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    Sergeant Foley

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    Sergeant Foley is an US Army Ranger and the acting commander of Hunter Two-One, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. He plays a somewhat large role in Modern Warfare 2, and is voiced by Keith David. Don't remember him? He's the guy who pretty much tells Ramirez to do everything.

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    Sergeant Foley is the first character you meet in Modern Warfare 2, beside General Shepherd in the preceding introduction in the first mission "S.S.D.D."., in which he is seen instructing fellow Rangers in proper firearm usage with help from Private First Class Joseph Allen, the player character. Shortly after Allen's run through 'The Pit' for potential invitation to join Task Force 141 from General Shepherd himself, he is deployed in command of his squad to an unnamed town in Afghanistan to engage a hostile group of miltia (in the second mission, entitled "Team Player").

    The 75th Ranger Regiment is lead by Foley shortly after Allen's death in the mission "No Russian" and deployed in Virginia to respond to the sudden invasion by Russian military forces (in the mission named "Wolverines!"). With the player character now assuming the role of Private James Ramirez after the death of Joseph Allen, Foley moves through Virginia's streets with the task of defending it, as well as evacuating any civilians and High-Valued-Individuals (HVIs). Later on, Foley and the 75th Ranger Regiment are deployed in Washington to aid in further defence of key locations in the area, and on-going evacuation of civilians and wounded personnel. Foley and a few members of his squad, the player character included, board a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter to eliminate the SAM (Surface to Air Missle launchers) sites around the Department of Justice building. While this task is semi-successful, Foley's helicopter is soon shot down by the SAM launchers he intended to destroy, and the helicopter crash lands. After the rough landing, Foley, Corporal Dunn, and Ramirez (the player character) make what looks like a last stand at the crash site against what seem like insurmountable odds, the scene soon ending abruptly.

    It is later seen that the EMP that Captain Price launched in Russia (events which took place in the mission "Contingency") barely saved the survivors of the crash site, and with all electronic equipment down in the area, Foley and his squad move to safety as helicopters and fighter jets drop from the sky due to the recent EMP blast. Foley then proceeds to the White House (code-named "Whiskey Hotel") and personally leads the squad in the successful re-capture of the White House, using flares to signal to friendly bombers that they are still combat effective, and for the bombers not to proceed in their targeting of the White House. This is the last that is seen of Sergeant Foley in the events of Modern Warfare 2.


    • Sergeant Foley is often seen, if not always, equipped with a SCAR-H with an underbarrel M203 grenade launcher, in Modern Warfare 2.
    • According to the Hardened Edition art/hand book, the developers of Modern Warfare 2 gave Foley a Delta Force-style helmet to differenciate him from the rest of the squad and other NPCs around him, as well as to show his position of command. This is also relevant to Corporal Dunn's appearance.
    • He is voiced by actor Keith David, who has also done voicework for characters such as The Arbiter from the Halo series, Julius Little from the Saints Row series, and Captain David Anderson from the Mass Effect series.
    • Sergeant Foley may well be an homage to Captain Foley, a character in the original Call of Duty, and it's expansion, United Offensive.

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