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    Resident Evil 2

    Game » consists of 21 releases. Released Jan 21, 1998

    Rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and civilian Claire Redfield must make their way through a zombie-infested Raccoon City in the sequel to Capcom's original "survival horror" classic.

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    Resident Evil 2 (known in Japan as Biohazard 2) is a 3D horror-themed third-person action-adventure game developed and published by Capcom for the Sony PlayStation in North America (on January 21, 1998), Japan (on January 29, 1998), and Europe (on April 29, 1998).

    Set two months after the destruction of a secret underground laboratory housing biological experiments of the pharmaceutical company Umbrella, Resident Evil 2 has the citizens of Raccoon City transformed into zombies by the biological weapon T-Virus. Players control one of two protagonists (either rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy or college student Claire Redfield) as they try to escape the city while both looking for survivors and investigating the leads of a new biological weapon.

    Similar to the game's predecessor, Resident Evil 2 received numerous ports throughout the years (including the PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and GameCube) and an enhanced re-release.


    Overview & Controls

    Claire aiming up towards an attacking Licker
    Claire aiming up towards an attacking Licker

    The gameplay of Resident Evil 2 is virtually the same as the gameplay of the first one, and features a mix of combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. Players move via a series of pre-determined camera angles and control their character with 'tank controls', much like most survival horror games of the era. Combat as such is rather rudimentary, as players simply aim their weapon with R1 and shoot with X (default PS1 controls). They can aim up or down this way as well, though with the assistance of auto-aim (which can be turned off) combat is a relatively simple affair. To make up for it, however, ammunition is scarce, and thusly forces players to choose between whether it's worth engaging in combat or attempting to flee.

    The story is largely portrayed via cutscenes, both in-game and CG, however there are also a number of Files (diaries, memos ect.) players can collect. These will often provide additional insight into the goings on across the overall narrative, but some are more vital as they will provide information pertaining to solving puzzles or maybe hinting as to where to go next.

    Difficulty Settings

    There are two difficulty settings available across most ports of Resident Evil 2 -- Rookie and Normal. Normal plays much like how the game was intended, whereas Rookie lessens enemy health and gifts players some additional handgun ammunition and first aid sprays in the item box.

    The PC version features a Hard difficulty setting, which increases enemy health and damage. The N64 version also has available an Arranged mode that mixes all of the items in the game around, similar to the mode found in Resident Evil: Director's Cut.

    Playable Characters

    Like the original Resident Evil, there are two playable characters to choose from -- Leon S. Kennedy, and Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield. However unlike the original, the two characters do in fact coincide and have varying storylines from one another, whereas both Chris & Jill's were essentially the same minus a few details.

    Mechanically-speaking the two characters are now practically identical to one another. They both can withstand the same degree of damage and have the same maximum inventory slots. The story itself dictates the differences, as it'll take each in slightly different directions of the Raccoon Police Department, and they each feature their own set of unique puzzles to solve, weapons to collect, and characters to meet.

    Ada Wong, supporting character amidst Leon's story
    Ada Wong, supporting character amidst Leon's story

    Leon's story will bring him into contact with femme-fatale, Ada Wong. Claiming to be a civilian on the search for her boyfriend, she will provide assistance to Leon throughout the game. On two occasions she will follow as an invincible AI companion for a short time, armed with a HP browning pistol. Alongside being invincible, she has infinite ammo (though must at least reload when necessary) and will help kill any enemies the two encounter through their travels.

    Beyond those sequences, players will also be forced to take control of Ada on two occasions for story purposes. She controls exactly like Leon and Claire, and has available her HP Browning pistol and a single first aid spray. However her weapon stance is different from both characters, and it gives her an increase in firing rate with her pistol.

    Claire too has a playable supporting character, however her's is the twelve year old Sherry Birkin. Like Ada, she too will function both as a friendly NPC and as a playable character. However because she is only twelve, she has no means of attack available. When following as an NPC, players cannot run off too far otherwise Sherry will crouch down and cower, awaiting Claire's return. When standing still Sherry and Claire will hold hands, though they will let go once Claire starts moving again.

    Sherry Birkin, a lost twelve year old girl
    Sherry Birkin, a lost twelve year old girl

    As a playable character she once again has no means of attack (she does at least have a first aid spray) and must attempt to avoid enemies. Though because of her small stature, zombies at least will not be able to bite her and will only attempt to vomit acid on her instead, which does considerably less damage. As well as having no means of attack, Sherry has a slower running speed than all the other characters in the game.

    For the PS1 version their stories are restricted to their own disc--one for Leon, one for Claire--however most physical ports since then have compiled them onto one.

    The A and B Scenarios

    Claire & Leon coming into contact during Scenarios Leon A / Claire B
    Claire & Leon coming into contact during Scenarios Leon A / Claire B

    Resident Evil 2 featured four different scenarios; the first two were labelled as Leon A and Claire B scenarios, where Leon entered the police station through the front entrance and Claire through the back door. The second two scenarios, labelled as Claire A and Leon B, had the roles reversed with the plotline slightly altered. Each scenario provided a different experience such as meeting with Robert Kendo and Marvin Branagh on Scenario A, and being stalked by the T-103 'Mr. X' Tyrant during Scenario B.

    Players first only have access to Leon & Claire's A Scenario, though upon completing either will then be asked to create a new save slot for the alternate character's B Scenario.

    There are a handful of player choices that can carry over from A Scenario to B. As either character, they will eventually stumble upon a minipack and submachine gun. The A Scenario character can choose to take it with them, or they could instead leave it for the B Scenario character to collect instead. There is also a room located within the Umbrella Lab near the end of the game that requires two hand print IDs to open. As such, it can only be opened once both Scenario characters have registered their hand print and then placed their hand on the scanner, allowing the B Scenario character to its contents.

    They are the two most notable crossovers, though there are smaller effects as well, such as leaving the zombified Marvin Branagh alive in Scenario A, which will then have him continue to persist in the alternate character's B Scenario.

    Claire & Leon coming into contact during Scenarios Claire A / Leon B
    Claire & Leon coming into contact during Scenarios Claire A / Leon B

    Since Resident Evil 2 featured several different combinations of events and endings, it was for a time left ambiguous as to which ordering was the true version. However it was eventually confirmed by Capcom via the official Resident Evil timeline in Resident Evil 5 that the canon order is the Claire A & Leon B telling.

    During Claire's B Scenario, there is only one segment of the game where players must control Sherry, as opposed to two in the A Scenario.


    Inventory screen, with the character's health up top.
    Inventory screen, with the character's health up top.

    All characters across the game carry the same inventory space of eight slots, though each character also has a unique item in a static ninth slot. Leon at first has a lighter, which must otherwise be acquired within the RPD as Claire, and Claire has a lockpick. Though unlike Jill's capabilities in Resident Evil, Claire can only use it to open up locked drawers to acquire some additional supplies. Leon must instead locate small keys to open the drawers. Leon will also eventually replace his lighter with a G-Virus vial, though it is only carried for narrative purposes, serves no mechanical use, and is only temporary at that before he throws it away and finds himself with his lighter again.

    Supporting characters Ada & Sherry each only have a photograph; Ada's is of her and her boyfriend John, while Sherry's is of her and her parents, William and Annette Birkin. The photographs serve no mechanical use, however.

    There are certain weapons that will take up 2 slots as opposed to one like everything else. These are:

    • Submachine gun
    • Flamethrower
    • Spark Shot
    • Gatling Gun
    • Rocket Launcher

    Besides the character's inventory, there also exist a number of item boxes where players can store unwanted items. Item boxes are often located within save rooms (though not always) and items will persist throughout all item boxes across the game.

    Health & Herbs/First Aid Sprays

    A character's health can be seen via the inventory menu, with an Electrocardiograph Machine showing a character's status. The different statuses are:

    • Fine (Green) - The character is in good health.
    • Caution (Yellow) - The character is roughly at half health.
    • Danger (Red) - The character is approaching death.
    • Poison (Purple) - The character is poisoned and their health will slowly deplete.

