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    Lost Planet 2

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released May 11, 2010

    In the follow-up to Lost Planet, players explore new environments as they see the story through the perspective of different groups of pirates trying to survive on E.D.N. III.

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    Welcome to the jungle.
    Welcome to the jungle.

    Ten years have passed since the events that took place in Lost Planet. The planet E.D.N. III was completely covered in snow and ice, and humans were struggling to colonize the frozen world. Since then, the planet E.D.N. III has undergone massive climate changes that have revealed new jungles, awakened new creatures, and reveal the new "Snow Pirates."

    Capcom says that they have taken many players' wishes into consideration and claim that users will be very pleased with the results. For example, many users said they wished they could take on Akrid enemies (and bosses) in co-op mode, and Capcom have made this available in Lost Planet 2.

    Also, in some areas your thermal energy will not be effected as much. If you are in a icy environment, then your thermal energy will begin to go down. But say you are in a jungle or a warmer environment, you will lose little or no thermal energy in those places. This is different from the first game, where you were losing energy constantly. Your thermal energy is used to heal your character when injured and there are locations to replenish your energy. Also some weapons are based on your character's current thermal energy, if you run out of energy the weapon may no longer fire.

    In an interview with the game's producers, they stated that one of the things they looked at when building the sequel was the Halo franchise. They saw how Halo could appeal to a hardcore audience, but seem inviting to a casual audience, and use that as a basis for a lot of ideas in the game.


    Instead of focusing on a single character like in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, the story now follows different factions from ex-military and various other types of snow pirates. The 5 factions include Rounders, Fight Junkies, Snow Pirate Elite, NEVEC Black Ops, and Femme Fatales. Not all of them are represented in the story or playable, some are just shown as enemies in passing but all of them can be used in multiplayer matches.

    The story revolves around a giant akrid known as an over G. The actions done in the game are set around similar time frames yet bounce back and forth so throughout the story characters will be acting out different sections of the story that are occurring at the same time as one of the other missions the player has done or will do.


    Split-screen Co-op
    Split-screen Co-op
    • The game engine that Capcom will be using is an updated version of Capcom's very own MT-Framework engine used in Lost Planet. The updated engine is called MT-Framework 2.0.
    • The game will feature four player online co-op where you can team up with friends and finish mission objectives and the main campaign mode.
    • The game also includes two player split screen local co-op.
    • Environments now include deserts and jungles as well as snow areas that were seen in the first game.
    • Players can customize their characters in various ways and can be used in multiplayer as well as the main campaign after it has been completed.
    • Data posts, on top of giving energy and radar information, can now be used as spawn points and give 500 points that add to the team battle gauge.
    • Customizable items can be unlocked through various means. From using credits that are gained from boxes dropped by completed mission objectives and killing enemies and gaining career points which every few career levels unlocked new parts.
    • The game contains a perk style system with different abilities such as higher defense for less damage or starting a level with more T-Energy.


    • Character Parts - Obtained through gaining career levels for the respective faction. These are cosmetic changes only and include 4 options, Head, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Thermal Pack. Color can also be changes, each part has 4 options.
    • Weapons - Unlocked using credits that can only be acquired by faction multiplayer, training, and the campaign. The credits are used in a slot machine and the chances of getting a gun is randomized with other customizations. Guns are not so much upgrades but rather other forms of a similar weapon or function. As a shotgun is mainly damage, Shotgun 2 has only a 2 shot cartridge and uses plasma so it freezes VS and enemies in place allowing for tactical retreats, flanking or healing.
    • Abilities - These are a sort of perk system, the player has 2 slots and these are unlockable with the slot machine. The each have various effects and some have negative effects that carry with them such as the Defense increases your defense yet sacrifices the players attack power and damage. Some also use both slots on a single ability.
    • Emotes - Gained by using the slot machine with credits. These are just cations that can be mapped to buttons. These actions include kissing, dancing, celebrating, whistling, and dramatic team based poses.
    • Noms De Guerre - Obtained through the slot machine using credits. Noms De Guerre is basically a label or nickname that appears as a sort of comment or nickname such as I Suck At Games, Schools Out For Summer, Glasses Make The Girl, Outlaw, Avenger and others. Some are also unlocked by doing certain actions. If you kill an enemy that is killing your team mates then you can possibly gain the Avenger.
    • Character Selection - Selects a faction, these are all unlocked from the beginning. This is more so a selection of which faction do you want your character to have traits from as far as cosmetics go.

