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    Resident Evil: Revelations 2

    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Feb 24, 2015

    Revelations 2 sees the return of Claire Redfield, who along with the daughter of Barry Burton, Moira Burton, must try to escape from a monster-infested island. Meanwhile, Barry Burton himself makes his belated return as well in his attempts to save his daughter with the assistance of a little girl called Natalia Korda.

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    Protagonists Natalia, Barry, Claire, and Moira
    Protagonists Natalia, Barry, Claire, and Moira

    A sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations, a spin-off release that took Resident Evil somewhat closer to its roots as a slower paced horror game after Resident Evil 5 adopted a much more action-orientated design. Unlike the original Revelations, however, Revelations 2 was released episodically across four weeks with a physical release to coincide with its fourth episode.

    Set between Resident Evil 5 and 6 in 2011, Claire Redfield returns to the limelight alongside the introduction of Moira Burton, daughter to Barry Burton. Together they must try to stave away the horrors and escape the island they've inexplicably found themselves trapped on. Meanwhile, Barry Burton himself will be making his belated return as well in his attempts to save his daughter with the assistance of a little girl called Natalia Korda.


    Overview & Controls

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    The structure of Revelations 2 is made up of two separate stories. First is with Claire and Moira after they've been kidnapped by unknown forces and must try to find a way off the island they were taken to. The second follows Barry Burton and Natalia Korda as they retread the steps of the aforementioned two in the hopes of finding them. Each episode of the main four includes one segment per pair, starting with Claire/Moira and ending on Barry/Natalia.

    There are three difficulty settings available by default: Casual, Normal, and Survivor.

    A third-person shooter with an over-the-shoulder perspective, Revelations 2 shares the same shooter-style controls of the original Revelations' HD version, allowing players to more traditionally move and shoot. The dodge maneuver returns, only it can now be utilized at any time rather than functioning as an invisible QTE just before an enemy would attack. The ability to crouch has been added, so as to allow players to sneak past enemies or perform stealth kills on any enemies that have their back turned to the player; it also helps steady the player's aim. The sprint from Resident Evil 6 returns, which is the sole new mechanic of RE6 to make a reappearance in Revelations 2, however players can't sprint forever. After so long the player character will become tired, which will temporarily slow down their natural movement speed and make it harder to aim until the character regains their breath. Many of the enemies attacks can potentially hurt others enemy by mistake if they're within the vicinity; this thusly allows players to potentially steer enemies into attacking and 'thinning the herd'.

    By default players must aim their weapons with a generic crosshair, however there exists an option for players to change the crosshair to the classic laser-sight, complete with a small selection of colors to choose from: red, blue, green, and white.

    Cooperative Gameplay

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    The most notable addition to Revelations 2 from its predecessor is the inclusion of cooperative gameplay for the story, though it is restricted to local, split-screen co-op only (except in the PC version, where not even local co-op is available, and the game is single-player-only). Revelations can also be played in single-player as well, with the player able to switch between both characters instantaneously akin to the partner system in Resident Evil Zero.

    Even with the inclusion of co-op it still differs from the likes of Resident Evil 5, as each of the two main playable characters, Claire and Barry, have their own supporting character -- Moira Burton and Natalia Korda respectively.

    When playing in single-player, only Claire/Barry dying will result in a game over. While Moira/Natalia can still be downed, this won't end the game and the character will instead simply stay out of commission until the player can revive them.

    Playable Characters

    Claire Redfield & Barry Burton

    Claire & Barry each play like a traditional Resident Evil protagonist and handle much of the combat. They can each do a melee attack against a stunned enemy, typically by shooting them in the head like in previous games; players are also once again invulnerable whilst performing a prompted melee attack. They can equip up to four weapons at a time and can switch between them all with the directional-pad, with each direction representing a different weapon slot. They each also have access to a knife which they can swipe at will with the R2/RT button (default PS4/XB1 controls).

    Moira Burton

    Moira is Claire's supporting character and cannot use any firearms. She will instead primarily utilise her flashlight to blind enemies, allowing Claire to then potentially rush in and perform a melee attack; the flashlight can also be used to discover hidden supplies that otherwise couldn't be collected by Claire, much like how the Genesis scanner functioned in the original Revelations. Despite her aversion to firearms Moira isn't completely defenseless, as she comes equipped with a crowbar for use as a melee weapon, which she can also use to enact a stealth takedown on an unsuspecting enemy or to execute a downed one. If she has any in her inventory, Moira can also throw sub-weapons as well.

    Natalia Korda

    Natalia is Barry's supporting character and like Moira cannot use any firearms. Natalia shares some of Moira's abilities while having some of their own. She too can locate hidden supplies in the environment via a special kind of vision; having Natalia point at the glinting item will then allow it to be collected. However the vision will also allow her to spot any nearby enemies or traps, and in the case of the 'Revenant' enemy will pinpoint its critical weak point. Crouching will increase the effectiveness of her vision, allowing her to spot enemies from greater distances.

    While Natalia doesn't have access to a weapon, she can pick up bricks and then either throw it at an enemy, or smash over the head of an enemy residing on the floor. Bricks aren't indestructible and will soon break after continued use.

    Health & Bleeding

    Players have no formal way of reading their character's health and must instead note the screen itself. For the PS4 version the player's health is at least visualized via the controller's light; green notes full health, followed by yellow, orange, and red.

    As players take more damage the screen will begin to redden, which will cover more and more of the screen the more damage the character sustains. If their health gets too low the character's overall movement speed will slow down and they will have much more difficulty in keeping a steady aim with weapons. Characters will regenerate their health up to the point where they will at least escape the phase that slows down their movement and hinders their accuracy. Though to recover fully players must use a herb; using the herb also takes some preparation and players must wait until their character has filled a can of first aid spray with the herb first before it will be administered. A bar will show up on screen to visualize the time it takes for the character to use the herb. There are red herbs players can find alongside green; mixing a red and a green herb will result in three green herbs.

    What's new over the original is the concept of bleeding, where certain attacks can cause either character to bleed, which will remove their ability to sprint and slowly cause continuous damage. It will visually blot the screen with drops of blood as well. If either character has a tourniquet, they can then use that to halt the bleeding; simply using a herb, while will still heal the character, cannot stop the bleeding.

    Similar to the effects of bleeding, the screen will sometimes become filled with a sort of mucus. This typically comes about from being within the vicinity of a Sploder's explosion. The mucus will cover the majority of the screen for a short while; it will dissipate on its own, though players can also instead use Disinfectant to remove the mucous instantaneously. If the player's supporting character has available a tourniquet or a disinfectant, they will use it automatically on the other player should they be bleeding or their screen is covered in mucus.


    Both Claire/Barry and Moira/Natalia have their own inventory menu, however whereas Claire/Barry can carry up to ten items, Moira/Natalia can only carry five. There are inventory packs players can find to increase each of the character's inventory. Items in each character's inventory can be traded between the two regardless of the distance. Bringing up the inventory screen will not pause the game.

    Sub-Weapons & Crafting

    What Revelations 2 calls 'sub-weapons' are the grenades of the game. They are accessed with L1/LB and from there the player must press the required face button to throw a grenade. Like with primary weapons, players can carry up to four different grenade types at once, one per face button.

    A simple crafting system has been included and allows players to mix together certain resources to build their own grenades, tourniquets or disinfectant.

    Items that can be crafted are as such:

    • Explosive Bottle: Gunpowder + Empty Bottle.
    • Firebomb Bottle: Alcohol + Empty Bottle.
    • Decoy Bottle: Odorous Chemical + Empty Bottle.
    • Smokescreen Bottle: Smoke Powder + Empty Bottle.
    • Tourniquet: Cloth + Green Herb.
    • Disinfectant: Cloth + Alcohol.
    • Three Green Herbs: Red Herb + Green Herb.

    Weapon Upgrades

    As in the original Revelations, weapons are upgraded via 'Parts', which can be used to improve and modify a weapon's properties, such as damage, reload speed, capacity ect. In the story they can be found throughout the environment or potentially unlocked, though they can only be fitted onto a weapon via a workbench, which are located at key points per episode. Only one of each type can be fitted to a weapon, meaning players can't attach multiple 'Damage' parts to a single weapon.


