will be asked to steal this small fighting helicopter for Yusuf Amir. Once you steal it, he will want to "play with it" a bit around and return it to his designated place. After you complete all missions for him, the Buzzard becomes available for use anytime from the Algonquin docks. It will be always dyed in gold paint.
    1619476-skyhookside_screen.jpgSkylift - you can see this big helicopter in the mission "For the Man Who Has Everything". You can't fly it neither in single nor in multiplayer.
    1619479-swiftfront_screen.jpgSwift - The Swift is available during a night club mission and also the mission where you take the Celebinator on a tour of the city. It's parked at the west side of Algonquin where a Buzzard is normally parked until the Buzzard appears later.
    1619481-akumafront_screen.jpgAkuma - a fast bike, that trades security for maneuverability and aerodynamics. Good for stunts.
    1619483-faggiofront_screen.jpgFaggio - the classic Faggio scooter bike from Vice City and San Andreas. It's handling is probably it's only redeeming feature.

    Vader - a rare street bike that spawns randomly in Liberty City.

    1619486-bladerear_screen.jpgBlade - a fast boat that can be usually found at the West Algonquin docks.
    1619487-floaterrear_screen.jpgFloater - another fast boat, widely used in the triathlon challenges.
    1619488-smugglerrear_screen.jpgSmuggler - another fast boat, widely used in the triathlon challenges.
    1619491-buffalofront_screen.jpgBuffalo - Call Henrique and ask him to drive the vehicle to you. This can only be done after completing a certain percentage of the game. It also appears in the missions "Practice Swing", "Bang Bang", "This Ain't Checkers" and "No. 3." It can also be found after doing certain drug wars were you end up finishing in Northwood.
    1619492-bulletgtfront_screen.jpgBullet GT - Call Henrique and ask him to drive the vehicle to you. This can only be done after completing a certain percentage of the game.
    1619493-f620front_screen.jpgF620 - Call Henrique and ask him to drive the vehicle to you. This can only be done after completing a certain percentage of the game.
    1619494-schafterfront_screen.jpgSchafter - The Schafter is parked out front of the Maisonette 9 club when doing some night club management missions that require you to leave the club.
    1619495-serranomoddedfront_screen.jpgSerrano - This is a modded version of the Serrano. Henrique will randomly deliver it when you call him and request a Serrano.
    1619502-superdropdiamondfront_screen.jpgSuper Diamond - A slow, but strong car. Can be found randomly in the city. The special, gold Super Diamond is parked outside Yusuf's penthouse on Columbus Avenue.
    1619503-tampafront_screen.jpgTampa - a tuned version of San Andreas' Tampa.
    1619500-apcfront_screen.jpgAPC - Call Henrique and ask him to drive the vehicle to you. This can only be done after completing a certain percentage of the game. After collecting all 50 seagulls, the APC will spawn at the large construction site on the southern tip of Algonquin.
    1619501-caddyfront_screen.jpgCaddy - The classic golf car is available in Free Mode (multiplayer) on the golf course on the west dock of Algonquin. It is parked at the southeast corner of the green golfing area. It's also seen in single player in the mission Practice Swing.
    1619508-policebikefront_screen.jpgPolice Bike - The Police Bike is only available in multiplayer Free mode
    1619509-policecruiserfront_screen.jpgPolice Cruiser - The new Buffalo-based Police Cruiser is only available in multiplayer Free Mode.
    1619510-policestingerfront_screen.jpgPolice Stinger - The Police Stinger is only available in multiplayer Free Mode.
    1619511-stretchefront_screen.jpgStretch E - The Stretch E limousine is only available in the mission "Frosting on the Cake."

    New weapons in the Lost And Damned



    Thrown Weapons

    Pipe Bomb - The pipe bomb is a crude homemade device that creates a large explosion. A pipe bomb behaves exactly like a grenade, as it can be cooked to shorten its detonation time.


    Automatic Pistol - The CZ 75 is a pistol with low damage, but can fire as fast as a machine gun. However, this gun eats ammo like crazy so make sure you stock up if you intend to use it.

    1328152-wep_sawedoffshotgun_thumb.gifShotgunSawn-off Shotgun - This sawn-off shotgun is similar to the shotguns not included in TLAD, but with two big exceptions. One, it can only carry two rounds at a time so for those of you who loved to go trigger happy with the combat shotgun, this might not be for you. On the plus side this gun can be used while on a bike, allowing some quick kills if you are close enough.
    1328144-wep_assaultshotgun_thumb.gifShotgunAutomatic Shotgun - This Armsel Striker kind've looks like a traditional grenade launcher but instead fires shotgun shells. This gun, like the automatic pistol, takes a lot of ammo but can quickly take out enemies and is somewhat effective on vehicles. The gun also reloads quicker than a normal shotgun since it doesn't need to be pumped.
    1328145-wep_grenadelauncher_thumb.gifGrenade Launcher

    Grenade Launcher - The HK69 grenade launcher is a very nice weapon that can fire grenades quickly and accurately. The grenades take about 5 seconds to detonate so take that into account, but they will blow up on contact to a vehicle or person. The grenade launcher is also single fire so prepare to reload with each shot.

