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    Salvatore Leone

    Character » appears in 4 games

    The Don of the Leone Family in Grand Theft Auto. Is originally from Palermo, Sicily.

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    Salvatore Leone is a Sicilian mobster. Salvatore lives in a mansion in the north of Liberty City where he commands his gang. Salvatore is voiced by Frank Vincent.


    • Maria Latore (wife)
    • Joey Leone (son)
    • Uncle Leone (uncle)
    • Unnamed Cousin
    • Uncle Leone appears at the end of Liberty City Stories, and talks to Salvatore. Salvatore's cousin is not named, but it is mentioned that he was killed by the Sindacco crime family.


    Grand Theft Auto III

    • Chaperone
    • Cutting The Grass
    • Bomb Da Base
    • Last Requests

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

    • The Offer
      The Grand Theft Auto III artwork of Salvatore Leone.
      The Grand Theft Auto III artwork of Salvatore Leone.
    • Ho Selecta!
    • Frighteners
    • Rollercoaster Ride
    • Contra-Banned
    • Sindacco Sabotage
    • The Trouble With Triads
    • Driving Mr.Leone
    • A Walk in the Park
    • Making Toni
    • Caught in the Act
    • Search and Rescue
    • Taking the Peace
    • Shoot the Messenger
    • Rough Justice
    • Dead Reckoning
    • Shotgun Showdown
    • The Shoreside Redemption
    • The Sicilian Gambit

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

    • Freefall
    • Saint Mark's Bistro
    • Breaking the Bank at Caligula's

    Other Mission Appearances

    Grand Theft Auto III

    •  Salvatore's Called A Meeting
    •  Sayonara Salvatore

    Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

    • Introduction
    •  Don in 60 Seconds
    •  Salvatore's Salvation
    •  The Guns of Leone

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