    Besides the EKG, players may also note the character's stance. If a character is in the Caution zone, they'll hold their chest, but move at the same speed as if they were perfectly fine. On the other hand if they're in the Danger zone they'll hold their chest and limp, moving incredibly slower than before.

    Carrying the tradition set by the original Resident Evil, characters use a small variety of herbs to heal themselves and cure poisons. First Aid Sprays are also available, though they only have the singular purpose of healing the character fully. There exist three herb types, all of which can be combined in some way for different degrees of healing:

    • Green Herb - On its own will restore 25% of health.
    • Blue Herb - On its own will cure poison, though will not restore any health.
    • Red Herb - On its own does nothing.
    • Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character by roughly 50% of health.
    • Green + Green + Green Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
    • Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 25% of health and cure any poison.
    • Green + Green + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character 50% of health and cure any poison.
    • Green + Red Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely, though not of any poisons.
    • Green + Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will heal the character completely including poisons.
    • Red + Blue Herb - Mixed will do nothing.


    Like the original, Resident Evil 2 requires that players find one of the many typewriters located throughout the environments to save, and must also have at least one ink ribbon item in their character's inventory.


    Main Characters

    Leon S. Kennedy

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    One of two protagonists, Leon is a rookie cop who managed to avoid the massacre of the Raccoon City police force--as first detailed in Resident Evil 3--via serendipity after sleeping in on the day he was supposed to show. Despite his lack of experience as a police officer--with this literally being his first day on the job--Leon is a surprisingly capable individual, and has underwent weapons training for a number of firearms at the academy crediting to his variable weapons skills.

    While he can be aptly described as 'wet behind the ears' and even a little naive, Leon is still a good-natured soul, and will try with all of his might to assist any fellow survivors in any way he can.

    Claire Redfield

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    Nineteen year old sister to S.T.A.R.S. officer Chris Redfield and fellow protagonist to Leon, Claire is wrapped up into the Raccoon City nightmare by unfortunate happenstance. Arriving by motorbike in her attempts to find Chris, who unbeknownst to her had left for Europe to investigate the Umbrella Corp., she must quickly adapt to the horror and use all of her instincts to survive.

    Being something of a tomboy, Claire had spent many a time practicing with firearms at a firing range, and has also been tutored by Chris himself. Claire is as such strongly independent and resourceful, and will also have to exercise her sisterly instincts whence she comes into contact with twelve year old Sherry Birkin.

    Ada Wong

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    A mysterious young woman whom Leon eventually encounters amidst his search of the Raccoon Police Precinct, she claims she is but a lost civilian that is trying to locate her boyfriend, John. The aura of mystery that surrounds her, however, hints at an ulterior motive.

    Exceptionally capable and a fine marksman with a pistol, Ada quickly proves to be a valuable ally throughout the game, regardless of what her true intentions may be.

    Sherry Birkin

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    A lost twelve year old girl, Sherry has managed to evade danger and get around via the air vents. However she is eventually cornered by Claire, who takes it upon herself to try and protect her. The daughter of Umbrella scientists William & Annette Birkin, she is completely unaware of their involvement with the Raccoon City disaster.

    Before the outbreak Sherry was rarely given any attention from her parents, whom were always far too enveloped in their work. As such, Sherry is shy and finds it difficult to open up to people.

    Ben Bertolucci

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    A journalist and contact of Ada Wong, Ben has willingly locked himself up in a Police Department jail cell in the hopes that it'll better provide safety against the zombies and other monsters that have plagued the station.

    Ben was originally working on uncovering corruption within the R.P.D., and as such is weary and standoffish towards police officers.

    Brian Irons

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    The Chief of Police for the Raccoon Police Department, Brian at first presents himself as someone merely trying to survive and make sense of the horror that has engulfed the city. However it is soon revealed that he is not only something of a sadist, but is in fact receiving bribes from the Umbrella Corporation.

    His closing of the case surrounding the Mansion Incident from Resident Evil--while refuting any accusations towards Umbrella's involvement--is what lead to the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members to disband and investigate on their own.

    Annette Birkin

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    An Umbrella scientist, mother of Sherry Birkin and wife to William Birkin, Annette is riddled with grief over the Raccoon City disaster. In part because of what has happened to William, but also as she frantically tries to locate Sherry for reasons that aren't entirely the instincts of a loving mother.

    On the surface she seems like any sympathetic mother trying to find her daughter, but her paranoia concerning the enigmatic G-Virus, and her devotion to William, slowly begins to consume her.

    William Birkin

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    One of Umbrella's top researchers and the creator of the G-Virus, William is soon betrayed by Umbrella, and in a desperate act to survive an attack by their agents he injects himself with his own creation. As such, William has become something other than human, and will continually come into conflict with Leon and Claire throughout the game.


    Leon & Claire
    Leon & Claire

    Resident Evil 2 follows the story of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield during the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. On his first day on the job, Leon finds a dead body on the road as he enters the city and leaves his car to investigate. Claire Redfield, sister to leading hero from the original Resident Evil Chris Redfield, also arrives in the city at the same time by motorbike in her attempts to find her brother.

    The two are soon enveloped by an onslaught of zombies; Leon is ambushed by zombies on the Raccoon City streets, whereas Claire encounters the undead while exploring a deserted diner. The two soon meet up with one another and commandeer an abandoned police car; Claire then collects the Browning HP pistol from the cruiser's glovebox. They begin driving through the city only to be caught in an accident due to a zombie hiding in the car's backseat, while also colliding with a truck that's being driven by a man in the midst of turning into a zombie. The accident forces Leon and Claire to split up and decide to rendezvous at the police station.


    Note: This plot description specifically details the canon Claire A / Leon B sequence of the story.

    Claire Redfield

    Robert Kendo's gruesome demise
    Robert Kendo's gruesome demise

    Upon escaping the wreckage, Claire takes shelter in a nearby gun store from the encroaching horde of zombies. There she meets the owner Robert Kendo, who offers his store to act as a safe haven. However it isn't long before zombies smash through the window and devour Kendo.

    Claire is once again able to escape and eventually reaches the Raccoon Police Department. There she encounters a mortally wounded police officer, Marvin Branagh, who hands her a keycard to unlock the doors. Marvin also briefs Claire about the events of the original Resident Evil, while also stating how the surviving STARS officers--including her brother--have disappeared. Claire attempts to assist Marvin, however he instead forces her to leave the room at gunpoint and then locks the door once she leaves.

    With the keycard in hand, Claire is able to unlock the main hall doors and begin her exploration of the precinct. Upon the STARS office, she finds Chris' diary, detailing his leaving of the city to head to Europe to further investigate the Umbrella Corporation. When exiting the office, she encounters a small girl; the girl then reactively runs away out of fear. Claire gives chase but loses her, though is also then reunited with Leon in the nearby corridor, who hands her a radio so they can better keep in touch. While disheartened by the discovery that Chris isn't in Raccoon City, Leon states that they both need to scour for survivors and then ultimately escape the city. Claire agrees, and the two part ways.

    Determined to find the little girl, Claire continues her search. She is eventually able to access Chief of Police Brian Irons' office, where he himself still resides. On his table is the corpse of the mayor's daughter; Brian admits that he killed her, but only because she was turning into a zombie. Brian then asks that he be left alone.

    Chief of Police, Brian Irons
    Chief of Police, Brian Irons

    Claire decides to explore the backroom that leads out of Irons' office. Inside is the little girl, who Claire finally manages to corner. Claire reassures her that she's not a zombie and merely wants to help. The little girl says her name is Sherry. After the brief introduction, Sherry states that she is looking for her parents and that there's more than just zombies roaming throughout the station. A load roar can be heard, which startles Sherry and forces her to run away again. Claire then heads back to Irons' office, only to find both he and the corpse gone. His diary is left on his desk chair; reading it reveals Irons' sordid activities involving hunting and trapping other police officers, as well as his involvement with the Umbrella Corporation. Behind his desk is a strange puzzle requiring three square stones to be placed.