    There are a vast number of collectables throughout the game across four different categories:

    Tower Emblems

    These are hidden throughout the environment and must be shot. Should both Claire and Barry be exploring the same environments amidst the episode, the emblems won't need to be shot again by the other character. Emblems that have already been shot are colored white, whereas they're ordinarily blue.

    Military/Gimmick Boxes

    These are boxes that only Moira/Natalia can open. Though despite their differing names and appearances, they still require the same method to unlock. Players are to try and locate the unlock points within the circle; using either of the analogue sticks, players can search with their own smaller circle to locate the points. The circle will be a light color to signify when they're close to an unlock point, and will be red otherwise, while holding down R2/RT will make the circle slowly shrink as it homes in on the unlock point.

    The amount of unlock points the player must find varies per box, differing between one to four.

    Kafka Drawings

    These are exclusive to Claire's segments as they require Moira to use her flashlight to locate them. Plastered on walls or the ceiling, Kafka Drawings are colored blue and will only appear under the light of Moira's flashlight. Whence found Moira needs to aim her flashlight at the drawing for a couple of seconds for it unveil itself completely and count as being found.

    Insect Larvae

    These are exclusive to Barry's segments as they require Natalia's special vision to locate them. Insect Larvae are noted with a red aura when using Natalia's vision, usually located on walls, and must then be killed whence located for it to count.


    Each segment per Episode has its own set of in-game achievements. They each contribute towards the overall BP bonus at the end, though they don't all need to be attained within a single playthrough. When playing through an Episode players can check what Medals they haven't already achieved in the pause menu under Records.

    A list of the Medals per Episode segment is as such:

    Episode 1 - Claire & Moira

    • Knock down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with the rotating blades.
    • Stunned 10 enemies with Moira's flashlight.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 3 enemies with a headshot.
    • Found 3 treasures.
    • Killed 10 Giant Whip Spiders.
    • Opened 3 military boxes.
    • Found 6 hidden items with Moira.

    Episode 1 - Barry & Natalia

    • Defeated 5 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots.
    • Didn't fire a gun in the detention center control room.
    • Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times.
    • Defeated 2 enemies with a follow-up attack.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 6 enemies using the stealth attack.
    • Defeated 6 enemies with the knife.
    • Opened 2 gimmick boxes.
    • Found 6 hidden items with Natalia.
    • Escaped the darkness of the forest, starting from the detour hut, within 40 seconds.

    Episode 2 - Claire & Moira

    • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.
    • Cleared the siege in the bar without any of the windows being broken.
    • Stunned 10 enemies with Moira's light.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with a headshot.
    • Created 3 sub-weapons by combining items.
    • Opened 3 military boxes.
    • Found 6 hidden items with Moira.
    • Escaped from the village without taking damage from Mutant Pedro.

    Episode 2 - Barry & Natalia

    • Defeated 5 Revenant by only hitting their weak spot.
    • Defeated Mutant Pedro by destroying all of his eyes.
    • Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times.
    • Defeated 2 enemies with a follow up attack.
    • Defeated 8 enemies with a sub-weapon.
    • Defeated 6 enemies with the knife.
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes.
    • Found 6 hidden items with Natalia.
    • Defeated 5 Revenant using stealth attacks in the city warehouse.

    Episode 3 - Claire & Moira

    • Knocked down an enemy 5 times by blinding them with the light, then hitting them with a physical attack.
    • Escaped the factory with only 1 minute left.
    • Stunned 20 enemies with Moira's light.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 3 enemies using the stealth attack.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with a headshot.
    • Created 5 sub-weapons by combining items.
    • Created 5 recovery items by combining items.
    • Opened 4 military boxes.
    • Found 7 hidden items with Moira.

    Episode 3 - Barry & Natalia

    • Defeated 3 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots.
    • Cleared the episode without destroying any of the Dhurlga tentacles.
    • Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times.
    • Defeated 3 enemies with a follow-up attack.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 4 enemies using the stealth attack.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with the knife.
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes.
    • Found 5 hidden items with Natalia.
    • Cleared the sewage treatment plant with Natalia taking no damage.

    Episode 4 - Claire & Moira

    • Cleared the episode with a 100% accuracy rate.
    • Defeated 1 Glasp with a knife.
    • Opened 2 military boxes.
    • Cleared the episode with no retries.
    • Defeated 3 Glasps.
    • Escape the monument with no more than 15 seconds to spare.
    • Killed 5 indigenous animals.
    • Found 4 treasures.
    • Found all of the tower emblems.
    • Cleared the episode within 20 minutes.

    Episode 4 - Barry & Natalia

    • Defeated 10 Revenant by only hitting their weak spots.
    • Defeat Alex in the mine sub-level without taking damage.
    • Hit enemies with Natalia's brick 15 times.
    • Defeated 5 enemies with a follow-up attack.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with sub-weapons.
    • Defeated 5 enemies using the stealth attack.
    • Defeated 10 enemies with the knife.
    • Opened 3 gimmick boxes.
    • Found 10 hidden items with Natalia.
    • Cleared the level by moving the crane no more than 3 times.


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    Upon playing the campaign, players will acquire ''BP - Battle Points'', which they can spend towards Skills in between episodes, or via the main menu. BP is commonly acquired by finding jewels out in the world, hidden in crates and the like, though BP can also be attained by completing certain in-game achievements.

    The player can purchase as many Skills as they desire and doesn't have to equip a select few; all Skills immediately go into effect when purchased and will carry over across the different difficulties. However the Skills are organized into separate trees, requiring players to purchase the above Skill to climb down and unlock the lower Skills.

    A full list of the available Skills is as follows:

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    • Hurler - Increased the firepower of Sub-Weapons; Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 130% / Lv.3 150%.
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    • Evade - Enemy attacks miss more easily during evasion. Duration increases with each level.
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    • Crouch Advantage - Gain momentary invincibility upon crouching. Duration increases with each level.
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    • Evade Extension - Increase the distance covered when evading. Lv.1 150% / Lv.2 165% / Lv.3 200%.
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    • Quick Heal - Reduce the time it takes to use a green herb. Lv.1 90% / Lv.2 70% / Lv.3 50%.
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    • Medical Knowledge - Increase the recovery effects of a green herb. Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 120% / Lv.3 130%.
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    • Charge Attack - Hold down R2/RT to charge physical attack power. Attack power increases with each level the longer the player charges their attack. Lv.2 Two Second Hold / Lv.3 Three Second Hold.
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    • Rope-a-dope - Withstand killing blows. Effectiveness increases with each level.
    No Caption Provided
    • Crouch Power - Increase firepower while crouching: Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 115% / Lv.3 120%.
    No Caption Provided
    • Dashing Knife - Gain the ability to attack with the knife while dashing. Attack power increases with each level the longer the player dashes: Lv.2 Double Attack Power / Lv.3 Triple Attack Power.
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    • Follow-Up - Claire & Barry become able to perform a follow-up attack when an enemy has fallen to the floor. Attack power of the attack increases with each level: Lv.2 130% / Lv.3 200%.
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    • Quick Knife - Increase knife speed: Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 120% / Lv.3 130%.
    No Caption Provided
    • Evade Recovery - Reduce recovery time after evading. Time decreases with each level.
    • Hair Splitter - Increase knife attack power and movement speed while attacking; this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    • Evade Cancel - Cancel any action with an evasion; this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
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    • Change-Up - Increase firepower for the first shot after changing weapons: Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 120% / Lv.3 130%.
    No Caption Provided
    • Unholstered - Claire & Barry will use their equipped weapon while AI controlled; they will not use any ammo, though their firepower is drastically reduced. This can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    • Last Stand - Increase firepower when less than 10% of ammo remains: Lv.1 150% / Lv.2 170% / Lv.3 200%.
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    • Batter Up - Increase the attack power of Moira's crowbar. Attack power increases with each level.
    No Caption Provided
    • Light Is Might - Increase the effectiveness of Moira's flashlight to incapacitate enemies: Lv.1 110% / Lv.2 120% / Lv.3 130%.
    • Crowbar Finisher - Gain BP when delivering a follow-up with the crowbar (once per enemy); this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    No Caption Provided
    • Laying Bricks - Increase Natalia's attack power with the brick and make it easier to stun enemies. Attack power increases with each level.
    No Caption Provided
    • Sixth Sense - Increase the range of Natalia's awareness: Lv.1 150% / Lv.2 170% / Lv.3 200%.
    • Brick Finisher - Gain BP when delivering a follow-up with the brick (once per enemy); this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    • Speedy Rescue - Reduce the time it takes to save your partner from danger state by half; this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    • Double Play - Increase attack by 10% for all attacks for five seconds after switching characters; this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.
    • Ranged Healing - Partner characters can use healing items from greater distances; this can only be purchased as is and cannot be upgraded further.