    Faction Unlockables

    This list contains all the Unlockables you can unlock as you level up each faction (Note: if you Unlock the Item via the slot machine you will not unlock it again or anything new in its place)


    • Lv.01 - Mercenary A Model Parts
    • Lv.10 - Waysider A Model Parts
    • Lv.20 - Mercenary B Model Parts
    • Lv.30 - Shuriken
    • Lv.40 - Mercenary C Model Parts
    • Lv.50 - Hand Cannon SP
    • Lv.60 - Waysider B Model Parts
    • Lv.70 - Gun Sword SP
    • Lv.80 - Rounders Full Customization Unlocked
    • Lv.90 - Waysider Leader Model Parts
    • Lv.99 - Mercenary Leader Model Parts

    Fight Junkies

    • Lv.01 - Jungle Pirate A Model Parts
    • Lv.10 - Sandraider A Model Parts
    • Lv.20 - Vagabundo A Model Parts
    • Lv.30 - Jungle Pirate B Model Parts
    • Lv.40 - Sandraider B Model Parts
    • Lv.50 - Vagabundo B Model Parts
    • Lv.60 - Sandraider C Model Parts
    • Lv.70 - Jungle Pirate C Model Parts
    • Lv.80 - Fight Junkies Full Customization Unlocked
    • Lv.90 - Vagabundo Leader Model Parts
    • Lv.99 - Jungle Pirate Leader Model Parts

    Snow Pirate Elites

    • Lv.01 - Crimson Pirate Model Parts
    • Lv.10 - Carpetbagger A Model Parts
    • Lv.20 - Mountain Pirate Model Parts
    • Lv.30 - Hunter Model Parts
    • Lv.40 - Sea Dog Model Parts
    • Lv.50 - Akrid Launcher SP
    • Lv.60 - Carpetbagger B Model Parts
    • Lv.70 - Bug Rancher Model Parts
    • Lv.80 - Snow Pirate Elites Full Customization Unlocked
    • Lv.90 - Carpetbagger Leader Model Parts
    • Lv.99 - Crimson Pirate Leader Model Parts

    NEVEC Black Ops:

    • Lv.01 - Ex-NEVEC Model Parts
    • Lv.10 - NEVEC A Model Parts
    • Lv.20 - NEVEC B Model Parts
    • Lv.30 - Plasma Gun SP
    • Lv.40 - NEVEC C Model Parts
    • Lv.50 - Plasma Cannon SP
    • Lv.60 - NEVEC D Model Parts
    • Lv.70 - V-Device SP
    • Lv.80 - NEVEC Black Ops Full Customization Unlocked
    • Lv.90 - Nevec Leader Model Parts
    • Lv.99 - Nevec Leader 2 Model Parts

    Femmes Fatales:

    • Lv.01 - Carpetbagger Femme Fatale Model Parts
    • Lv.10 - Jungle Pirate Femme Fatale Model Parts
    • Lv.20 - Waysider Femme Fatale Model Parts
    • Lv.30 - Firecracker
    • Lv.40 - Sandraider Femme Fatale Model Parts
    • Lv.50 - Shotgun SP
    • Lv.60 - NEVEC Femme Fatale Model Parts
    • Lv.70 - Energy Gun SP
    • Lv.80 - Femmes Fatales Full Customization Unlocked
    • Lv.90 - Sandraider Femme Fatale Leader Model Parts
    • Lv.99 - Carpetbagger Femme Fatale Leader Model Parts

    Capcom Game save Unlockables

    In Lost Planet 2 having a game save from another Capcom game allowed for a special unlock for the player, as well as, for some reason, Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago from the Gears of War franchise.

