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    United States Army

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    The main armed force the United States and responsible for all major land operations.

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    The United States Army is one of the primary branches of the American military forces alongside the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. It has engaged in all officially declared wars that America has taken part in since the American Revolution in addition to conflicts staged without an official war declaration. All able-bodied Americans between the ages of 18 and 42 are eligible for voluntary enlistment. Compulsory recruitment methods such as drafting have been used in the past but have not been invoked since the Vietnam War.


    After enlisting in the army the individual will attend basic combat training. 9 weeks that will train the recruit on what combat will be like and get them physically fit. After basic training the soldier attend advanced individual training which is more specialized for their chosen manner of service. The physical fitness levels get tougher and tougher for the soldier as they progress through training. The last tier of training is ongoing. Ongoing training will continue through the length of enlistment.


    Members of the active are highly specialized and ready to respond whenever necessary. When trouble starts the active army is the first to respond. Being active is very similar to working a full time job. After six months, the soldier can take leave for two weeks or however long is determined by the units job. Enlistment has many benefits based on the individuals needs and wants.


    After they go through their training the soldier may continue normal life. When needed the reserve army can be called to serve. Reserve soldiers can pursue civilian careers and report for field exercises two weekends a month for what is known as "drill". There are many benefits for people who want to go through a reserve route of enlistment. Soldiers may also attend college while in the reserve.

    National Guard

    The national guard is part of the army; however, the guard answers to the need of their individual state. The Governor of each state directly controls the deployments of any troops and the allocation to disasters and emergency relief efforts. Those who are members of the guard are able to have regular jobs unless preparing to deploy.

    Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR)

    Members who are part of the IRR are able to have regular lives and careers. They are in no way obligated to serve. They are simply put on a list of people who specialize in a certain task and if the army has need of them they are called. But the individual is able to decline or accept the position. If they decline they are able to continue on with their life. If they accept they sign a new contract with the army.


    Officers are highly respected and honored individuals who have taken on a greater responsibility. They have taken on a greater challenge to push themselves harder than the average enlisted soldier and their pay and benefits reflect this.

    Military Academies

    A form of military immersion into the culture and customs of the army. The cadets perform labs that teach them core army value and customs. They pursue a college degree while also taking military classes. Cadets here are the best they have some of the strictest physical and mental standards. Pushing themselves harder and working to be stronger is the code of the military academies. West point is one of the countries best colleges and upon graduation graduates will be commissioned as second lieutenants, which is the first O rank.


    The reserve officer training corps is a very prestigious reward. The ROTC allows the individuals to attend an accredited four year college with a military science program. They have higher physical fitness standards than enlisted soldiers but lower than the military academies. During the program, cadets will participate in military labs and lectures while obtaining their degree. The Rotc requires the individual to take the following courses:

    Army 101

    Army 102

    Army 201

    Army 202

    Army 301

    Army 302

    Army 303

    Army 401

    Army 402

    and a military history class

    Between the junior and senior years the individual must take and pass a leadership training course at Fort Lewis, WA. After completion of the program they are commissioned as second lieutenants.


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