    New weapons in the Ballad Of Gay Tony

    Thrown Weapons


    Sticky Bombs

    Satchel Charges can be used to tag vehicles or objects for remote detonation.



    Pistol .44

    The ÁMT Automag Model 180 is a highly accurate handgun.

    Submachine Guns


    Assault SMG

    The P90 is a compact submachine gun, its lightweight design makes it ideal in urban environments. It is the only submachine gun that cannot be fired from a vehicle.

    Gold SMG

    For the man that has everything.



    Explosive Shotgun

    The AA-12 is an automatic shotgun capable of rapid fire action. The addition of explosive shells can turn this into a formidable weapon.

    Sniper Rifles


    Advanced Sniper

    The DSR-1 is a long range sniper rifle with a high rate of fire and added zoom function.

    Machine Guns


    Advanced MG

    The M249 SAW is a light machine gun with a high rate of fire. It is capable of firing 900 rounds a minute.

    Miscellaneous Equipment



    Escape a falling Helicopter with style!
    Or do you feel like Base jumping off of a building? Well now you can! Thanks to a Parachute!

    Radio Station Track Lists

    L.C.H.C - Liberty City Hardcore

    No Caption Provided
    • Soulfly - "Blood Fire We Hate"
    • Kreator - "Awakening of the Gods"
    • Bathory - "Call From The Grave"
    • Deicide - "Dead By Dawn"
    • Sepultura - "Dead Embryonic Cells"
    • Entombed - "Drowned"
    • Terrorizer - "Fear Of Napalm"
    • Celtic Frost - "Inner Sanctum"
    • Cannibal Corpse - "I Cum Blood"
    • At The Gates - "Slaughter Of The Soul"

    Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

    No Caption Provided
    • The Doobie Brothers - "China Grove"
    • Foghat - "Drivin' Wheel"
    • Rod Stewart - "Every Picture Tells A Story"
    • The Doors - "Five To One"
    • The Edgar Winter Group - "Free Ride"
    • The James Gang - "Funk #49"
    • Alice Cooper - "Go To Hell"
    • Nazareth - "Hair Of The Dog"
    • Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
    • Jefferson Starship - "Jane"
    • Aerosmith - "Lord Of The Thighs"
    • Styx - "Renegade"
    • Iron Maiden - "Run To The Hills"
    • Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Saturday Night Special"
    • AC/DC - "Touch Too Much"
    • Bon Jovi - "Wanted Dead Or Alive"
    • Saxon - "Wheels Of Steel"
    • Motley Crue - "Wild Side"

    Radio Broker

    No Caption Provided
    • The Yelling - "Blood On the Steps"
    • Monotonix - "Body Language"
    • Freeland - "Borderline"
    • Foxylane - "Command"
    • Game Rebellion - "Dance Girl (GTA MIX)
    • Magic Dirt - "Get Ready To Die"
    • Kill Memory Crash - "Hell On Wheels"
    • The Jane Shermans "I Walk Alone"
    • Brazilian Girls - "Nouveau Americain"
    • Japanther - "Radical Businessman"
    • Blonde Acid Cult - "Shake It Loose"
    • Kreeps - "The Hunger (Blood In My Mouth"

    The Beat 102.7

    No Caption Provided
    • Busta Rhymes - "Arab Money"
    • Busta Rhymes - "Conglomerate"
    • T.I. - "Swing Ya Rag"
    • Ron Browz - "Jumping Out The Window"
    • DJ Khaled - "Go Hard"
    • Kardinal Offishall - "Dangerous RMX"
    • John Legend - "Green Light"
    • Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"
    • B.O.B. - "Auto-Tune"
    • Freeway - "Car Jack"
    • Termanology - "Here In Liberty City"
    • Saigon - "Spit"
    • Skyzoo - "The Chase Is On"
    • Consequence - "I Hear Footsteps"
    • Talib Kweli - "My Favorite Song"

    K 109 The Studio

    No Caption Provided
    • Change - "A Lover's Holiday"
    • Rufus & Chaka Khan - "Any Love"
    • The Fatback Band - "(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop"
    • A Taste of Honey - "Boogie Oogie Oogie"
    • The Trammps - "Disco Inferno"
    • Creme D'Cocoa - "Doin' The Dog"
    • Chic - "Everybody Dance"
    • Sister Sledge - "He's The Greatest Dancer"
    • Sylvester - "I Need You"
    • Patrick Cowley - "Menergy"
    • Stephanie Mills - "Put Your Body In It"
    • Dan Hartman - "Relight My Fire"
    • Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
    • Rose Royce - "Still In Love"
    • Machine - "There But For The Grace of God Go I"
    • Candi Staton - "Young Hearts Run Free"