    Character Skins

    Noms de Guerre

    • Legendary Warrior - Have a Lost Planet save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • Decorated Soldier - Have a Lost Planet Colonies save on your HDD (360)
    • Decorated Soldier - Have a Lost Planet save on your HDD (PS3)
    • I Love LP - Have both of the above saves on your HDD (360)
    • I Love LP - Have a Lost Planet save on your HDD (PS3)
    • Played The Demo - Have a Lost Planet 2 Online Mulitplayer Demo save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • Street Fighter - Have a Street Fighter IV save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • BSAA - Have a RE5 save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • Devil May Cry - Have a Devil May Cry 4 save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • I've Covered Wars - Have a Dead Rising save on your HDD (360)
    • I've Covered Wars - Have a Lost Planet save on your HDD (PS3)
    • Capcommaniac - Have any three of the above saves on your HDD (360/PS3)


    • Machine Gun SP - Have a Lost Planet 2 Online Mulitplayer Demo save on your HDD (360/PS3)
    • Shield SP II - Have a Lost Planet save on your HDD (360/PS3)

    *Info obtained from the Lost Planet 2 forums. Big thanks to BTHR Zero X for the work put into this list*


    Lost Planet 2 contains many similarities with the first game, but one difference is the ability to go through the story in 4 player co-op. The game has a variety of weapons and new uses for Thermal Energy such as healing yourself, opening containers, firing energy weapons and keeping the player from taking damage in extreme conditions. The weapons range from assault rifles to a shield that can turn into a giant cannon when used with a teammate. The game also contains an anchor, a grappling hook type of device that is integral to the gameplay. The player can use this to zipline to close locations as the length of the wire is a bit short, yet they can also use it to repel and hang off cliffs and walls.

    Something important to note as well is that in the previous game Thermal energy was constantly being drained. As this game has new environments then the characters do not need it to sustain survivability from the world around them, but rather use it for direct healing purposes.

    The game contains a huge amount of progression and collection. The player has a career level which is used for unlocking customization parts which are purely cosmetic. The parts are usually unlocked in intervals of 10 levels. Aside from this, credits can also be collected. Credits are obtained by achieving mission objectives or killing enemies efficiently such as head shots, punching, and using the weak points. These are displayed as drops in box form with question marks. The boxes contain a random number of credits and sometimes contain Nom De Guerre which is a sort of nickname/ label.

    Weapons and Grenades

    Unlike Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions, which preferred actual character development, Lost Planet 2 prides itself in putting ugly bling on generic avatars. One of the customizable factors is the weapons. Ranging from a basic fully automatic Machine Gun to a Bolt Action Rifle. Lost Planet 2 features a lot of weapons and grenades for all types of players. Below is a list of all the unlockable weapons in the game.

    Human Weapons


    • Machine Gun
    • Machine Gun II
    • Energy Gun
    • Gun Sword
    • Machine Gun SP
    • Energy Gun SP
    • Gun Sword SP

    Short Range

    • Shotgun
    • Shotgun II
    • Revolver
    • Flamethrower
    • Shotgun SP
    • Gold Revolver
    • Akrid Launcher

    Long Range

    • Rifle
    • Rifle II
    • Plasma Gun
    • Plasma Gun II
    • Rifle SP
    • Gold Rifle
    • Plasma Gun SP


    • Rocket Launcher
    • Rocket Launcher II
    • Hand Cannon
    • Plasma Cannon
    • Rocket Launcher SP
    • Hand Cannon SP
    • Plasma Cannon SP


    • Shield
    • Injection Gun
    • Injection Gun II
    • V Device
    • Shield SP
    • Shield SP II
    • V Device SP


    • Handgun



    • Hand Grenade
    • Incendiary Grenade
    • Buster Grenade
    • Hand Grenade II
    • Hand Grenade III