    Heading deeper into the station, Claire investigates the station's underground. There she again encounters Sherry, who thinks she heard her father calling for her. Crawling through a small opening in a fence, Sherry once again goes off on her own against Claire's wishes. While exploring the area, she locates some supplies for Claire, but again decides to go off on her own in search of her father.

    After locating all three stone pieces, Claire returns to Brian Irons' office. There she is reunited with Sherry, who Claire pleads that she stay close. After setting the stones, it unlocks a secret passage in the wall; Claire tells Sherry to wait in the office while she climbs down the ladder. Claire is then held at gunpoint by Irons', who explains his frustration that Umbrella have destroyed his ''beautiful town'' and his involvement with the company. He also lets loose that the creator of the G-Virus, William Birkin, is the father of Sherry. Noticing that he's at his rope's end and believes he's going to die, he decides that he's going to take Claire with him.

    Claire rescuing Sherry from the garbage disposal dump
    Claire rescuing Sherry from the garbage disposal dump

    However before he can act, Brian begins to convulse with pain as his chest is torn apart by a parasitic larvae. Heading down the ladder leading towards the sewers, the larvae then begins to grow into a large, humanoid monster. Claire is able to best the creature and it ultimately disintegrates. Returning to Sherry, the two continue through the sewers; Claire also radios Leon that Brian Irons' office is accessible, and thet she's heading to the sewers with Sherry. However Sherry is once again forced to split-up with Claire as she accidentally falls down a drainage gate. On her own, Sherry explores throughout the sewers, but falls down into a large garbage pile and falls unconscience as she limply calls for Claire. A large, monstrous creature then appears and infects Sherry with a parasitic larvae.

    Amidst Claire's search for Sherry, she encounters her mother, Annette Birkin. While holding Claire at gunpoint, Annette explains Umbrella's betrayal of she and her husband William Birkin, and how William injected himself with his own G-Virus after an attack on his life by Umbrella Security Service agents. The G-Virus turned him into a monster as he soon slaughtered the U.S.S. agents, minus one -- HUNK. This attack let loose many T-Virus vials, which were feasted on by rats. This then set into motion the T-Virus infection of Raccoon City.

    After Annette claims that William is likely searching for their daughter Sherry, the two split-up to find her first. Claire manages to locate Sherry unconscience on the garbage pile, however she must first fight her way past a giant alligator. Once that's done, she helps Sherry up, both of whom are unaware of Sherry's larvae infection.

    The two continue onward, finally managing to escape out of the sewers and coming upon a hidden Umbrella factory. There the two board a stationary tram as it heads downwards, taking the two to an Umbrella Laboratory. However as the tram descends, Sherry starts to feel sick and passes out. Furthermore, a large claw strikes through the tram only just missing Sherry. Claire leaves Sherry in the tram while she investigates outside.

    Upon investigating the tram platform, the monstrous William Birkin jumps from atop the tram after further mutating. Claire does battle with the monster and is able to force him to collapse and bleed out. The tram then arrives at its destination; from there Claire takes Sherry to the receptionist office of the lab. Giving Sherry her biker jacket ''for protection'', Claire leaves Sherry in the office while she goes on to explore the lab.

    Claire handing over her jacket to Sherry
    Claire handing over her jacket to Sherry

    Claire eventually bumps into Annette Birkin once more, who proclaims that Sherry may have been infected by William in his attempt to create offspring. However William himself ambushes Annette; Annette, who has been slowly driven insane, tries to embrace what used to be her husband, but is viciously murdered by him. Claire is able to locate a file detailing the creation of the cure Sherry needs. Entering William's own lab, she is able to create the cure to eliminate the infection. With the cure in hand, the self-destruct mechanism also goes into motion. Unlocking all doors, this also opens up the emergency exit. After radioing Leon to bring Sherry to the emergency exit, Claire goes on the move to meet them.

    After locating the elevator that'll take her down to the escape train, William Birkin bursts through the wall above and mutates even further. Now taking the form of a kind of huge canine creature, it attacks Claire. With a five minute timer ticking down, Claire is once again able to defend herself against Birkin. As it begins to decompose, Claire boards the elevator. The train has already begun to move, with Leon shouting for Claire to jump on. She does so and administers the cure to Sherry; it works, providing relief for both Claire and Leon.

    Leon S. Kennedy

    Leon exploring the police precinct
    Leon exploring the police precinct

    After escaping the wreckage, Leon finds himself much closer to the police station than Claire and enters via the back. Upon entering the station, however, a helicopter can be seen trying to rescue a police officer. However zombies arrive and begin to feast on the officer, all the while he erratically begins to fire his submachine gun, killing the pilot and forcing him to crash.

    Making his way past the destruction and entering the station, another helicopter soon arrives, but instead drops a large container containing the Umbrella created Tyrant T-103. It slowly begins to walk towards Leon and attacks him, forcing Leon to kill it.

    Amidst his exploration, he encounters a small girl who quickly runs away. He gives chase, but she escapes via a small hole in the wall. Heading back down to the corridor he is reunited with Claire. Leon hands her a radio so they can keep in contact, while stating that they must search for fellow survivors and escape the city. Claire agrees, and the two split-up once more.

    Heading down to the station's car lot Leon is shot at by a woman, though she misses. She apologises after mistaking him for a zombie and introduces herself as Ada Wong. She is searching for her boyfriend John. Leon offers to help, and the two are then able to push a parked truck out of the way so as to gain access to the station's jail quarters.

    From there they meet Ben Bertolucci, a journalist who was investigating corruption within the RPD and is a contact of Ada's. He has purposely locked himself in a jail cell to help provide protection from the zombies and other monsters roaming the station. In a bid to help them escape the city, he suggests that their best bet would be the sewers. Ada then rushes off on her own.

    Ada & Leon meeting Ben Bertolucci
    Ada & Leon meeting Ben Bertolucci

    Leon attempts to catch up to Ada via the sewers and suggests they work together. Noticing a crawlspace up top, Ada asks Leon to give her a boost to investigate. He complies, and allows Ada to go off on her own. Upon entering through the crawlspace she encounters a small girl. The surprise forces the girl to drop her pendant and run away. Ada collects the pendant, and upon opening it up notices a small vial containing a purple substance.

    Ada locates some supplies to which she throws through the crawlspace to Leon, but then opts to head off on her own as she can't reach the crawlspace from her end. Nearby is a door that leads further into the sewers, only it's locked with a strange chess piece puzzle mechanism. Leon explores the station for the pieces required, though throughout his travels he is continually hounded by the T-103 tyrant. Leon is able to successfully defend himself each time, though it still continues to show up despite the damage it is dealt.

    Upon returning to the underground Leon hears Ben scream in terror. Arriving to his aid, he notices Ben bloodied and battered. Ben gives Leon evidence incriminating Chief Brian Irons' involvement with the Umbrella Corporation, and the corporation's nefarious schemes. Ben shortly dies from his injuries.

    Returning to the locked chess piece door, Leon encounters what looks to be a man. The man then begins to mutate and grow a large eye into his right arm. He then pulls off a pipe and begins to slowly advance towards Leon. Leon is able to do enough damage to the monster to force it to fall over the edge into the sewers below.

    Unlocking the door and entering the sewers himself, Leon again encounters Ada. He scolds her for running away and asks that they stick together. Ada complies, stating she'll ''do things your way, for now''. The two continue through the sewers, however after heading down an elevator Ada notices a female scientist. She chases after her but the scientist begins firing; Leon then quickly dives in front of Ada, while being shot in the process. He falls unconscience while the scientist runs away. Ada then gives chase.

    Finally managing to catch up to her, the scientist shoots Ada's weapon out of her hand and identifies herself as Annette Birkin. She tells of Umbrella's betrayal of she and her husband William Birkin, and how William injected himself with his own G-Virus after an attack on his life by Umbrella Security Service agents. The G-Virus turned him into a monster as he soon slaughtered the U.S.S. agents, minus one -- HUNK. This attack let loose many T-Virus vials, which were feasted on by rats. This then set into motion the T-Virus infection of Raccoon City.