    Main Characters

    Claire Redfield

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    A veteran member of Terra Save and survivor of the Raccoon City Incident, Claire has toughened up over the years. She has notably adopted a more dry sense of humor, and isn't quite as easygoing as she once was and is more cynical of the world. However her skills with weapons and general survivability have also been honed throughout the years due to her many experiences involving B.O.W. outbreaks.

    After being kidnapped for unknown purposes and stranded on a mysterious island, those skills will once again be put to the test.

    Moira Burton

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    The daughter of Ex-S.T.A.R.S. member Barry Burton, new inductee of Terra Save, and a longtime friend of Claire Redfield. Moira too is kidnapped alongside Claire and sent to the island, however unlike Claire Moira is a relative stranger to violence and is completely opposed to using firearms. Taking up ''flashlight duty'' instead, and equipping herself with a crowbar, Moira tries to help by whatever other means she can.

    A rebellious young woman, whose relationship with her father is rocky at best, Moira is shown to be outspoken and much more lively to the now comparatively understated Claire Redfield. She is also prone to frequent bouts of swearing under duress and is never shy about expressing herself in the most blue way possible.

    Barry Burton

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    Ex-S.T.A.R.S. member and one of the survivors of the Mansion Incident. Despite his inactivity during the series, Barry has still existed behind the scenes fighting B.O.W. threats and safeguarding his family from Umbrella. Like his cohorts Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Barry eventually joins the B.S.A.A., though specifically as a combat consultant as his age doesn't allow for as many field exercises as he's used to.

    Nonetheless, despite his age Barry proves to still be plenty capable and is more than willing to suffer through any stiff joints to try and save his daughter.

    Natalia Korda

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    A mysterious twelve year old girl whom Barry encounters immediately upon arriving at the island Claire & Moira were taken to. With no parents and seemingly nowhere to go, Barry reluctantly allows her to tag along with him amidst his search.

    However in spite of her age Natalia will prove to be a valuable ally to Barry, as she has the power to detect nearby monsters, even ones that can go invisible. While initially depicted as being shy and reserved, she and Barry both quickly grow to trust and open up to one another, leading to the sort of loving father-daughter dynamic that Barry wishes he had with his biological daughters.


    Episode 1 - Penal Colony

    Claire & Moira

    Claire & Moira
    Claire & Moira

    The story of Revelations 2 reunites players with Claire Redfield, while also introducing Moira Burton, the daughter of Barry Burton, onto the scene. While at a party celebrating Moira's official induction into TerraSave, a non-profit organisation that means to aid sufferers of B.O.W.-related incidents, both Moira and Claire are kidnapped and taken to a prison located on an island by an unknown group.

    Claire eventually wakes up in a prison and is able to reunite with Moira; both of whom are wearing a bracelet that reads their level of fear and infection. The bracelets also function as a kind of two-way radio, to which a mysterious woman called 'The Overseer' taunts the pair via the bracelets.

    The two are ultimately forced to fight their way through the prison against crazed monsters called the 'Afflicted', and eventual manage to find their way outside and locate a nearby radio tower. There, Claire then soon discovers they're on an island. Moira attempts to use the radio tower to call for help.

    Barry & Natalia

    Meanwhile, Barry arrives to the island by boat after receiving the message from his daughter. Upon arriving, he quickly comes into contact with a twelve year old girl called Natalia Korda. She claims she has no parents, and Barry thusly decides to let her tag along. She soon reveals she has a strange sort of supernatural ability that allows her to see monsters even through walls.

    Natalia & Barry
    Natalia & Barry

    The two explore throughout the prison retracing Claire and Moira's steps, each working together to defend against the zombie creatures that pollute the prison. The two are eventually forced to take a detour through a foggy forest to reach the radio tower. Upon arriving at the tower, Barry discovers that the message he received was from six months ago, to which Natalia Korda then suffers a sort of migraine before shouting out that Moira Burton is dead.

    Episode 2 - Contemplation

    Claire & Moira

    Moira coming into contact with a 'Sploder'
    Moira coming into contact with a 'Sploder'

    Upon further exploring the island and arriving at a bar in the middle of a vacant fishing village, Claire and Moira come into contact with fellow Terra Save members, Pedro and Gabe. The mysterious Overseer also soon reveals that they are all infected with a virus - one that will go into effect when the host experiences too much fear.

    Gabe locates a helicopter, however it's missing a few vital components to start. Claire, Moira and Pedro go on to look for the parts. Whence the helicopter is repaired, a siren is heard, which was turned on by the Overseer. Claire, Moira and Pedro then head to the bar to turn off the siren, however upon doing so they're trapped by the onslaught of attacking Afflicted. The three are able to hold them at bay, however Pedro panics and reaches the point to where the virus takes effect, as Pedro rapidly transforms into a huge, monstrous creature right then and there in the bar. Wielding a drill he had found before hand, he now utilises it as a melee weapon against Claire and Moira. The duo are able to escape the bar and climb to the roof thanks to the assistance of another Terra Save member called Neil who arrives shortly after they escape the bar. He briefs them about the nearby tower that is likely where the Overseer resides and that they should thusly attempt to reach it.

    After escaping from the clutches of the now mutated Pedro, the three continue onward until Claire and Moira are forced to separate from Neil due to a horde of Afflicted. Claire and Moira then come into contact with Natalia Korda and take her into their protection. After heading through a building and emerging on the other side onto a road, they spot Gabe above flying the helicopter. However the Oversee then remotely short circuits the controls, while Gabe himself begins to transform much like Pedro before him. The helicopter ultimately crash lands into the side of a building killing Gabe, while Natalia is taken away by an unknown individual amidst the commotion unbeknownst to Claire and Moira.

    Barry & Natalia

    Barry & Natalia exploring the Overseer's tower
    Barry & Natalia exploring the Overseer's tower

    Refusing to believe that his daughter is dead, Barry continues his search with Natalia at his side. Upon arriving at the fishing village, they encounter invisible bug-like monsters; Natalia's special sight allows her to see an outline of the creatures and guides Barry on where to shoot. Natalia tells Barry of her experiences during when she temporarily travelled with Claire and Moira, and how they were trying to reach the tower and of the Overseer woman. Barry thusly concludes that they too should head for the tower to see if they're there and to discover the whereabouts of the Overseer.

    The two eventually reach an apartment complex and stumble upon the mutated Pedro, still with his drill. Barry is able to put an end to Pedro six months since his transformation and uses his discarded drill to further explore the area, eventually reaching the entrance to the tower. The two explore the tower, finding carnage and battered baby dolls littered throughout the place. Further in the tower, Barry locates a photo of Albert Wesker and an unknown woman; Natalia then reveals that the woman is not only the Overseer, but it also in fact Alex Wesker, another of the 'Wesker children' that were kidnapped and brainwashed by Umbrella founder Ozwell E. Spencer.

    A lumbering monster then drops from above and ambushes the two; despite its appearance it exhibits intelligence and is able to speak, with its vaguely feminine voice implying it to be a mutated Alex Wesker. She then directly points towards Natalia.

