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 Overlooking the cliff at the OpFor spawn
 Overlooking the cliff at the OpFor spawn
Afghan is a large map in Modern Warfare 2. Afghan is a sandy, desert map, with a variety of different flanking angles. The two factions that oppose each other on this map are the US Rangers and the OpFor. Rangers spawn at the bottom of the map by the Humvee, and OpFor spawn near the cliff at the far end of the map, which allows them to give sniper cover. Apart from the different flanking routes, this would be an instant win for the OpFor. 

Another unique feature of the map is that there is a downed C-130 Hercules (also known as an AC-130) in the middle of the map. The wreckage is split into three parts, and it can all be used as cover. While Afghan is an open map, there are several bunkers located around it, as well as a large cave. Players can actually jump off the large cliff on the map and survive if they land on the mattresses below.

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