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    General Shepherd

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    Lieutenant General Shepherd is a leader of the United States Army force in Afghanistan and Task Force 141 in Modern Warfare 2. He is voiced by Lance Henriksen.

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    Modern Warfare

    Although first seen in the second Modern Warfare, General Shepard was the leader of the United States Marine Corps during the search for terrorist Khaled Al-Asad in the first game's fictional unnamed Middle Eastern country up until the nuclear explosion in the country capital. He lost 30,000 men as a result.

    Modern Warfare 2

    General Shepard became leader of the United States Army forces in the country of Afghanistan as well as the multinational counter-terrorism unit Task Force 141. After being impressed by the skills of Army Ranger Private First Class Allen, General Shepard recruits him to the 141 with a special assignment under the CIA. After Allen's death from the hands of Vladimir Makarov, General Shepard assigns the Army forces to defend the United States against the incoming Russian forces. After a slim break from Price's rigging of a EMP missile, the secretary of defense gives General Shepard a blank check to use any means to stop Makarov.
    After Task Force 141 operatives Sgt. Gary "Roach" Sanderson and Ghost secured a device that can help stop Makarov, Shepard killed both Roach and Ghost as an act of betrayal. Captain Price found out from Makarov that Shepard is located in Site Hotel Bravo stationed in Afghanistan. Both Captain Price and "Soap" MacTavish track him down to Site Hotel Bravo with the intent of killing him. After he tries to escape in a helicopter, Soap and Price shoot it down. Shepherd survives the crash and a prolonged fight ensues in which he stabs Soap with a knife. He is then attacked by Captain Price and while he is distracted by him, Soap pulls out the knife that Shepherd stabbed him with and throws the knife into Shepherd's eye, killing him.

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