    Episode 3 - Judgment

    Claire & Moira

    No Caption Provided

    Noticing the disappearance of Natalia, Claire and Moira continue towards the tower. However the tower is locked, with a handwritten message by Neil telling them to head to the factory. Upon doing so they discover it to be another of the Overseer's traps. The factory is filled with a number of peculiar puzzles and riddles the two are forced to solve, while also defending themselves from the continued onslaught of the Afflicted.

    After solving the riddles and nearing the exit, the Overseer then decides to destroy the factory. With only five minutes to go before its destruction, Claire and Moira rush through the fiery Hell that has engulfed the factory and are ultimately able to escape the blast just as it explodes. The two continue onward into the sewers. Moira then begins to suggest that Neil isn't all he seems, as his bracelet still read green despite the attacks earlier, and not to mention the bogus message. However Claire disregards Moira's suspicions and shuts the matter down. Through their travels in the sewers, the two then find themselves below the very tower they were trying to infiltrate.

    As they now make their way up, they spot Neil on a CCTV camera talking with Alex Wesker; the two discuss the events of the first Revelations, including the FBC and Morgan Lansdale's plan to raise awareness of BOW threats by instigating them, of which Neil looked to try to continue. Alex then immediately injects him with Uroborus, just as Claire finds a file listing the Terra Save members that were captured, to which she then comes to the realization that Neil had sold them out. They soon enter what looks to be a sort of missile silo, as they watch an elevator descend. Neil then exits the elevator and rapidly begins to mutate, turning into a giant, ogre-like monster. Both Claire & Moira work together to kill Neil, however after feigning defeat he attacks Claire knocking her gun away. Moira is then forced to go against her morals concerning guns, picks up Claire's pistol, and kills Neil.

    Barry & Natalia

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    Still confronted by the now monstrous Alex Wesker, Barry is able to cause a distraction by shooting some loose rubble from above, allowing them to escape amidst the chaos. Natalia however is mildly injured and requires Barry to carry her. As Barry slowly escorts Natalia until she feels better to walk herself, he reveals the event about Moira and how she had accidentally shot her younger sister, Polly, with one of his guns -- to which Polly survived. Still, Barry thusly blames himself for the accident and its repercussions for not locking the door to where he kept his firearms and, now beginning to believe that Moira may be dead, laments that he wasn't able to repair his relationship with her.

    With Natalia now able to walk again, the two proceed through the sewers in the hopes of finding and catching Alex by surprise and killing her. After having to trek through an abandoned mine after exiting the sewers, the two manage to locate Alex, though Alex is able knock Barry aside and corners Natalia. However as she gets closer, she begins to wail and scream in terror as Natalia stares into her eyes.

    Episode 4 - Metamorphosis

    Claire & Moira

    Alex Wesker
    Alex Wesker

    Claire and Moira take the elevator up to finally confront the Overseer, Alex Wesker. Meanwhile Alex monologues about her plan to transfer her mind into Natalia Korda-- due to an illness Alex is slowly dying from--who is being sent downward in a parallel elevator for protection as it will take six months for it to take affect. Upon reaching the top and reading some of Alex's notes, Claire and Moira discover that the entire experiment was so Alex could find a suitable candidate, one who feels no fear and can therefore withstand the procedure. Due to the traumatic event of Natalia watching her parents die in Terragrigia, she has lost the capacity to feel any fear, making her perfect for Alex's plan.

    The two finally encounter Alex on the other end of bulletproof glass. After some ramblings of her desire to become a God, she then ''frees'' herself by shooting herself in the head. The upper half of the tower then begins a self-destruct sequence, forcing Claire and Moira to flee. Whilst making their way down through the wreckage, rubble begins to descend towards Claire, only Moira is able to quickly push her out of the way to avoid the rubble and take her place. Trapped underneath the rubble, Moira pleads Claire to continue on and escape without her. Claire reluctantly does so and leaps off of the tower into the ocean below.

    Barry & Natalia

    No Caption Provided

    Barry is shown having a dream wherein he finds Claire at a hospital and asks where's Moira. Amidst tears, Claire tells Barry she's sorry as she's taken away on the gurney to have her wounds treated. Barry then wakes up to find Natalia staring at him, with a concerned look on her face. He dispels her concern and the two carry on their search of Alex Wesker. Natalia then mentions that she thinks Alex is down below in an underground facility, yet she doesn't know why she remembers this. The two thusly make their way downward, crossing a rather broken bridge, making their way through a gas-encased mine, until ultimately arriving at Alex's mansion. Reading more of Alex's notes reveals that she underwent her monstrous transformation because she didn't entirely die when she shot herself, and the fear of dying thusly triggered the T-Phobos virus within her.

    Her monstrous appearance has resulted in Alex's mental state dropping even further and is now terrified of her own appearance, explaining her fearful outburst upon seeing her reflection in Natalia's eyes. She also holds a lot of animosity towards Natalia, thinking that she is the ''false'' Alex. Barry & Natalia are eventually able to locate Alex deeper within the mansion in her lab. However just before they arrive Alex injects herself with a vial of Uroborus, forcing her to undergo another mutation. Now taking to the offensive, Barry fights against the even more monstrous Alex Wesker while she continues to ramble and mutter incessantly about being the ''true Alex''. However Alex is able to catch Barry off-guard, knocking him aside, and then picks up Natalia. Just before she can kill Natalia, Moira Burton arrives and shoots Alex enough so that she drops Natalia. Barry & Moira share a short reunion, but only before the three are forced to flee from Alex who has undergone another mutation, changing her skin pigment to a charcoal black. Upon arriving at a cliffside, a helicopter ascends from below with Claire Redfield onboard equipped with a sniper rifle. Barry places Moira & Natalia onboard while he stays on the ground to face against Alex Wesker; Claire provides backup sniper fire from the helicopter.

    No Caption Provided

    Barry is able to lure Alex Wesker close enough so Claire can finally put an end to her with a well-placed RPG shot. He then gets onto the helicopter, as BSAA helicopters whizz past to clean up the island. Barry and Moira bury the hatchet and their relationship is repaired and better than it's ever been due to the ordeal. Finally, when Claire asks what Barry will do now, he happily states he's ''going back to being a father'' as he puts an arm around Natalia, who responds with a joyous smile in return.


    Claire is shown driving to meet with Moira at the Burton household with a gift; mention of her brother Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans' arrival in China during the events of Resident Evil 6 are noted, as well as the Tall Oaks outbreak of RE6 also.

    At Barry's house, Moira and Barry are getting ready to meet Claire, while Natalia is shown upstairs in her room reading out loud the Franz Kafka aphorism: ''A cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed.'' before revealing a smirk, suggesting that Alex Wesker was able to successfully incorporate her mind into Natalia's body.

    Alternate Ending

    During Episode 3 amidst the Monster Neil fight, the player is given the choice to finish Neil either as Claire or Moira. If Moira kills him the game ends as detailed above, however if Claire is the one to do it, Moira is shown to die from under the debris during the end of Claire's segment in episode 4. Thusly, without Moira to intervene, Alex is able to 'kill' Natalia allowing her conscience to be taken over by 'Alex'. From there Natalia kills the monster Alex by effortlessly ripping out her heart. Barry points his gun at the Natalia-Alex hybrid pleading not to make him have to shoot her, however Natalia-Alex turns around and begins to laugh knowing that Barry won't have the heart to shoot her; she then walks away into the darkness while Barry slumps to the floor.


    Combat Knife

    Claire and Barry's melee weapon, which is permanently equipped and can be utilized with the press of the R2/RT button. Both characters use the knife the same way with short-range swipe attacks; the damage is minimal, though the speed by which they attack can lend itself to finishing an enemy off after it's been softened up with gunfire. Whence upgraded with the related Skills the knife can prove to be a formidable weapon.


    Moira Burton's exclusive melee weapon. It shares the same controls as the knife, however it functions slightly differently as it's slower but more powerful. The crowbar from the outset can be used to enact a 'follow-up' attack on a downed enemy, whereas for Claire/Barry they first require a Skill upgrade.


    Moira's other exclusive piece of equipment. The flashlight can be used to not only help players search the environment, but to also potentially stun enemies. When shone directly at an enemy for long enough they will cover become stunned, allowing Claire to then perform a melee attack. Barry too has a small pocket light, however his is only used for visual aid rather than any sort of combat assistance.

