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    A sight placed on the HUD used to aim and provide a point of reference to the player when looking and interacting with the game world. Although they often aim weapons, they have a variety of uses and have appeared in many games in many different forms.

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    Crosshairs range in style and function from game to game. The crosshair orignally consisted of two lines crossing each other perpendicaularly hence the name. Where the lines crossed denoted the line of site of the weapon and thus the approximate terminal location of the projectile to be launched. A modern gaming variant of the crosshair is the dynamic crosshair, this is a device found on the HUD that not only guides the players aim but indicates the accuracy and spread of the weapon in real time. This works by increasing the spread of the points of the crosshair from each other as the accuracy decreases, which is most notable when running or jumping. More realistic games, which emphasis the use of ironsights still incorporate the crosshair within scopes and reflex sights. In some games, information such as health and ammuniton is displayed directly on the crosshair.
    The crosshair can be centered on the screen or mobile inside the screen, in first person shooters it's often in the center of the screen however if we go very close to the target, some games pulls the crosshair near the the bottom right corner of the screen


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