    The T-103 Tyrant advancing unto Leon
    The T-103 Tyrant advancing unto Leon

    After discovering that the woman she is talking to is Ada Wong, she coldly states that her boyfriend John is dead and became a zombie. Being aware of her true intentions, Annette then attempts to kill Ada; the two engage in a struggle, with Ada slapping Annette forcing her to fall over the edge of the railing. Ada attempts to grab her hand, but to no avail and sarcastically responds with ''too bad''.

    Leon manages to wake up and goes after Ada despite his injuries. Finding her nearby to where she fought with Annette, she thanks Leon for his bravery in saving her from being shot and patches up his bullet wound. She also shares with him her discovery of John's fate, and asks that they get out of here.

    The two continue through the sewers until locating a tram, which takes them toward an abandoned Umbrella factory. There they encounter another tram, only this one stays motionless on a platform that descends down to Umbrella' secret laboratory. However as it descends, William Birkin attacks the two. He first strikes through the tram's wall, managing to graze Ada and knocking her out. Leon then heads outside and does battle with William and is once more able to defeat him.

    Returning to the tram Ada has awoken, although the tram has stopped midway and hasn't managed to reach the lab. Leon suggests that Ada should stay and rest while he looks for a way to kickstart the tram. After climbing through the vents, however, the tram inconveniently begins to work and continues its descent with Ada still inside. With no other alternative but to make his way down, Leon is able to restore power to the area and the nearby elevator, and use it to reach the lab. Noticing the tram, Leon enters but finds that Ada has disappeared.

    Leon will eventually come into contact with Annette Birkin, who while holding him at gunpoint states that Ada is in fact a spy and is trying to acquire the G-Virus. Leon doesn't believe her, though Annette doesn't seem to care either way as she then prepares to kill him. Just before she pulls the trigger, the T-103 tyrant arrives on the scene, forcing Annette to run away. Leon is able to once again deal enough damage to temporarily down the creature, and tries to find Ada.

    Ada & Leon's embrace
    Ada & Leon's embrace

    Heading towards the power room, Leon is again ambushed by the T-103 tyrant. Only this time Ada arrives for assistance and tries to gain its attention to save Leon. The tyrant does so and grabs her; Ada manages to shoot it in the face, however, forcing it to toss Ada away at a large machine console before it accidentally falls into a vat of molten liquid below.

    The collision between Ada and the machine dealt enough damage that it instigated the self-destruct sequence. Leon rushes to Ada, who appears to be dying, and the two share an intimate kiss before she bleeds out.

    Leon soon receives a radio call from Claire, asking him to retrieve Sherry from the receptionist office. He does so, and takes the elevator down to the emergency escape train, which has become accessible due to the self-destruct sequence. He lets Sherry rest on the tram and then heads back out to turn on the power. Upon doing so, however, the T-103 tyrant arrives, having gone through a severe mutation that has given it two large claws and made to be much more aggressive. The battle occurs in the midst of a five minute timer, with Leon just barely able to defend himself until a silhouette of what looks to be Ada drops him a rocket launcher.

    Leon picks up the rocket launcher and fires it at the tyrant, destroying it completely. Making his return to the train now that it is powered, he turns on the train. As it begins to pick up speed, Claire arrives and jumps onto the train just in the nick of time. She quickly administers a cure for Sherry, who was infected by William, which appears to take effect and heal her. With the ordeal behind them, Leon heads to the driver's compartment and says his goodbye to Ada.

    However the train quickly rumbles as an alarm sounds. Leon heads back to Claire and Sherry asking what's going on, and heads to investigate the other compartments. Reaching the very end of the train, William Birkin--now an amorphous blob--pours onto the train and slowly slithers towards Leon. With the door locked behind him as a precautionary measure put into effect by the train, Leon is forced to unload everything he has into the monster. After enough punishment it begins to disintegrate, as the door also conveniently unlocks behind Leon.

    William Birkin's final form
    William Birkin's final form

    While on his way to return to Claire, William Birkin strikes back into action, forcing all three characters to split-up. Claire is left hanging off the bottom of the train, Leon crawls across the top, and Sherry rushes to the driver's compartment. Leon is then able to reach the driver's compartment and tell Sherry to turn on the emergency brake. She does so, allowing the three to reunite and quickly run out of the tunnel before the train self-destructs.

    With the nightmare finally over with, the three rest their weary legs. But only before Claire rises up again and states that she still has to find her brother Chris.


    As first detailed in Claire's unlockable epilogue file in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, Leon opposes Claire's idea to quickly rush into action so soon to find her brother. Insulted that she opts to abandon them for the sake of her brother, Leon tells her to go and that they [Leon & Sherry] don't need her help. Claire understands that they require medical attention, yet sets out anyway, while promising that she'll return one day.

    Alternate Scenarios

    While Claire A & Leon B is the canon ordering, players can still alternatively play through the opposite sequence, where Leon in fact heads through the entrance and Claire enters from the back. This then switched certain character roles, such as Claire coming into conflict with the T-103 Tyrant, and Leon encountering the characters of Robert Kendo and Marvin Branagh. Though the results are the same, there are certain character fates that differ slightly during this ordering of the Scenarios:

    Leon A

    Leon upon first entering the Raccoon Police Station during his A Scenario
    Leon upon first entering the Raccoon Police Station during his A Scenario
    • Leon first reunites with Claire in the STARS office.
    • Ben Bertolucci dies by being infected with a parasitic larvae that bursts out of his chest.
    • Leon will alert Claire that the underground carpark and jail department is now accessible.
    • Ada is left to rest in the receptionist office much like Sherry was.
    • After learning of her true nature, Ada Wong holds Leon at gunpoint and demands he hand over the G-Virus vial he collected from Annette. However after letting down her guard after a short talk, she is then shot in the chest by Annette and ultimately falls over the edge of the walkway.
    • Annette then passes out due to her injuries from a couple of pipes landing on her head after the self-destruct mechanism was initiated.

    Claire B

    • Claire first reunites with Leon in the STARS office.
    • Brian Irons dies by being pulled down a ladder by William and then torn in half.
    • While Sherry still accidentally falls through the sewer grate, she isn't infected with the parasitic larvae and reunites with Claire at the factory tram.
    • Claire first meets Annette as she clambers out of the sewers, barely able to talk, and then passes out. She is thusly not able to detail the origins of the T-Virus outbreak in the city and William Birkin's transformation.
    • Sherry is left in the descending tram much like Ada was.
    • Claire notices Sherry cornered by the T-103 tyrant on a CCTV monitor. Annette also arrives and states that Sherry's pendant houses a G-Virus vial, which is what the tyrant is after.
    • After rescuing Sherry from the tyrant, they then encounter Annette lying on the floor, badly wounded after the pipes landed on her head. She apologises to Sherry for not being a good mother, and then dies from her injuries.
    • At the very end, Leon will instead get up and state that it's up to them to take down Umbrella.


    Combat Knife

    No Caption Provided

    A starting weapon for both Leon & Claire, the knife is traditionally a last resort tactic and even then the player should probably choose to run away instead. It does minimal damage, has a short reach of attack, and the player may often accidentally have it collide with the scenery leaving the player vulnerable for a second.

    Leon & Claire each use the knife differently, with Leon choosing to jab it as opposed to Claire's swipe -- which may have been taught to her by Chris given that it's a similar method as to how he used his.

    H&K VP70

    No Caption Provided

    Leon's starting handgun, the H&K is a reliable enough pistol, though because of its slow rate of fire and lack of stopping power, it's best restricted for lesser enemies such as zombies and zombie dogs. It may be useful for conserving ammo for better weaponry when there's enough distance, but it's otherwise still not very reliable against the larger enemies of the game.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 18 rounds.
    • Standard Ammunition - 9mm bullets.

    H&K VP70 Burst

    No Caption Provided

    An upgraded version of Leon's handgun that now offers the choice between single shot or a three-shot burst fire. While it has no increase in overall power, the burst fire gives it a boost in stopping power and damage output, however because of its faster rate of fire ammo may begin to dwindle quicker than expected. The items required to upgrade it are located within a locked drawer that requires a generic small key to open.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 18 rounds.
    • Standard Ammunition - 9mm bullets.