    Handgun MPM

    The beginning handgun that Claire soon procures early in the first episode. The MPM is one of the weakest weapons in the game, although it at least has the fastest rate of fire and can equip the most parts amongst the pistols.

    • Part Slots: 5
    • Default Ammo Count: 9

    Handgun P10

    An alternate handgun that Claire can eventually acquire. The P10 is superior to the MPM in nearly every respect, with its one main drawback being that it can't equip as many parts.

    • Part Slots: 3
    • Default Ammo Count: 14

    Handgun Samurai Edge

    Barry's own personal custom pistol from his days as a S.T.A.R.S. officer, the Samurai Edge is the most powerful handgun in the game and is well balanced across all facets with no significant weaknesses.

    • Part Slots: 5
    • Default Ammo Count: 9

    Machine Pistol-AB50

    A fast-firing machine pistol exclusive to Claire. Each individual shot from the MP-AB50 is weak, however its rate of fire more than makes up for it. On the downside its recoil can sometimes prove to be difficult to manage, and its relatively small clip size demands frequent reloads.

    • Parts Slots: 4
    • Default Ammo Count: 40

    Machine Pistol-AF

    A somewhat secret submachine gun also exclusive to Claire, the MP-AF can only be attained by solving the grave puzzle nearing the end of episode 3. Its overall damage output and accuracy is superior to the MP-AB50, as is its clip size, although its rate of fire is slightly slower.

    • Parts Slots: 3

    Shotgun M147S

    A classic hunting shotgun Claire soon acquires in episode 1. The M147S is reliable enough for its raw power and high chance of knocking an enemy to the ground, however its small capacity of only 2 slots per reload is a noticeable drawback.

    • Parts Slots: 3
    • Default Ammo Count: 2

    Shotgun TAP194

    A more modern alternative to the M147S. The TAP194 isn't as powerful, nor can it hold as many parts, though its larger round capacity of five can still prove to give it an edge. The TAP194 can be acquired by both Claire and Barry; for Claire it's easily accessible to collect in plain view during episode 2, though for Barry it requires a specific combination of lever pulls for the crane in episode 5, requiring more effort on the part of the player to acquire.

    • Parts Slots: 2
    • Default Ammo Count: 5

    Assault Rifle NSR47

    A reliable assault rifle that Barry brings with him on his mission. The NSR47 has a decent rate of fire and damage output, making it suitable for all occasions.

    • Part Slots: 3
    • Default Ammo Count: 30

    Assault Rifle AK-7

    A secret assault rifle alternative for Barry. The AK-7 can only be acquired should Claire open up the necessary gate that'll eventually allow Barry access to it. The AK-7's primary strength is its much larger clip capacity in relation to the NSR47 and has more part slots. Its damage output is slightly smaller, however.

    • Part Slots: 4
    • Default Ammo Count: 60

    Magnum Model 329

    A magnum revolver exclusive to Claire. In relation to the other magnums of the game the Model 329 fits in the middle as a jack of all trades.

    • Part Slots: 2
    • Default Ammo Count: 6

    Magnum Python

    Barry's personal favorite magnum revolver of choice, dating all the way back since the Mansion Incident of 1998. The Python is the weakest magnum in the game, though it has the most available part slots.

    • Part Slots: 3
    • Default Ammo Count: 6

    Magnum 2005M

    The most powerful magnum in the game which Barry alone can eventually acquire. Alongside being the most powerful it has the fastest rate of fire, while also still sharing the same overall chamber capacity as the other magnums. Its one main drawback is that it has the smallest set of part slots, leaving little space for potential upgrades.

    • Part Slots: 1
    • Default Ammo Count: 6

    Rifle M1891/30

    A powerful bolt-action rifle. Its low rate of fire isn't ideal, nor is its default capacity, though its damage output still makes for a formidable weapon.

    • Part Slots: 3
    • Default Ammo Count: 5

    Rifle SVD

    A more modern Russian-made counterpart. The SVD is semi-auto and can hold more rounds, making it the more accessible of the two available sniper rifles, although its power isn't as great and it can't equip as many parts.

    • Part Slots: 2
    • Default Ammo Count: 10

    Explosive Bottle

    The game's equivalent of a grenade, explosive bottles will deal a significant amount of damage while having a high chance to topple over even the larger enemies of the game.

    Firebomb Bottle

    Firebomb bottles won't do nearly as much base damage as an explosive bottle, but will instead deal continuous damage over time. They are especially effective against Uroborus monsters.

    Decoy Bottle

    Decoy Bottles are much weaker than both explosive and firebomb bottles, however they make up for it by being able to lure enemies away. Whence thrown, all nearby enemies will follow the bottle and attempt to attack it. If they hit the bottle it will explode dealing minor damage and having a high chance in knocking the enemies onto the ground. It will otherwise explode on its own after ten seconds have passed since it was thrown regardless of whether any enemies are nearby or not.

    Smokescreen Bottle

    Smokescreen bottles deal no damage whatsoever, but will instead make the player temporarily invisible to any enemies caught within the smoke. This also allows players to commit a stealth-kill from behind whilst the enemies are oblivious to the player amidst the smoke.



    No Caption Provided

    The primary enemy of Claire's portion of the game. While they function like zombies they are in actual fact still technically alive, but have been tortured to such a degree that they have gone irreparably insane and will attack people on sight.

    The Afflicted are incredibly aggressive and will typically sprint towards the player and attempt to overwhelm them, as will they attempt to skirt around a player's reticle/laser sight when aimed at. They're often seen to be equipped with crude weapons such as clubs or other such melee weapons, though will otherwise use their hands to attack and/or to grab & bite the player if close enough, requiring players to wiggle the analogue stick to escape their grasp. They will also often leap through the air in their attempt to attack the player as well. Shots to the head have a high chance of stunning an Afflicted, allowing players to then perform a melee attack. Shooting them in the legs as they're running also has a high chance in tripping them to the ground.

    Some Afflicted will be shown to have a bulbous substance growing on their head. If the substance is shot, the Afflicted will die immediately, however the substance will now have spread to the floor as small puddles. If the puddles are shot, or if the player gets too close, they will rapidly begin to expand and explode. The damage done is severe and will temporarily fill the screen with a sort of green mucus. Moira's flashlight can be used to melt the puddles, however.

    For as dangerous as they are, they can also be used as a trap if they're shot while other enemies are nearby; they will not explode on their own should an enemy simply walk past one.


    No Caption Provided

    Sometimes whence an Afflicted has taken enough damage, it will begin to become embroiled by the aforementioned bubbly substance until it is completely overwhelmed by it. While much slower, a Sploder (as the name suggests) will explode should it get close enough to the player, however a backwards dodge maneuver should give the player enough space to escape the blast radius. If players are hit by the explosion, the damage dealt is severe and the screen will be covered in mucus.

    Players can choose to deal damage to make it explode prematurely, however its defense is surprisingly sturdier than that of a regular Afflicted and may prove to be a waste of ammo.


    No Caption Provided

    The strongest common enemy type encountered in Claire's segments. Ironheads somewhat resemble the Executioner from Resident Evil 5, in that they tend to slowly advance towards the player and their large axe attacks cover a wide berth. However Ironheads can prove to be surprisingly nimble and will sometimes rush towards the player swinging their axe. Attacks from an Ironhead will not only commit a fair amount of damage, but also have a very high chance in making the character bleed as well. Ironheads are also rather resistant to damage and can even withstand a fair degree of knockback from a shotgun. An explosive bottle will nearly always topple one over, however they often tend to get back to their feet almost immediately.

    Because of the helmet they wear shots to the head are completely ineffective. Though there's a chance they'll become stunned should they get shot in the red patch of skin surrounding their upper torso, allowing players to perform a melee attack.


