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    Hunk is a U.S.S (Umbrella Security Service) Commando who led Alpha Team to recover the G-Virus. That mission lead to the viral outbreak that ravaged Raccoon City. HUNK stands for Human Unit Never Killed

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    RE3 Epilogue
    RE3 Epilogue

    Hunk is a mysterious character in the Resident Evil series. He has been a secret unlockable character throughout the multiple entries. His first appearance was in Resident Evil 2 where he was the player character in an unlockable mode called "The 4th survivor", which can only be earned by beating the game with an "A" rank with both Leon and Claire. One of the 8 unlockable epilogues in Resident Evil 3 (shown to the right) helps shed some more light on the character, including revealing his nickname "Mr. Death". He is mentioned again briefly in a single file found in Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

    More recently, Hunk was an unlockable character in Resident Evil 4 for use in the "Mercenaries" mini-game. His plight in Resident Evil 2 was shown in a first person perspective in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles. Though, once again, his portion of the the game needed to be unlocked by first completing everything else in the game.

    HUNK's sole narrative role was in Resident Evil 2, and he has since been delegated to something of a mascot of the series, recurringly making non-canon minigame appearances and other cameo roles. HUNK has even starred in other games that aren't apart of the Resident Evil series, such as Lost Planet 3.


    Hunk was the leader of the U.S.S. Alpha Team that recovered the G-Virus samples by force and shot William Birkin. Due to the team not acquiring all of the samples (Birkin still had one in his hand) he injected himself with it and transformed into a G-Mutation with incredible powers, but next to no human intellect. As Birkin attacked the Alpha team he accidentally destroyed vials that contained the T-Virus which led to the outbreak in Raccoon City. Hunk was the only survivor of this team. Although the mission led to disaster, he did complete his objective by successfully bringing back a single sample of the G-Virus.

    In a single file found in Resident Evil: Code Veronica, Hunk's codename is mentioned. The file was about the successful transportation of a B.O.W (or bio-organic weapon) to Rockford Island. This hints that after the Raccoon City incident he was put in charge of safely transporting B.O.W. from one research facility to another. This is also our earliest known mention of Hunk (1996). Also derived from the file were hints at where Hunk was trained, or at least received part of his training, and an insight into his character. In which he is described as a cold individual with little to no emotion.


    • Before the release of Resident Evil 4, after Code Veronica, there was much fan rumor on the internet that Hunk would be the main character of RE4. A similar such rumor then persisted as to who the mysterious mercenary character was after Resident Evil 6's announcement trailer. The character in question was eventually revealed to be an all new character called Jake Muller.

    • Hunk is a playable character in Resident Evil: Outbreak, but can only be accessed by using a cheat.
    • Hunk is nicknamed "Mr. Death" because of his uncanny ability to escape when the rest of his team does not.
    • His sidearm, a Heckler & Koch VP70, is nicknamed "Matilda". In Resident Evil 4, Matilda is available for purchase after completing the game once.

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