    Browning HP

    No Caption Provided

    Claire Redfield's starting handgun that she collects from the glove box of a police cruiser. It is slightly stronger in power to Leon's H&K, though it can only hold 13 bullets at a time. Its stopping power is also still very low so it is again best restricted for the lesser enemies of the game. Unlike Leon's, Claire's cannot be upgraded.

    Ada Wong is also shown to be equipped with this pistol, only she has a slightly different firing stance than Claire and is able to fire it more effectively with a faster rate of fire.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 13 rounds.
    • Standard Ammunition - 9mm bullets.

    Colt Single Action Army

    No Caption Provided

    An unlockable weapon exclusive to Claire, the Colt S.A.A. has six shots and is fired from the hip. It has an extremely high rate of fire and more stopping power than any other handgun in the game. Though because of its rate of fire, ammo may begin to dwindle quicker as a result, as will reloads be more necessary -- players can still choose to reload via their inventory menu, however.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 6 rounds.
    • Standard Ammunition - 9mm bullets.

    S.T.A.R.S. Beretta 92FS Custom

    No Caption Provided

    The best pistol in the game, this weapon is exclusive to Chris Redfield in the Extreme Battle minigame (see below to Unlockables). Because of Chris' expertise with handguns, it has a faster rate of fire than other handguns (though it isn't faster than the Colt) and has a high chance to score a critical hit against zombies and pop their head akin to a magnum.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 15 rounds.
    • Standard Ammunition - 9mm bullets.

    Remington Shotgun

    No Caption Provided

    A shotgun exclusive to Leon, and what'll likely be a solid contender for boss battles for most players across the game. As is custom with video game shotguns the remington is very powerful at close-range, but has a slow rate of fire and its damage output decreases the further away an enemy is.

    It can be used to completely destroy a zombie's head or legs whence a player aims up or down respectively if one is close enough. There is also the chance that a zombie's torso will fall off after being shot and will then proceed to crawl towards the player. Players will commonly first encounter the shotgun at the very beginning of A Scenario, though there is another one located in the locker of the S.T.A.R.S. office. This is so players can still collect a shotgun whilst also attempting to trigger the Brad Vickers zombie (see below at Unlockables).

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 5 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 12 gauge shells.

    Remington Shotgun (Upgraded)

    No Caption Provided

    Later in the game the player will come upon ''shotgun parts'', that when combined with the basic remington will upgrade it with a stock and longer barrel. This will increase the weapon's power significantly and allow it to hold more rounds, however the recoil is also drastically increased.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 7 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 12 gauge shells.


    No Caption Provided

    A crossbow misnamed due to a localization era as a 'bowgun', this is essentially the shotgun equivalent for Claire Redfield. It functions similarly as it shoots out three bolts at once and does a fair amount of damage. However unlike the shotgun the bowgun is powerful at any range so long as the bolts hit, but the overall damage isn't as high. It has a decent amount of stopping power and can push back certain enemies the amount of force is so high. Some enemies such as crows can even get stuck to a wall by a bolt when shot.

    Like Leon's shotgun, the bowgun will often be first encountered during the beginning of A Scenario, though there exists another in the S.T.A.R.S. office locker.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 18 bolts.
    • Ammunition - Bolts.

    Grenade Launcher

    No Caption Provided

    Besides secret weapons, the grenade launcher is Claire's most powerful firearm and is a popular weapon to use against boss monsters. Much like the bazooka from the original, there are multiple grenade types available: grenade, fire, and acid. Grenade is the stock ammunition and deals heavy explosive damage; fire does less damage overall but is especially powerful against certain enemies like plants; and acid also does less base damage but has the benefit of a splash radius and deals continuous damage over time.

    One convenient quirk is the weapon's ability to carry as much ammo as possible, so long as it's one grenade type. When changing grenade types the specific grenade type will also stack together and will only take up one space regardless of how much ammo it carries.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - N/A
    • Ammunition - Grenade, Fire, and Acid rounds.

    Desert Eagle Magnum

    No Caption Provided

    An incredibly powerful magnum-pistol that is exclusive to Leon. Besides secret weapons, this is undoubtedly Leon's most effective weapon amongst his arsenal. It is suitable for most enemies and bosses across the game, and will notably destroy a zombie's head completely whence shot with it.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 8 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 50. caliber rounds.

    Desert Eagle Magnum (Upgraded)

    No Caption Provided

    Much like the shotgun, the player can find magnum parts that once combined with the magnum will increase the weapon's barrel significantly. It now does even more damage, but it also now suffers from a significant increase in recoil.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 8 rounds.
    • Ammunition - 50. caliber rounds.

    Submachine Gun

    No Caption Provided

    A fully-automatic firearm, the submachine gun is effective at keeping enemies stunlocked, though the actual damage output isn't especially high. There are two submachine guns across the game, though there is no additional ammo to collect for either. The first is encountered in a weapon's locker during Scenario A; the player could take it then and there, or leave it for the alternate character to collect during Scenario B.

    The second is located in an Umbrella Lab. To access it, however, requires each character of Scenarios A & B to register their handprint, and then place their hand on the door's scanner. It as such is only accessible for the Scenario B character to collect. This weapon takes up two slots within a character's inventory.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100%, with roughly 3 bullets counting as 1%.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Spark Shot

    No Caption Provided

    A weapon exclusive to Claire, the Spark Shot is an unorthodox weapon that fires electrical charges. Like the submachine gun it requires two free slots to carry and its ammunition is represented with a percentage -- no additional ammo can be found. Its effectiveness isn't especially great, however, though it may prove useful against crowds due to the charge passing through all within close vicinity.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100%, with each charge representing 2%.
    • Ammunition - N/A.


    No Caption Provided

    A weapon of limited use, the flamethrower is exclusive to Leon and takes up two inventory slots. Its ammo is also represented by percentage. Its primary use is against the mutant plants the player will encounter amidst the Umbrella Lab, as they are extremely resistant against most other forms of damage. However beyond that it is weak and deals little damage -- its fuel also rapidly runs out, and like other two slot weapons has no additional ammo to spare.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 100%, with each second of flame output representing 1%.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Gatling Gun

    No Caption Provided

    A secret weapon that is only used by unlocking it with infinite ammo. It requires players to complete each set of a Scenario A & B with at least an A rank, and will then reside within the Scenario A's item box as well the Scenario B's whence Scenario A has been completed again. Though while it has a bit of a build up, it can rip through everything with enough time.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - Infinite.
    • Ammunition - N/A.

    Rocket Launcher

    No Caption Provided

    Within a narrative-context the rocket launcher is used to destroy the mutated T-103 tyrant during Scenario B, though like the gatling gun can be unlocked with infinite ammo under the same requirements. It can kill nearly every enemy and boss in the game besides William Birkin in his canine form and his shapeless blob form.

    • Maximum Ammo Count - 2
    • Ammunition - N/A



    No Caption Provided

    Like the original, zombies function as the most common enemy encountered throughout Resident Evil 2. Though they have a more varied set of animations, and there is a greater variety of models now too -- which includes the series' debut of female zombies.

    Slow and sluggish in movement, but dangerous up close, zombies are durable enough against gunfire that they can prove to be extremely dangerous even just in small numbers. When encountered on their own, however, zombies can be dispatched relatively easy so long as the player has enough ammunition to spare. As per usual, zombies are best dealt with the pistol or sometimes the shotgun, which can kill a zombie with a single shot if the player aims directly at its head once close enough, or can at least reduce the zombie to a literal crawl by destroying its legs.

    Zombies attack by grabbing and biting the player when close, but will also puke out acid instead if they can't quite reach the player. Some zombies will be encountered lying on the ground, seemingly pretending to be dead, and will grab at a character's leg should the player get close enough. However, the leg bite does little damage and will always result in the character killing the zombie with a single stomp or kick. Zombies also have a slight chance of splitting in two after being shot with a shotgun. Their torso will collapse onto the ground and will then proceed to crawl towards the player, though if the player leaves the area the torso will be gone the next time the player returns.