    A miniboss encountered infrequently during Claire's segments. Vulcanblubbers are large, obese monsters that are equipped with a sort of cannon and torch. They will place the torch in the cannon to then launch fireballs at the player; the frequency of the fireballs differ, as they will sometimes shoot only one, while at other times will shoot four. Vulcanblubbers also have the capability to arch their shots overhead like a mortar. Should a fireball hit the player they will be temporarily engulfed in flames, which slowly deals damage; the base damage of the attack is also rather moderate to begin with. Besides their cannon, vulcanblubbers will sometimes rush towards the player in an attempt to perform a melee attack.

    Vulcanblubbers are one of the most durable enemies in the game and have no discernible weak points, often requiring a significant amount of ammunition to kill.

    Giant Whip Spider

    Large hostile insects, though they rarely ever function as much of a threat. The damage they inflict isn't alarming and they can be killed with a single knife swipe. These are encountered across both Claire & Barry's segments.


    No Caption Provided

    A common enemy type featured in Barry's portion. The Rotten are in fact the Afflicted, only the passage of time has left them weak and decayed. They are thusly much slower compared to an Afflicted, though they will still attempt to attack by way of biting or slapping the player if they can get close enough. Rotten will often fall to the floor, if they're not already on the floor, and will instead slowly slither towards the player and attack from this position.

    Rotten are also much less resistant to gunfire and can be dispatched much more easily, making them a significantly less threatening foe than the Afflicted.


    No Caption Provided

    The Othrus are horrific canine-like creatures that will rapidly run and leap at the player. Their speed and tenacity can make them difficult to shoot, however they're not very strong and will die after only a few handgun shots. Each shot will also topple an Othrus over, potentially allowing players to easily keep one stunlocked should it be on its own.

    Othrus are commonly encountered in both Claire and Barry's segments.


    No Caption Provided

    One of the primary opponents during Barry's segments. The Revenants are wretched creatures that are linked to the Uroborus virus that was created by Albert Wesker and unleashed during Resident Evil 5.

    Despite their decrepit appearance, Revenants can withstand a significant amount of damage. The only way one will permanently die is if its bright orange weak spot is destroyed. The easiest way to locate it is by controlling Natalia and having her use her special sight to pinpoint its location. Though players can still simply shoot at it until they inevitably reveal its weak spot. Like all other enemies, Revenants are susceptible to stealth kills; regardless of where their weak point is located, a stealth kill will still kill them outright.

    Revenants are initially slow in movement, but as a countermeasure will sometimes scurry around on all fours to rush the player. They will attack with whatever makeshift weapons they have attached to their person, though they will also attempt to violently grab and squeeze the player if they get close enough. Some Revenants will be shown to have a bloated arm or leg, which they will use to spray an acidic substance at the player, covering the screen with mucus.


    No Caption Provided

    A bug-like sort of creature that is completely invisible to the human eye. Glasps only have one attack, which functions as an instant-kill, however they need to be right up close to the player to enact it. Glasps are primarily encountered in Barry's portion, and while Barry himself cannot see them Natalia can use her special vision to keep track of their location. When playing as Barry in single-player, Natalia will keep her finger pointed at the Glasp and will call out directions to help Barry nail the shot. To counter their invisibility and instant-kill attack, Glasps are rather fragile and can be killed with about three handgun shots. However every shot will often knock the Glasp aside slightly, requiring players to try and relocate its position per shot. Besides Natalia's vision, players can also throw smokescreen bottles to temporarily bring the glasp into full view.

    While glasps may be invisible to all characters besides Natalia, whenever any character comes close enough the screen will begin to exhibit a filter of what resemble heat waves, which intensifies the closer the player gets to the glasp. Glasps also have a distinct tell by way of their buzzing wings to further note their vicinity.


    Another Uroborus-infused enemy like the Revenant encountered in Barry's segments. Slingers function as long-ranged catapults that will routinely sling their right arm at the player, which will explode on impact. The damage dealt from the attack is severe and will also cover the screen in mucus. However the windup to the attack is relatively lengthy, as is the time it takes for a Slinger to produce another of its projectiles. All damage against the Slinger is effective, though its weak point is the glowing orange bulb in the middle; Slingers can also only ultimately be killed by a shot to the orange orb.


    Another Uroborus enemy, also only encountered in Barry's segments. Dhurlgas are one of the toughest and most antagonizing enemies in the game. Like other Uroborus enemies the dhurlga's weak point is the glowing orange area, which for the dhurgla encompasses practically all of its middle-section. However it is protected by a number of tendrils and a long pincer. The tendrils can be destroyed--fire bottles are especially effective--however the pincer is invulnerable and will still provide protection for most of its front. As such, attacks against dhurlga are best handled from the side or rear, though explosive bottles can also be used to topple one over, allowing players easy access to its weak point. However it will only topple over if the bottle is thrown so the explosion occurs behind it, as the pincer can even protect against explosions.

    The dhurglas offensive capabilities are high, as its pincer has a wide reach of attack and can do a hefty amount of damage. Furthermore, it has an instant-kill attack where it will charge towards the player in the hopes of catching them with its pincer. Though before charging it well let out a distinctive shriek to note the preparation of the attack.

    Boss Battles

    Mutant Pedro

    No Caption Provided

    Due to the effects of the T-Phobos virus, the fear Pedro experiences triggers a transformation into a hulking monster. The drill he was using to help enter houses blockaded by concrete has now become his weapon at that, with Pedro functioning somewhat akin to the chainsaw-wielding enemies of Resident Evil games past.

    Pedro is potentially fought twice during the game, once as Claire and again as Barry. However as Claire he is much more difficult the first time through due to the player's lack of sufficient weaponry. Should players kill Pedro as Claire then he will not be fought as Barry.

    Pedro attacks exclusively with his drill, which he will routinely swing wildly. His other most prominent attack is where he charges towards the player with the drill; if it hits it is an instant-kill, though even his regular attacks will deal a significant amount of damage. If the player dodges his charge, there's a chance Pedro may rush right into the wall, leaving his drill temporarily stuck and making Pedro vulnerable to attack. Simply shooting Pedro will eventually do the trick, however there are number of eyes plastered all over Pedro that serve as his weak points and will bring the battle to a quicker conclusion.

    Neil Fisher

    No Caption Provided

    Upon being injected with the Uroborus virus, Neil transforms into a huge, bulky monster with the requisite tentacles at his disposal. Neil will usually walk towards the player, but will also tend to break into a sprint with the intent of knocking the player to the ground; despite his size he also proves his agility by occasionally leaping to the walkways above. His most formidable means of attack is with his tentacles, which he will use in a whip-like fashion. He will at first only use them for close-quarters to slash at the player, though at a certain point he will begin to shoot his tentacles forward like a spear of sorts, giving him a much greater range of attack.

    Much like against the Uroborus-induced transformation of Excella Gionne, Neil will routinely spawn numerous little Uroborus pods. The pods themselves cannot move, but will deal damage if the player steps too close. They can be killed easily enough and will eventually die of their own accord after a certain amount of time, often dropping supplies for the player to collect in the process.

    Like all Uroborus creatures Neil's innate weakness is that of fire. Fire bottles will thusly work well against him, and there also happens to be a number of large crates containing missiles. Should Neil accidentally attack one, or charge into one, they will explode dealing a significant amount of fire damage. Moira's flashlight can also be used to deal fire damage, too. After Neil undergoes so much fire damage, his entire body will begin to redden and his glowy-orange heart will expose itself, giving players the chance to deal severe damage to Neil. Shortly after it's become exposed Neil will run away and smash open one of the water pipes to help himself cool off, allowing his heart to succumb back behind its mass of Uroborus tentacles. Players can repeat this process as many times as possible, though the explosive canisters are finite and it may prove to be difficult to trigger his heart exposure with Moira's flashlight alone. All damage dealt to Neil is effective, though of course his heart is where it counts the most.

    Alex Wesker Part I

    Alex is first fought by Barry in her lab. After suffering the self-inflicted effects of both the T-Phobos and Uroborus viruses, Alex is now an animalistic creature with an incredibly long and exposed spine. She will primarily move on all fours and use her hands to swipe in front of her; it has a fair amount of range and will knock the player over should it hit, alongside doing a moderate amount of damage. Sometimes Alex will stand on her two legs with her arms raised up and will then slam down towards the ground, which is her most powerful attack.

