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    Brucie Kibbutz

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    Brucie Kibbutz is the steroid shooting, overexcited comic relief of Grand Theft Auto IV. He is good friends with the Bellic cousins. He has a vast interest in sports cars as well as car races.

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    Bruce "Brucie" Kibbutz is a fitness enthusiast and an avid steroid user, specifically using bull shark testosterone because it makes him feel "male". Brucie will provide Niko with several missions, usually to steal a car or to eliminate a person. When Niko finally figures out that Brucie was ordering these crimes because he was undergoing 'roid rage, Niko refuses to take anymore jobs from him, though they remain friends.

    Brucie owns an auto garage called "Brucie's Executive Auto Garage", which can be found in Broker near Roman's taxi depot. Advertisements pertaining to his garage can be listened to from within the in-game radio.


    • Search and Delete
    • Easy as Can Be
    • Out of the Closet
    • No. 1

    Other Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    • Logging On
    • Mr. and Mrs. Bellic

    The Ballad of Gay Tony

    • Kibbutz Number One
    • This Ain't Checkers
    • No. 3
    • Ladies Half Price


    • Once you receive a high enough relationship status with Brucie, he will provide you with free helicopter rides to any location within Liberty City.
    • The tattoo on his lower back means 'transsexual' in Chinese characters.
    • Brucie became a fitness enthusiast after being picked on as a child for being overweight.

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