    • Gum Grenade
    • Spark Grenade
    • Chameleon Grenade
    • Gum Grenade II
    • Gum Grenade III


    • Disk Grenade
    • Grenade Energy Grenade
    • Shuriken
    • Disk Grenade II
    • Disk Grenade III


    • Dummy Grenade
    • Balloon Grenade
    • Firecracker
    • Dummy Grenade II
    • Dummy Grenade III


    • Plasma Grenade
    • Regen Grenade
    • Warp Grenade
    • Plasma Grenade II
    • Plasma Grenade III

    Vital Suits

    Vital Suits (VS's for short) are mechs that the player & enemies can pilot throughout the game. They have their own life bar, and drain thermal energy at a much faster rate than if the player were on foot. The benefit is that they can move while reloading the VS weapons, and can dual wield them.

    VS Types

    • Battle Neegal
    • Dongo Gear
    • GAB-25M Codename Cakti
    • GAH-41BSL Codename Baylid
    • GAH-42BS Codename Bleed
    • GAF-14 Codename Fastrey
    • GAF-14D Codename Drion
    • GAF-15D Codename Drion
    • GAN-A04SD Codename Cyclops
    • GAN-3AM Codename Triseed
    • GAN-34 Codename Granseed
    • GAN-36 Codename Osprey
    • GAN-37 Codename X-Seed
    • GTB-22 Codename Faze
    • GTF-11 Codename Drio
    • GTF-13F Codename Vensa
    • GTF-13M Codename Evax
    • GTN-A01 Codename Turntable
    • GTN-A01N Codename Turntable Type 2
    • GTN-A03C Codename Zebet
    • GTN-A03M Codename Zebet
    • GTT-01 Codename Nida
    • PTX-140R Codename Hardballer
    • Tencale 8


    Delta Squad joins the fight.
    Delta Squad joins the fight.
    • The PS3 version of Lost Planet 2 will receive the Rathalos Armor skin from Monster Hunter, and 2 different Helghast skins.

    There are separate ways to unlock the characters on each console. In the PS3 version, the Helghast will be free DLC, but you must beat the game to unlock other characters. On the 360 version, Wesker and Frank can be unlocked by having a Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising save data, respectively.

    PC Specs

    Lost Planet 2

    To support "NVIDIA GeForce 3D VISION"







    Windows XP

    Windows 7

    Windows XP
    Windows 7

    Windows 7


    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    AMD Athlon x2 Processor

    Intel Core2 Quad Processor
    AMD Phenom x4 Processor

    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
    AMD Athlon x2 Processor

    Intel Core2 Quad Processor
    AMD Phenom x4 Processor


    Windows XP : 1GB
    Windows Vista : 2GB

    Windows XP :2GB
    Windows Vista :3GB

    Windows Vista : 2GB

    Windows Vista : 3GB







    640×480 or over

    1280×720 or over

    640×480 or over

    1280×720 or over

    Video Card

    DirectX 9.0c / Shader 3.0

    • No guarantee on running it on board or by sharing it with a main memory

    NVIDIA GeForce 7800 Series or later
    ATI Radeon HD 2400 Pro
    VRAM :256MB 0

    • No guarantee on running by sharing it with a main memory

    NVIDIA GeForce 9800 Series or later
    ATI RadeonTM HD4800 Series or later
    VRAM : 512MB or over

    • No guarantee on running by sharing it with a main memory

    NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Series or later
    VRAM : 512MB or over

    • No guarantee on running by sharing it with a main memory

    NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 Series or later
    VRAM : 512MB or over

    • No guarantee on running by sharing it with a main memory

    Sound Card

    DirectSound Support

    DirectX 9.0c or over

    DirectSound Support

    DirectX 9.0c or over

    DirectSound Support

    DirectX 9.0c or over

    DirectSound Support

    DirectX 9.0c or over

    Input Device

    Mouse, Keyboard

    Gaming Pad : Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

    Mouse, Key board

    Gaming Pad : Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

    DVD Size

    DVD9 x 2

    DVD9 x 2


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