    Throughout the fight she will scurry into the vents, maneuver around inside, and then pop out from one and spit a gob of fluid that will explode in a large cloud of gas. The gas will slowly choke the player the longer they reside within it, though it won't actually do any damage. While it will kill the player eventually, once they escape the gas the effects will wear off immediately. When inside the vents Natalia can use her vision to detect which one she plans to pop out of.

    Like all Uroborus creatures Alex has a glowy-orange weak point, representing her heart much like Neil. It's at first hidden away, though Alex suffers enough damage will expose itself. Whenever Alex pops out of the vents it will be exposed as well. When a certain amount of continuous damage has been dealt, Alex will be shown to be in a dazed state, and from there a shot to her heart will flip her over onto her back leaving her extremely vulnerable for a time.

    Alex Wesker Part II

    The final battle of the game. This boss is only fought should players have switched to Moira in Episode 3 to finish off Neil after he knocks Claire to the ground, otherwise the game will end after the first Wesker battle.

    Alex Wesker retains all of the same attacks she had in the first fight, though the design is somewhat different. In single player players will switch control between Barry and Claire. Barry will be on the ground level, while Claire provides sniper support from a helicopter. Players will start off as Claire and must safeguard Barry as runs away from Alex. Claire is equipped with the SVD sniper rifle and has infinite ammo. When Barry enters one of the caves the player will then take control of Barry; should he exit the cave, players regain control of Claire. The battle plays out like this until Alex has taken enough damage to trigger Barry telling Claire to use the RPG launcher. From there the player will then have access to the RPG and must use it to kill Wesker.


    As with most Resident Evil games, Revelations 2 includes many unlockable bonuses for players to strive for, including weapons, costumes, and modes.

    No Escape Difficulty

    This difficulty is unlocked upon completing the game on its Survival difficulty setting.

    Countdown Mode

    Countdown Mode has players play through the main campaign, only now with a timer ticking down. To increase their time they must kill enemies, and can also boost their time by destroying time bonuses that are located throughout the level. Each episode has its own separate Countdown Mode, requiring players to purchase (with BP) each one individually.

    The player's inventory is predetermined per episode, though their Skills upgrades will still carry over.

    Invisible Enemy Mode

    Making its return from the Resident Evil remake (which was coincidentally remastered within the same year), Invisible Enemy Mode will naturally make all enemies (including bosses) invisible to the player. However players can use Moira's flashlight, and Natalia's vision during Barry's segments, to get a glimpse of where the enemies are.

    Like with Countdown Mode, each episode has its own Invisible Enemy Mode that must be purchased individually; the player's inventory is also once again predetermined, though Skills will continue to persist. The damage modifiers are set within the Survival difficulty setting.


    Both Claire and Barry have costumes available for purchase. Claire has two: first is her classic Resident Evil 2 attire, and second is her Sniper outfit that she wears during the final battle against Alex Wesker. Barry only has one, being his classic S.T.A.R.S. outfit.



    Ada's Wong crossbow from Resident Evil 6. It can only shoot a single bolt at a time, and doesn't do an exceptional amount of damage, but it has infinite ammo. Due to being an 'EX' weapon, equipping it will automatically restrict the player to attaining a C rank at the highest, and all BP collected is cut in half during the episode.

    Chicago Typewriter

    The classic mafia-inspired submachine gun first introduced in Resident Evil 4. Though since then the weapon functions very differently over its original appearance. For starters it no longer has infinite ammo, though also thusly doesn't inflict any punishments for using it like the crossbow, and is now fired from the hip as opposed to over the shoulder. While it no longer carries infinite cash of ammunition, it is still able to store a significant amount in its barrel, while having a very fast rate of fire and also being extremely powerful to boot, beating out both assault rifles in sheer damage output.

    Meat Grinder

    A powerful drill that will rip through everything in its path; despite being a melee weapon it still must be placed in one of the four weapon slots for use. It can be used indefinitely without any sort of reloading function, though due to being an EX weapon it will restrict the player to getting no higher than a C rank for the Episode and a decrease in BP accumulation.

    RPG Launcher

    An RPG that can kill virtually everything with a single shot and comes with infinite ammo.

    Screen Effects

    These provide a filter that changes the look of the game:

    Classic Horror - Makes the game black & white.

    Concept Art, Figurines and Secret Files

    Concept art depicts many of the characters and enemy designs during their conception phase; Figurines allow players to maneuver around an inanimate rendering of the character and enemy models from the game; and Secret Files provide some additional insight into the characters and the events across the series.

    Raid Mode

    Raid mode functions very similarly to how it was in the first Revelations. Players can select from a number of characters and outfits, each of which have their own specialities, and must then fight through different stages to level up and attain randomised loot such as weapons and weapon modification parts. While cooperative play is restricted to local-only for the story, Raid mode allows players to play cooperative both locally and online for up to two players, however online play was only made accessible from April 1st, 2015.

    For preordering the game's 'Complete Season' edition, or by buying the physical version, players gain access to the 'Throwback Pack', which includes a new set of Gauntlets set on four maps not otherwise featured in the mode.

    Downloadable Content


    Each of the main cast has available a costume for purchase. Claire's is of her wearing a cowgirl outfit in short-shorts; Moira's dresses her up as a scantily clad 'urban ninja'; Barry's is that of him dressed up as a ship commandant; and Natalia's has her cosplay as her stuffed teddy bear, Lottie. The costumes can be purchased together in a pack or purchased separately. All of the costumes come packaged in with the retail release.

    Bonus Episode: The Struggle


    No Caption Provided

    The Struggle is an additional story episode set during the six-month period between the end of Claire's segments and the beginning of Barry's. It follows Moira Burton and Evgeny Rebic amidst their survival on the island. The episode takes place across environments taken from the main episodes - specifically Barry's segments.

    Both bonus episodes are apart of the Complete Season and physical retail releases, though they can also be purchased separately like any other episode of the game. Unlike the main episodes, the only difficulty settings available are Casual and Survival. Furthermore, the episode must be completed in one sitting as there is no save functionality, though the episode is shorter than the main story episodes. The weapon selection is pre-determined, though players can procure more weapons throughout the episode. There are no unlockable weapons nor NG+ features for The Struggle, though the player's Skills will persist for the episode.

    Owning The Struggle adds a new costume for Moira for use in both the main story and as an unlockable in Raid Mode. Evgeny is also available as an unlockable Raid Mode character courtesy of the episode.


    After being saved by a Russian local--Evgeny, though Moira doesn't yet know his name nor does Evgeny wish to know hers--of the island that they had briefly met prior, Moira is allowed to share his shelter so long as she assists him in hunting; Moira, now resigned to using firearms, agrees to the deal. Though during her attempts to search for an escape off the island, she inadvertently leads a group of Afflicted to their hideout. Though they manage to defend themselves, the Russian scolds Moira for her recklessness and states that she will never go home and that it's useless to try. Moira reluctantly agrees and accepts her predicament.

    However as time goes on, Uroborus enemies such as Revenants begin appearing and are killing all of the animals. The two also discover a file listing a number of people sent for experimentation, one of which being the man's daughter, Irina. Moira thusly decides that they should locate Irina, despite strongly believing her to be deceased, to help give the man some closure. After fighting their way through an onslaught of Uroborus, they discover that Irina is indeed dead.

    Despite their initially antagonistic relationship, Moira and the man grew to respect one another as time went on. So when the man decides to lock himself in his room and await death, Moira pleads on the other side of the door with tears in her eyes for him to come out. However the man had been slowly dying from an illness, and in the midst of Moira's pleas dies, but only before they each finally exchange their names. Not wanting her own dad Barry to suffer through the same grief Evgeny suffered, Moira is filled with an even greater determination to survive. Upon exploring the island some more, she locates Barry's BSAA badge and is able to arrive just in time to stop the monstrous Alex Wesker from killing Natalia Korda.