    Zombie Dogs

    No Caption Provided

    Returning from the original game are zombie hounds, only these are of accidental infection and aren't the specifically designed Cerberus B.O.W.s. Though they otherwise function very much the same, and are likewise always encountered in packs. They contain the same agility and brutality as a standard dog, though are easy to stunlock as any shot from even a pistol will knock them off balance; continued shots will be able to keep them locked to the ground until death.


    No Caption Provided

    Much like most Resident Evil iterations, Crows only act as more of a nuisance than a genuine threat. They are always found to be in a large number, however, and can be very hard to avoid.

    They only have one attack by way of pecking at the player, which while does little damage will keep the player stuck in a short animation of trying to wave them off.


    No Caption Provided

    An advanced mutation of zombies, mostly recognizable for their long tongue and claws. Lickers are extremely agile and fast, have an attack that can commit an instant-kill against the player, and can withstand more damage than the typical zombie. Lickers also have the added advantage of being able to climb up and rest upon flat surfaces, including ceilings. However they often tend to make a breathy growl of sorts, that along with the squishy noise of their movements makes them easy to pick up should one be close by.

    A licker usually takes between 2-3 shotgun or crossbow attacks to kill one. Though because of their lack of sight, players can potentially avoid encounters with one should they walk past rather than run. However if a player gets close enough, a Licker will always catch on to their presence and give chase regardless of their movement speed. While they can sometimes be encountered alone, they will more often than not be found in groups of at least two.

    Their attacks often involve their claws; they will swipe the player's leg when close, and when encountered at a distance will give off a loud shriek and then leap through the air in an attempt to maul the player. They will alternatively strike with their tongue and attempt to strangle the player; if the player's health is in the Caution state, there's a high chance the Licker will rip off the player's head completely.

    Evolved Licker

    No Caption Provided

    This is a tougher variant of the Licker that'll be encountered later in the game. They are of a noticeably different shade of color from the regular red Lickers, with a more murky green color to them. They utilize the same attacks as a regular Licker, however they will deal--and can withstand--more damage.

    Web Spinners

    No Caption Provided

    Much like zombie hounds, these are to be found in nearly every Resident Evil game to date. They are primarily just spiders, though they all also have the ability to poison the player with a gush of poison spit.

    Ordinarily should a giant spider die with its sack still intact, hundreds of miniature spiders would begin to seep out and attack the player. However for whatever reason this is not the case in Resident Evil 2.

    Plant 43

    No Caption Provided

    A smaller, smarter iteration off of Plant 42 from the original Resident Evil. Though while significantly smaller in size, they are still quite resistant to most forms of damage. However they are terribly weak against fire. They primarily attack by spewing a gob of acid at the player from their gaping mouth, though they especially dangerous up close as they will grapple and trap the player with their vines while pouring their acid all over them.

    There is another variant of the creature that's acid will also poison the player should it hit. They are otherwise the same, and are visually distinctive by their 'head' being of a red color as opposed to green.

    Giant Moth

    No Caption Provided

    While there is only one to be found in the game, the giant moth isn't technically a boss battle. It is encountered within an Umbrella lab and has grown itself a nest. It attacks the player by charging towards them, or spitting poison. While it still has its wings, it is not strong enough to fly very efficiently and can only hover. It is nonetheless quite sturdy and requires around 4 shots from an upgraded desert eagle magnum to down.

    It's also worth noting that it is completely optional to fight, and is only necessary should players desire to register their handprint to access the locked laboratory door.

    Boss Battles


    No Caption Provided

    The first boss encountered in Scenario A, G was once a small parasitic larvae that was implanted by the mutated William Birkin into either Ben Bertolucci or Brian Irons, depending on which character's story it is. After an allotted time, however, it grows into a much larger, more humanoid creature.

    It is slow in speed, so its primary source of attack is to vomit out several small larvae to then seek out the player and attempt to force themselves down their throat. Otherwise it can punch the character when close enough, but the primary tactic is to keep a good distance and keep shooting at it, while also trying to shoot any of the swarming larvae on the ground. After enough damage it will ultimately disintegrate.

    Giant Alligator

    No Caption Provided

    This aptly titled boss is encountered in the sewers. It will surprise attack the player from beneath the sewage water and slowly makes its way through the tunnel; its size means it is impossible to run past it. There are two methods to killing it: first is the basic path of simply unloading whatever the player has into the creature; alternatively the player could drop the gas canister that resides within the middle of the tunnel, and then shoot it once the alligator picks it up with its mouth killing it instantly. If players choose to kill it the old fashioned way, there will be a small stash of ammunition awaiting them next to the tram later in the game.

    The alligator will always be fought in Scenario A, however if it is killed via the gas canister it will stay dead for the alternate character's Scenario B. Otherwise it must be fought again in much the same way, complete with the gas canister still available; it will also visually be shown wounded to account for the previous battle.

    T-103 'Mr. X'

    No Caption Provided

    A mass-produced successor to the T-102 from Resident Evil, the T-103 is only encountered during Scenario B. It is encountered multiple times throughout at scripted moments in the story, often bursting through walls or ambushing from around a corner. A clear way to note if it is about to arrive is if the theme music for the area has stopped.

    It is usually designed to block the player from progressing, forcing them to kill it before it reaches them. Though it will always walk, and when attacked with a powerful enough weapon such as a shotgun will slow down even further. If it gets close its attacks will do a noticeable amount of damage and can potentially kill the player with only about 4 attacks. It will only use its fists to attack, usually using a hook punch to knock the player back as a method of again forcing players to fight it. Though it will also sometimes do an overhead smash with both hands clasped together -- its most powerful attack.

    After enough damage has been dealt it will begin to slightly sway before toppling to the floor. Searching its body afterwards will gift the player some ammunition.

    T-103 Mutated Form

    No Caption Provided

    Upon inadvertently falling into a vat of molten liquid, the tyrant will re-emerge now mutated and of a completely different boss design. It is only fought once nearing the end, again only during Scenario B, shortly after the player is powering up the escape train. Its trademark jacket has now completely burnt away, revealing a growth in mass, as has its hands formed into large claws.

    It is now considerably faster and will frequently rush and slash at the player. Its attacks are thusly difficult to avoid, likely forcing most players to simply brute force their way through the fight and hope they have enough healing supplies. Upon enough damage, from around 4-5 upgraded magnum shots for reference, a silhouette of Ada Wong will arrive to drop the player--as either Leon or Claire--a rocket launcher.

    The player must then quickly rush and equip it, and then fire at the tyrant -- one shot is all it will take to destroy it.

    William Birkin First Form

    No Caption Provided

    Upon injecting himself with the G-virus, William Birkin has now transformed into a horrible monstrosity -- one that grows more hideous as the game progresses. Similar to the T-103 he is thusly fought multiple times throughout the game, though each time is a different form, and unlike the T-103 is fought across both Scenarios. Though his first is only fought during Scenario B, in place of where players faced 'G' in Scenario A.

    His first form is his most comparatively mundane, as he still retains many of his human physical qualities. Though he still has access to incredible strength, and will pull off a nearby pipe which will govern his attacks. He is slow moving, similar to G, and will primarily swing the pipe around randomly -- any attack that hits does a significant amount of damage, however. Similar to G, the primary strategy is to keep at a distance and fire whatever the player has. He can withstand a fair amount of damage, roughly taking about eight grenade rounds. Once enough damage has been inflicted, the boss theme will cut off and he will then seemingly accidentally fall over the edge into the sewers below.

    William Birkin Second Form

    No Caption Provided

    This form is the point where Birkin now literally begins to shed his human qualities in favor of something more monstrous, and is the first William boss for Scenario A. After discarding his pipe, his right arm has grown into an enormous claw, now making him somewhat resemble a tyrant.

    The battleground is set on a tram platform descending down into Umbrella's underground laboratory. Birkin still only walks, but the arena is of a U shape, with the possibility of the player finding themselves at a dead end. Though area is also wide enough that players should be able to potentially rush past.

