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    Task Force 141

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    Task Force 141 is the team you will be a part of in Modern Warfare 2 and is led by Capt. "Soap" MacTavish.

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    A multinational coalition comprised of various special forces from around the world, it includes British SAS, Army Rangers, etc. The joint task force is based on real life special forces currently deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq.


    Formed before the events of Modern Warfare 2, SAS Sgt. "Soap" MacTavish was promoted to Captain and assigned along with others (from countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia) to establish Task Force 141.
    The 141 engaged in the operation to eliminate Ultranationalist and Imran Zakhaev lieutenant Vladimir Makarov. One of the first missions in the campaign was the reclaiming of a downed ACS module lost in Kazakhstan. United States Army Ranger Private Joseph Allen, whom impressed commanding officer Lt. Gen. Shepherd, was assigned to the 141 with a special undercover assignment under the CIA. Allen's covert op was to infiltrate and gain the trust of Makarov. Allen's cover was blown and was left to die during the massacre at Russia's Zakhaev International Airport.
    In immediate reaction to the news of Allen's death, Task Force 141 finds the dealer of the massacre weaponry Alejandro Rojas in Brazil. Upon capturing Rojas, Soap, "Ghost," and "Roach" find out that the only person who can bring out Makarov is a prisoner locked in a Makarov controlled Russian gulag. Upon retrieval, the 141 discover that the prisoner was none other than Captain Price. Then on Captain Price and Soap lead the field team of the 141.
    The team's next operation was set at a Russian base attempting to disarm a nuclear weapon aimed for Washington D.C. Cpt. Price goes rogue and arms the weapon to be destroyed at the upper atmosphere to give advantage to the Americans fighting the invading Russians in Washington D.C. Although General Shepherd disapproved of Price's actions, the nuke unintentionally gave him unlimited funding for stopping Makarov.
    Their next and final operation was trying to corner Makarov. One team led by Soap and Price try to find Makarov in a possible arms trade in an Afghan aircraft boneyard while another team led by Ghost and Roach search for him in a Russian safehouse. The latter team don't find Makarov yet gathered intelligence that help take down Makarov. Ghost and Roach narrowly escape but would then be betrayed and killed by Shepherd who would take the intelligence. Soap and Price's team find out and escape with the the help of friend and Ultranationalist informant Nikolai; with only Soap and Price of the whole Task Force 141 who survived. During their escape, Task Force 141 dissolved.

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