    Playable Characters

    Unlike the main episodes, the cooperative duo is now made up of two characters who both have access to firearms, though Evgeny can only use his bolt-action sniper rifle. Moira can equip up to four weapons just like Claire/Barry, though she still has access to her flashlight which now takes up a weapon slot; it can also be traded for a different weapon should the player choose. Moira still uses her crowbar as opposed to a combat knife, though she now otherwise plays exactly like Claire. Evgeny has a combat knife for his melee weapon, and as he's the secondary character he is allowed to be downed without the game ending and can be revived; should Moira perish, however, then it's game over. Evgeny will fire his weapon even when operating independently, though even with the 'Unholstered' Skill purchased Evgeny will use up ammunition, but each shot will also be of full power.


    The Struggle is set across four segments. The first has Moira & Evgeny hunting wildlife for food, which is recorded up top by way of bag icons. Whence a bag is shown to be orange, that means the player has filled one up completely. The bags actually function as the player's lives across the episode, with the player able to accumulate 5 bags in total, so whenever the player should die (or the time runs out during certain scenarios) they will lose a life; should all lives be used up the player must then restart the episode from the beginning. During the first segment there is a 15 minute timer ticking away to signify the arrival of night time; players are to thusly try to collect as many bags and supplies as they can within the time, and are to then reach the lumber mill and press the button prompt next to the chained up gate to end the segment.

    The following scenario somewhat plays out as a series of wave-based survival sessions set in the sewers, requiring players to kill all the enemies. During each wave the game will transition the player to a different part of the environment amidst a quick fade in and out. The next segment then has players again attempt to acquire supplies and food, however this time players must also try and to stay out of sight from the patrolling Revenant enemies. Moira is to be the one on the ground level searching for supplies, while Evgeny is perched up top so as to provide a better survey of the area. If a Revenant spots the player, the timer will drop to 30 seconds requiring players to rush to the exit. If the time runs out it'll count as a loss of life and even if the alerted Revenant is killed the timer will not be reimbursed. As such, head-on conflicts with Revenants are to be avoided and stealth is of the essence, although they can at least be stealth killed without setting an alert.

    The final scenario once again involves more wave survival, requiring players to kill all the attacking enemies within the area as the game takes them from one arena to the next.

    Bonus Episode: Little Miss


    The second episode focusses on Natalia Korda during the 6-month period from where she was put into hypersleep by Alex Wesker at the end of Claire's segments, and ultimately to when she first meets Barry. However unlike the other episodes of the combat Little Miss is completely devoid of combat; smokescreen bottles can at least be found, though that's the only useable item in the episode. This episode still also stars two characters, only the characters are Natalia Korda and another Natalia Korda, one whom is depicted as being the polar opposite to the more recognizable Natalia. The episode takes place across environments taken from the main episodes - specifically Claire's segments. However the environments are coated in a dream-like aesthetic and filled with a pink fog.

    Owning Little Miss adds a new costume for Natalia to wear during the main story episodes.


    Natalia awakens from the slumber she was put under by Alex Wesker for six months. Although awake, Natalia is shown to travel through a dream-like world and is assisted by another, blonde Natalia; one whom is chiding and mean, and basically the polar opposite to the other Natalia. The good Natalia wishes to try and find her stuffed teddy bear, Lottie, whom has been leaving postcards to help her in her journey. With the assistance of the bad Natalia, who has the special vision that the good Natalia will inherit, they are able to elude the Revenants and Glasps they encounter on their travels. However bad Natalia is all the while ridiculing good Natalia for her reliance on her teddy bear and that she should instead accept her as her best friend. The good Natalia continues her search all the same.

    Upon finding Lottie, who despite being a stuffed teddy bear is 'alive' and is shown to talk, Lottie calls the good Natalia a bitch and laughs at her before receding back as a regular teddy bear. The bad Natalia is then revealed to have been the consciousness of Alex Wesker in her attempts to take over the real Natalia's body. After a promise that Alex will keep trying, the real Natalia then finds herself back in the real world and notices from afar the boat of Barry Burton making its way to the island.

    Playable Characters

    The objective of the episode is for the two Natalia's to get through the environments without being seen; upon being seen it will be game over, though unlike The Struggle players can continue as much as they like; the episode must still be completed in one setting, however. Regular Natalia doesn't have any of her abilities from Barry's segments; the other Natalia on the other hand does, including a new ability to tag a single enemy so they'll show up even when playing as regular Natalia. The other Natalia is also completely invisible to all enemies, though she cannot interact with any doors. The other Natalia is to thusly act as a lookout to survey the area to then better plan how to get the regular Natalia through.


    Concept image
    Concept image

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was leaked on via a game listing complete with a single screenshot and the boxart in August of 2014. However it wasn't until Sony's pre-TGS conference on the 1st of September, 2014 that it was officially announced by Capcom, complete with an early 2015 release date. No gameplay was shown, although there was a melancholic live-action teaser trailer that is said to represent the tone of the full game.

    The team developing Revelations 2 is to be largely made up of the same people involved with the first Revelations game. The episodic release of the game was designed so as to foster communication amongst fans about the prior episode's cliffhanger ect. during the wait for the next episode, akin to a TV show.

    Rather than branding it as Resident Evil 7, Capcom aimed to turn the Revelations subtitle into its own smaller scale sub-series. This then allows them to experiment with horror themes and tropes akin to the earlier games, while also keeping the higher action-focus of the series intact with the franchise's numbered entries.

    Claire Redfield has said to have been chosen as the lead for Revelations 2 from the very beginning of the game's conception, however Moira was introduced later. Capcom producer Michiteru Okabe has said that the progression of the game's development has caught him by surprise, and that he never predicted it would ultimately end up with two female leads in the starring roles -- a first for the series. While Capcom have begun developing games on their new Panta Rhei engine, Revelations 2 was developed on their older 64bit MT Framework engine.

    Claire's concept image, before (left) and after.
    Claire's concept image, before (left) and after.

    The concept image for Claire Redfield was originally shown with her featuring a rather noticeable grimace and angered facial expression. However Capcom later revised the image to make her expression less exaggerated.

    'Concept Teaser'

    The debut trailer--dubbed a Concept Teaser--included numerable easter eggs and secrets for viewers to discover, some of which were hints as to the game's story along with appearances of main characters Moira Burton, Barry Burton, and Natalia Korda.

    At the full TGS show, Capcom then released an extended version of the aforementioned teaser trailer, which included more easter eggs and an additional shot featuring what looks to be Claire Redfield being swarmed by zombies.

    A list of the easter eggs peppered throughout the trailer includes:

    • "Itchy Tasty" reference.
    • Rachael Foley cameo.
    • A herb plant.
    • Photo of a boat appearing to be the Queen Zenobia from the first Resident Evil: Revelations.
    • ''Jill Sandwich'' reference.
    • Theme playing throughout the trailer is a remix of Revelations' main menu theme.
    • An item box is displayed in the background.

    The trailer was produced by Just Cause Productions, which has done motion capture and voice recording on previous Resident Evil games.


    • The Terra Save commercial that is shown at the beginning of the game includes references to the Terragrigia incident from the first Revelations and the events in the African town of Kijuju during Resident Evil 5. The people the Terra Save members are shown assisting are also the same Majini character models from Resident Evil 5, just without the signs of Las Plagas infection such as the red eyes.
    • Many of the Gestures in Raid mode originate from Lost Planet 2.

    PC System Requirements


    • OS: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8
    • CPU: Intel® Core ™ 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    • AMD Athlon ™ X2 2.8 GHz
    • Memory: 2 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Display: 800 × 600
    • Video Card : NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS
    • ATI Radeon HD 3850
    • Sound Card: DirectSound Support (DirectX® 9.0c)
    • DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Input Device: Mouse / Keyboard


    • OS: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8
    • CPU: Intel® Core ™
    • 2 Quad 2.7 GHz AMD Phenom ™ II X4 3.0 GHz
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
    • Display: 1280 × 720
    • Video Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 ATI Radeon HD 6950
    • Sound Card: DirectSound Support (DirectX® 9.0c) DirectX®: DirectX® 9.0c
    • Input Device: Mouse / Keyboard (Recommended: Xbox 360® Controller for Windows®)Broadband
    • Internet connection required to access Steam.

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