    Birkin of course now attacks with his claw, which has a slightly greater reach than the pipe but roughly does the same amount of damage. He will also take about the same amount of damage to down as before, so as long as players again keep their distance he will eventually begin bleeding and ultimately slump to the floor after receiving enough damage.

    William Birkin Third Form

    No Caption Provided

    At this point William now resembles something more demonic than human, and has access to two equally large claws protruding from his shoulders along with what is now another pair of claws that were once his hands. This form is fought in the B Scenario on the same tram platform as his previous form was fought.

    He still only walks but each step will now cover more distance, allowing him to more quickly catch up to the player. His attacks also now have a much larger reach than before, and he will periodically enter a stance with all four of his claws raised up. If attacked amidst this stance he will unleash a powerful combo with all four claws and can potentially kill the player outright with this attack. If he isn't able to strike the player with this attack, after so long he will revert back to his default stance

    This form is naturally tougher than the last and can withstand even more damage. Though this time when the battle is over Birkin will leap away onto the wall rather than pass out.

    William Birkin Fourth Form

    No Caption Provided

    The final boss of Scenario A, Birkin has how transformed into some sort of monstrous canine. His shoulder claws have morphed into his front legs, and he has grown considerably in mass with a large maw for a mouth.

    Now running on four 'legs', this form is his fastest by a great deal, and he will commonly rush at the player and grab them with its maw and shake the player around like a ragdoll. It won't kill the player outright but still does a high amount of damage.

    The arena offers two tall series of tubes, to which Birkin will occasionally jump onto, potentially allowing players some temporary safety and to get in some extra shots. Though it will eventually jump off and may also attack the player simultaneously.

    In traditional Resident Evil fashion, there is a 5 minute timer ticking down during the battle.

    William Birkin Final Form

    No Caption Provided

    The final boss of Scenario B, William has ultimately become an amorphous blob of a creature, made up of a variety of eyes, teeth, claws, and assimilated corpses all over. Probably the simplest boss in the game, it exists more for spectacle than to serve as a challenge. Set on the cargo cart of the escape train, the player is trapped between a locked door and the slowly slithering horror that is now William Birkin.

    The player is simply tasking with unloading whatever they have into it from their position. At this point players should have access to a single shot left for their rocket launcher which, while it won't kill Birkin, will deal a fair bit of damage. After so much punishment Birkin begins to decompose, while the door conveniently unlocks behind the player allowing them to escape. Upon opening the door the game will end, switching to a CG cutscene showcasing Birkin's ultimate demise due to the self-destruction of the train -- after the characters themselves have escaped.


    Like most Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 2 is packed with unlockable content to help supply replay value and prolong the game's lifespan.

    Ranking & Unlockable Weapons

    Art from Leon's results screen
    Art from Leon's results screen

    There is a ranking system dependent on how players finish the game. Ranks are determined by how fast the player finished the game, how many first aid sprays are used, and how often the player saved. The ranks range from D to S, with S being the best.

    To attain an S rank the player must complete the game under 2 hours, without using any first aid sprays and only saving once. Upon achieving an S rank, or even A rank, for both scenarios, the player will be rewarded with a submachine gun, a gatling gun, and a rocket launcher, all with infinite ammo, but only for the completed scenario pair. They will be awaiting in the item box should the player decide to play through the completed scenarios once more.


    One of Leon's alternate costumes.
    One of Leon's alternate costumes.

    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team pilot Brad Vickers is killed by the B.O.W. monster Nemesis during Resident Evil 3. However because it is initially set before the events of Resident Evil 2, Brad is thusly given time to return in zombie form for Resident Evil 2.

    To locate him, players must head from the beginning of Scenario A to the Police Station without collecting any items -- not even the shotgun/bowgun that drops from Robert Kendo. Upon successfully reaching the station, the Brad Vickers zombie will be wandering below in the underpass. He can withstand more punishment than a regular zombie, though an upward shot to the head with the shotgun will still kill him instantly as like any other. Whence killed, his corpse will yield a key that will unlock a locker in the station's darkroom. In it are costumes for Leon and Claire.

    Claire wearing her alternate biker outfit
    Claire wearing her alternate biker outfit

    Leon unlocks two different outfits, whereas Claire only unlocks one. However Claire is instead gifted a six-shot revolver exclusive to her, to tie in with the cowgirl theme of her alternate costume. Leon, while he doesn't obtain a new weapon, will now wield handguns sideways with one hand; this stance then gives Leon increased firing speed with handguns, though can be only be used while wearing one of the alternate costumes. Should players modify Leon's H&K handgun, however, he will lose the stance in favor of the burst-fire.

    The N64 version has one additional exclusive costume per character.

    If players manage to trigger the appearance of zombie Brad in Scenario A, he will then show up once again in the same location in the alternate character's Scenario B without any other prerequisites.

    The 4th Survivor

    4th Survivor title screen
    4th Survivor title screen

    A small side-story starring U.S.S. agent H.U.N.K., after he was able to escape the clutches of the mutated William Birkin, can be unlocked via attaining at least a rank A for either set of an A & B scenario.

    Beginning at the entrance to the station's sewers, it tasks players as H.U.N.K. to make it to the RPD helipad for extraction. However H.U.N.K.s supplies are limited, and no more can be found amidst the story. Furthermore, all of the enemies from the main game make an appearance, including two appearances of the Mr. X tyrant.

    H.U.N.K.s inventory is as such:

    • H&K Pistol.
    • 150 spare 9mm bullets.
    • Remington Shotgun.
    • 15 spare shells.
    • Desert Eagle Magnum.
    • 8 spare magnum bullets.
    • Mixed herb made up of a single green & blue
    • Mixed herb made up of a single green & blue.
    • And in his unique inventory slot is the G-Virus vial he successfully stole from William Birkin.

    As such, players are to choose wisely as to what to use against what enemies, as there are many more enemies in the player's path than they have bullets. Upon reaching the helipad it shows H.U.N.K. signalling for his escape chopper and flying away. In all ports from the Dualshock version onward, a timer will tick up showing how long it took the player to finish.

    The mini-story's title is somewhat inconsistent with the amount of characters whom actually survive, with Leon, Claire, Sherry, and Ada also eventually being revealed to have escaped making H.U.N.K. the technically 5th survivor of Resident Evil 2.

    The Tofu Survivor

    Tofu Survivor title screen; Tofu is unfortunately not shown to wear Jill's beret in-game
    Tofu Survivor title screen; Tofu is unfortunately not shown to wear Jill's beret in-game

    A parody of The 4th Survivor minigame, Tofu Survivor plays near identical, only instead of controlling H.U.N.K. players instead take control of a sentient piece of Japanese tofu. This mode is unlocked upon attaining at least an A rank for all four scenarios.

    The objective is the exact same as The 4th Survivor, as is the enemy placements, however the character of Tofu only but has a combat knife to defend itself with. It does also have some additional herbs, however, and it is noticeably sturdier than the other characters in the game. Nonetheless, The Tofu Survivor is arguably the toughest minigame in the main Resident Evil series.

    Because of the lack of reliable weaponry on hand, players are to instead attempt to avoid most encounters, using such tactics as the fan-coined ''wall hug'' of running diagonally into a wall to attempt to pass enemies. Completing the minigame yields the same ending as The 4th Survivor, and this too features a timer to help clock how long it took players to complete from the Dualshock version onward.

    The mode itself originated as a joke by the developers, after they would use the Tofu character model to help in designing collision detection.

    Extreme Battle

    Extreme Battle title screen
    Extreme Battle title screen

    The third and final minigame of Resident Evil 2, Extreme Battle is something more of a score-focussed mode, complete with multiple characters and difficulty levels -- 3 in total. It is unlocked upon completing either set of A & B scenarios. It is only available in certain ports of Resident Evil 2, however.

