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    A kind of protective clothing.

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    Armor is protective clothing used to prevent injury. In many games, you are able to obtain different armor with different levels of protection. In some cases, it is purely used as a status symbol to prove one's wealth or skill in the game. In days of old, not everyone could learn to be a knight/warrior,it was a sign to everyone you are one of the gifted.

    Styles of Armor

    There are many types of armor in games. The most common style used in games is based off of armor in the Medieval time period. Generally, games restrict certain classes to wearing a certain armor. These usually fall in the general categories of:

    • Heavy Armor
    • Medium Armor
    • Light Armor

    Heavy armor is most commonly applied to warrior classes that specialize in strength. Medium armor will generally go to archer and assassin classes. Light armor is used with priests and mages. Some games may have different systems that allow a class to wear different types of armor than what is explained above.


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