• lase posted on brad’s wall.
    Hi Brad! Bourbon only being from Kentucky is a myth perpetrated by BIG 'TUCKY. The big thing is that it just has to be at least 51% corn (at least in the US).
  • Gelatinousgelboy posted on brad’s wall.
    Braaad! SC:R has matchmaking like SC2 ("Ranked" button in multiplayer ui), just so ya know!
  • Matterless posted on brad’s wall.
    I've been playing a weird amount of Destiny lately because I felt I had some loose ends to tie up. Did you guys ever do the wrath of the machine raid together? Watching you beat vault was so much fun!
  • wootootee posted on brad’s wall.
    People who personally admonish other people for their political beliefs should find something better to do with their time. Hope you're having a good one Brad.
  • Feathered posted on brad’s wall.
    it w-was th-the FBI! They're responsible for #Her massive landslide loss! Drumpf rigged it!
  • bybeach posted on brad’s wall.
    Reading Hunter S. Thompson's Hells Angels; A Strange and Terrible saga. About the best of Thompson imho.
  • schmid posted on brad’s wall.
    Hey Brad, I have tried to upload box art for INSIDE to the wiki twice, but the edit either doesn't get approved, or fails silently somehow. The upload doesn't show up in my Wiki History. What to do?
  • refleksy posted on brad’s wall.
    hey you guys should play more daily dota and get that guy refleksy back in there he's handsome and stuff
  • deactivated-5967fc912058b posted on brad’s wall.
    Brad, I know you get anxiety from playing for an audience, but please keep on! I love watching your playstyle in Hitman, Bloobourne, etc!
  • CornRPeople2 posted on brad’s wall.
    Just watching the Painted, Painted World DS video and was wondering if you were going to pick it back up and make a Breaking Brad with it? Really enjoyed Vinny's playthrough. Praise the sun!
  • yemeth posted on brad’s wall.
    Brad if you love typing games you should check out Epistory: http://store.steampowered.com/app/398850/ It has some interesting mechanics where you have to switch different element attacks etc.
  • Vampire_Chibi posted on brad’s wall.
    For UPF next week! http://doom.chaosforge.org/
  • colin_lashley posted on brad’s wall.
    So where is the bombcast? Also hope the dog is okay, nothing more stressful than a sick dog. What kind is it? Who's the bald guy?
  • Death_Metalist posted on brad’s wall.
    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=557591331 You guys should check out FRAGmental on UPF, seems like something right up your alley.
  • Naoiko posted on brad’s wall.
    Hope your little peeg gets to feeling better.Praying all went well at the vet!
  • jakob187 posted on brad’s wall.
    Brad, as the resident guy who loves Doom, I'm relying on you to get the nitty gritty on the new Doom...because nothing in that "demo" impressed me.
  • Dryloch posted on brad’s wall.
    I promise this is the exact strategy you need to use the Hunter's Axe to best the fire dog in under 5 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtQvD0kYZ9g
  • Fram posted on brad’s wall.
    Important animal-related message. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mxtKxlR5yqM
  • Rubberchicken posted on brad’s wall.
    TIE Fighter and X-Wing over at GOG have gotten the Collector's CD-ROM treatment added, free if you already got 'em before. Just a suggestion for the Old Games Show.
  • mmorpgal posted on brad’s wall.
    Is Giantbomb doing anything for GTA online Heists? I know the Multiplayer isn't well regarded but it is a personal favorite of mine.