    Players are tasked in trying to locate four ''anti-virus bombs'' within the Raccoon Police Station--the specific locations of the bombs are randomized--though they first begin at Umbrella's laboratory near the end of the story. Players are to choose from four different characters to determine their equipment, although only two are available at the outset; the other two must be unlocked by climbing up the difficulty levels. Unlike the previous modes, players can locate more supplies amidst their travels and can even save their progress with an ink ribbon & typewriter like in the main game.

    There are leaderboards available that'll track how long it took for the player to complete which level, and with which character. However players can only strive to beat the pre-entered scores or their own, as there is no online functionality across any of the ports.


    No Caption Provided

    Leon S. Kennedy

    • H&K Pistol
    • Remington Shotgun
    • Desert Eagle Magnum
    • Ink Ribbon
    • First Aid Spray
    • Blue Herb

    Claire Redfield

    No Caption Provided
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Flame Rounds
    • Acid Rounds
    • Ink Ribbon
    • First Aid Spray
    • Blue Herb

    Ada Wong

    No Caption Provided

    Is unlocked upon completing Level 1.

    • Colt Pistol
    • Submachine gun
    • Bow Gun
    • Ink Ribbon
    • Mixed herb, made up of a green, red, and blue.

    Chris Redfield

    No Caption Provided

    The original hero from Resident Evil, Chris is unlocked upon completing Level 2. His STARS beretta pistol is exclusive to him and has a chance to pop a zombie's head similar to the magnum. Because of Chris' experience, he can handle the recoil of the upgraded shotgun more so than Leon, giving it less kickback. The sound effects related to Chris receiving damage are recycled from the original Resident Evil.

    • Beretta Pistol
    • Remington Shotgun (Upgraded Version)
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Ink Ribbon
    • First Aid Spray


    Each of the three levels gets progressively harder from one to the next, by introducing new enemies (including William Birkin in his canine form) and remixing old enemy placements, to decreasing the amount of available supplies to collect out in the world.

    Updates & Ports

    The PS1 version received an enhanced re-release in Japan (on August 6, 1998) and North America (on November 11, 1998. Sub-titled Dual Shock Ver. (sometimes Dual Shock Edition), it added vibration and analog support for DualShock controllers, a Japanese-exclusive difficulty ("USA Version"), and a bonus unlockable mini-game (the action-laden Extreme Battle mode). This version was the basis for most of the game's ports and was later digitally re-released as part of PlayStation Network's PSOne Classics collection in Japan (on December 26, 2007), North America (on November 19, 2009), and Europe (on February 29, 2012).

    Over a year after the original game's release, it was ported to both the Nintendo 64 (by Angel Studios) and Dreamcast. It also received a GameCube port (which, unlike the previous game, is not a remake) in 2003 and a 2.5D sprite-based adaptation by Tiger for their handheld in late 1998. It also received two PC ports: a Windows 9x-based CD-ROM version in 1999 (which is known in North America as Resident Evil 2 Platinum) and a Japan-exclusive Windows XP-based DVD-ROM version in 2006 (by SourceNext). The N64, DC, and PC-based ports each have unique features, including gallery modes (for the PC version), VMU display support (for the DC version), and new in-game lore (for the N64 version).


    Resident Evil 1.5

    Image of Elza equipped with a shotgun
    Image of Elza equipped with a shotgun

    After the launch of Resident Evil, work immediately began on Resident Evil 2 and was scheduled for a 1997 release. Nearing the end of development, when the game was about 80-90% done, the creators felt the sequel was more of the same and was scrapped. The previous version of the game had a female protagonist named Elza Walker who was eventually replaced by Claire Redfield. She shared many of Claire’s traits such as being an avid fan of motorbikes and was a student. While Claire is the sister of the Chris Redfield, the Resident Evil 1.5 protagonist, Elza, was completely unrelated to any previous Resident Evil character. Leon Kennedy also had a radically different appearance initially, but that too was altered since Capcom believed it held too strong a resemblance to former Resident Evil hero Chris Redfield. Additionally, the policeman named Marvin who dies early on in Resident Evil 2 had a much bigger role in this incarnation; supposedly he would help the player escape the city similar to the role of Barry in Resident Evil 3.

    Ada in her original researcher outfit
    Ada in her original researcher outfit

    Furthermore, the design and layout of the police department was modern and resembled a typical police structure. It lacked the gothic elements of the final police station and used the color gray quite frequently; perhaps in a bid to make the area feel sterile. Finally, amongst other things, were the varieties of the monsters. Sketches and screenshots showcase zombies of different races, monsters that resembled the reapers from Resident Evil 5 and two bosses, which made the cutting room floor named Zeiram and Gorgoda. Zeiram and Gorgoda’s elements of design ultimately were used to create William Birkin’s G-form.

    The characters had unique and more professional animations for wielding weapons, such as Leon holding his gun up when standing still rather than continuing in his neutral stance.

    A version of the game that looks to be almost complete is in the confines of a private collection, but other than a 10 minute video of previously unseen footage posted on Youtube, nothing else has been released, much to the dismay of fans.


    There are two soundtrack CD releases for Resident Evil 2, the first release came out in January 29, 1998 and consisted of 31 tracks and one CD. But since not all music contained in the game was included, a new version was release in August 21, 1998 named Biohazard 2 Complete Track and with 50 tracks and two CDs. The soundtrack was composed by Masami Ueda, Shun Nishigaki and Shusaku Uchiyama.

    Biohazard 2 Original SoundtrackBiohazard 2 Complete Track
    CD 11. "The Beginning of Story"
    2. "Annette's Recollection"
    3. "Normal End Title"
    4. "Special End Title"
    5. "Credit Line of Whole Staff"
    6. "Prologue"
    7. "Raccoon City"
    8. "The Front Hall"
    9. "The First Floor"
    10. "The Second Floor"
    11. "Secure Place"
    12. "Leon With Claire"
    13. "The Library"
    14. "Sherry's Theme"
    15. "The Basement of Police Station"
    16. "'T'-A"
    17. "The First Malformation of 'G'"
    18. "Ada's Theme"
    19. "The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)"
    20. "The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)"
    21. "The Second Malformation of 'G'"
    22. "The Underground Laboratory"
    23. "Is Ada Spy!?"
    24. "Escape From Laboratory"
    25. "Good Bye, Leon"
    26. "Mother"
    27. "One More Kiss"
    28. "'T'-B"
    29. "The Third Malformation of 'G'"
    30. "And After That..."
    31. "Credit Line"
    1. "The Evil Eye"
    2. "Prologue ~To Know The True End~"
    3. "Weapons Don't Give Us Relief"
    4. "Falling Victim to the Ex-Neighbors"
    5. "Drove the Passengers to be the Living Dead"
    6. "Left Alone?"
    7. "The Buildup of Suspense"
    8. "Screaming Target"
    9. "Above the Blood Pool"
    10. "Nothing More to do Here"
    11. "Hope Against Hope"
    12. "Who's That Lady?"
    13. "Madness Under the Mask"
    14. "Now in Two Pieces"
    15. "Embryo in its Cradle"
    16. "His Final Scoop"
    17. "Destined to be Malformed"
    18. "Don't Look Up"
    19. "Dropping Into the Water"
    20. "Wandering Alone"
    21. "Dropping Again"
    22. "Heads Up!"
    23. "Women Squaring Off"
    24. "The Gigantic Alligator"
    25. "'It' is After You"
    26. "This is My Nest"
    27. "Like a Shadow"
    28. "The Shadow is Gone?"
    29. "Wreckage of the Mad Experiment"
    30. "Fearful is No Word for It"
    31. "Maximize Your Survival Instinct"
    32. "To Another Nightmare"
    33. "The Daredevil Four"
    34. "Your Mission"
    35. "Set About the Mission"
    36. "Mission Accomplished"
    37. "Under Cover of Darkness"
    38. "Long and Gloomy Underground Passage"
    39. "We Will Never Die"
    40. "Find the Final One!"
    41. "Dawn Never Fails to Come"
    42. "'The Ultimate Bio-Weapon' Medley"
    CD 21. Start~Cursor
    2. Door
    3. Foot Step
    4. Enemy
    5. Weapon
    6. Room
    7. Character's Voice
    8. Sound Staff's Voice

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