    Vladivostok FM

    No Caption Provided
    • David Morales - "How Would U Feel"
    • Steve Mac - "Lovin' You More"
    • Sucker Dj's - "Salvation"
    • Stonebridge - "Put 'Em High"
    • Marly - "You Never Know"
    • Shape: UK & Chic - "Lola's Theme"
    • Freemansons - "Love On My Mind"
    • Soulsearcher - "Can't Get Enough"
    • Michael Gray - "The Weekend"
    • Jonathan Peters - "Music"
    • J Majik & Wickaman - "Crazy World (Fonzerelli Remix)"
    • Booty Luv - "Boogie 2Nite (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix)"
    • Hook n Sling - "The Best Thing"
    • Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo (Club Mix)"
    • David Guetta - "When Love Takes Over"


    No Caption Provided
    • Major Lazer - "Jump Up"
    • Daniel Haaksman - "Kid Conga"
    • Crookers - "Put Your Hands On Me (A Capella)"
    • Boy 8-Bit - "A City Under Siege"
    • The Chemical Brothers - "Nude Night"
    • Crookers - "Bad Men"
    • Miike Snow - "Animal (A Capella)"
    • Jahcoozi - "Watching You (Oliver $ Remix)"
    • Crookers - "Boxer"
    • SonicC - "Stickn'"
    • Black Noise - "Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)"
    • Mixhell - "Boom Da (Crookers Remix)"
    • Crookers - "No Security"

    San Juan Sounds

    No Caption Provided
    • Ivy Queen - "Drime"
    • Aventura - "El Desprecio"
    • Fulanito - "Guallando"
    • Tego Calderon - "Llora, Llora"
    • Wish Y Yandel - "Me Estas Tentando"
    • Angel Y Khriz - "Na Da Na"
    • Elvis Crespo - "Suavemente"
    • Don Omar - "Virtual Diva"

    Ramjam FM

    No Caption Provided
    • Barrington Levy - "Don't Fuss Nor Fight"
    • Ini Kamoze - "Outta Jamaica"
    • Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley - "Holiday"
    • Morwells & Prince - "Jammin' for Survival"
    • John Holt - "Police In Helicopter"
    • Sugar Minott - "Hard Time Pressure"
    • Desmond Dekker & the Aces - "007 (Shanty Town)"
    • Major Lazer - "Anything Goes"
    • Prince Jammy - "Jammys A Shine"
    • Toots & the Maytals - "54-46 Was My Number"
    • Frankie Paul - "Worries In The Dance"
    • Mr. Vegas - "Mus Come a Road"

    Self-Actualization FM

    No Caption Provided
    • The Orb - "A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Center of The Underworld"
    • Alpha Wave Movement - "Artifacts & Prophecies"
    • Autechre - "Bike"
    • Larry Heard - "Cosmology Myth"
    • Chilled by Nature - "Go Forward (Love Bubble Mix)"
    • Tom Middleton - "Moonbathing"
    • Alucidnation - "Skygazer (3002 Remix)"
    • Pete Namlook - "V/8 Psychedelic Brunch"

    Vice City FM

    No Caption Provided
    • Neneh Cherry - "Buffalo Stance"
    • Swingout Sister - "Breakout
    • Robbie Nevil - "C'est La Vle"
    • Roachford - "Cuddly Toy"
    • Narada Michael Walden - "Divine Emotions"
    • Five Star - "Find The Time"
    • T'pau - "Heart and Soul"
    • Mai Tai - "History"
    • Nu Shooz - "I Cant Wait"
    • Texas - "I Don't Want a Lover"
    • Marillion - "Kayleigh"
    • Hue & Cry - "Labour of Love (12" Version)"
    • Climie Fisher - "Love Changes (Everything)"
    • Hall & Oates - "Maneater"
    • Curiosity Killed the Cat - "Misfit"
    • Lisa Stansfield - "People Hold On"
    • Re-Flex - "The Politics Of Dancing"
    • Level 42 - "Something About You"
    • Jeffrey Osborne - "Stay With Me Tonight"
    • Womack & Womack - "Teardrops"
    • Roxette - "The Look"
    • 'Till Tuesday - "Voices Carry"
    • Boy Meets Girl - "Waiting For A Star To Fall"
    • Prefab Sprout - "When Love Breaks Down"
    • Terence Trent D' Arby - "Wishing Well"

    In-game websites

    The Lost and Damned


    The Ballad of Gay Tony


    Exclusive Content

    The game features three new radio stations -- RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM, and Vice City FM -- that were not in the downloadable versions (see above for a full listing of songs featured on these stations.)


    Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City requires 6.6 GB of space to be installed onto an Xbox 360 HDD. The PS3 version requires a 2.8GB installation.


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