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Jeff: Quick Look Start to Death Time

Be careful when
Be careful when "pullin' a Brad" near Luchadeer.
Ya know,  Brad isn't the only one who " pulls a Brad" during Quick Looks, and we give him a lot of flak for it. Inspired by Mustard's amazing list, I decided to compile lists for all the other Giant Bombers "Start to Death" times in Quick Looks, this one being for Jeff!
"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Jeff dying, regardless of the method. Occasionally, there will be two times listed, the reason being written in the description for the game. Also at times, they Quick Look a game more than once for different platforms or DLC. Since lists do not allow me to put the same game in twice, I put both death info in the one game, separating them by console/DLC. Finally, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.
I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together! And remember, "It's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."
Links to the other Quick Look Start to Death Time Lists:
Brad - Ryan - Vinny - Dave - Drew - Sean - Andy - Mike - Will - Patrick - Alex Jared
Jeff's Total Quick Looks Ran: 302

List items

  • <b><a href="" target="_blank">(Stimulus Package)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 0:07<br>

    Cause - Shot up<br>

    Death Count - 26<p>

    This. This is the quickest "pullin' a Brad" that will ever be done.<br><br>

    <b><a href="">(PC)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 4:22<br>

    Cause - Shot at<br>

    Death Count - 20<p>

    This Quick Look needed more Oscar Mike.

  • <b><a href="">(Beta)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 0:24<br>

    Cause - A tank<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Tanks hate Jeff, apparently.

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Multiplayer Demo)</b></a><br>

    Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 14:25<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 0:28<br>

    Cause - Shot while trying out the feel of the controls<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    All first-person shooters need destructable trees.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(The Real Thang)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 44:04<br>

    Cause - Ran out of ammo and went out in a blaze of glory. With his fists<br>

    Death Count - 16<p>

    I, uh, I don't think the increased armor's doing anything.

  • Start to Death - 2:25<br>

    Cause - Ran into a red guy<br>

    Death Count - 38<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Jungler - 3<br>

    Astro Smash - 1<br>

    Combat - 20<br>

    Crystal Castles - 3<br>

    Finalizer - 3<br>

    Tempest - 3<br>

    Yar's Revenge - 5<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Game Pack 3)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:01<br>

    Cause - Shot at by delicious waffles<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Megamania - 3<br>

    Pitfall! - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 05/12/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:01<br>

    Cause - Shot by a vector graphic tank<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Battlezone - 3<br>

    Keystone Kaper - 1<br>

    Mega Zone - 3<br>

    Oink! - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 05/19/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 1:13<br>

    Cause - Hit by a serious ass asteroid<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Asteroids - 3<br>

    Demons to Diamonds - 5<br>

    Shark! Shark! - 1<br>

    Time Pilot - 5<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 05/26/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:12<br>

    Cause - Ran into the ghost of Zachary Graves and went CRAZY! But they won anyway<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Haunted House - 1<br>

    Millipede - 1<br>

    River Raid - 6<br>

    Spider Fighter - 3<br>

    Strategy X - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 06/02/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:12<br>

    Cause - Bombarded with missles<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Missile Command - 1<br>

    Mr. Goemon - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 06/09/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 4:01<br>

    Cause - Missed the landing<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Circus Atari - 5<br>

    River Raid II - 6<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 06/16/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:53<br>

    Cause - Blasted by a smaller chopper<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Chopper Command - 3<br>

    Liberator - 1<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 06/23/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:17<br>

    Cause - Touched a... thing... after it hatched... or something...<br>

    Death Count - 58<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Black Widow - 4<br>

    H.E.R.O. - 5<br>

    Laser Blast - 38<br>

    Triple Action - 11<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 06/30/2010 and 07/07/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 5:19<br>

    Cause - Flew into enemy spaceship<br>

    Death Count - 17<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Juno First - 3<br>

    River Raid II - 3<br>

    Kaboom! - 2<br>

    Star Strike - 1<br>

    Warlords - 1<br>

    Major Havoc - 3<br>

    Scooter Shooter - 1<br>

    Sky Diver - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 07/14/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 1:40<br>

    Cause - Shot by enemy spaceship. Also talking about Mr. Gaddy's Pizza<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Gyruss - 4<br>

    Quadrun - ...3?<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 07/21/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 5:49<br>

    Cause - Uh... crashed into the score?..<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Gravitar - 8<br>

    Yie Ar Kung-Fu - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 07/28/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:49<br>

    Cause - Shot by tiny, high-pitched enemy ship<br>

    Death Count - 20<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Asteroids - 13<br>

    Frostbite - 4<br>

    Jail Break - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 08/04/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:19<br>

    Cause - Shot by something<br>

    Death Count - 16<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Beamrider - 3<br>

    Centipede - 5<br>

    Cosmic Commuter - 4<br>

    Thin Ice - 4<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 08/11/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 0:43<br>

    Cause - Didn't dodge 'em<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Dodge 'Em - 6<br>

    Dolphin - 5<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 08/18/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 5:29<br>

    Cause - Hit by car<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Freeway - 3<br>

    Seaquest - 5<br>

    Snafu - 2<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 08/25/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:07<br>

    Cause - Ran over by a semi from nowhere<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    City Bomber - 8<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 09/08/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:12<br>

    Cause - Burninated!<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Thunder Castle - 4<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 09/15/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:41<br>

    Cause - Hit by pink ground thing... yep...<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Flak Attack - 3<br>

    Kitten Kaboodle - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 09/22/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:51<br>

    Cause - Shot by Urunus on the Mars<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Galactic Warriors - 4<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 09/29/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:44<br>

    Cause - Iced out by enemy red car<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Hyper Crash - 5<br>

    Missle Command - 1<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 10/06/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:27<br>

    Cause - Crashed into other car<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Konami GT - 2<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 10/13/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 4:34<br>

    Cause - Ran out of gas and exploded<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Radar Lock - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 10/27/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 18:49<br>

    Cause - Shot<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Jackal - 3<br>

    Breakout - 8<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 11/03/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:39<br>

    Cause - Eaten by... maroon... thing<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Kabobber - 1<br>

    Space War - 5<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 11/09/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:37<br>

    Cause - Human Cannonball missed the target<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Human Cannonball - 7<br>

    Jackal - 3<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 11/24/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 7:13<br>

    Cause - Hit on head by a condor. But then time went backwards and everything was okay<br>

    Death Count - 4? 5?<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Pitfall II - 2<br>

    Trick Trap - 2<br>

    Vectron - ...1?<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><br>(for 12/02/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:03<br>

    Cause - Ran into a racist caricature<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Amidar - 3<br>

    Off the Wall - 6<br>

    TwinBee - 5<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 12/08/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:34<br>

    Cause - Shot from behind by pumpkin cart thing. ...Wait, what pumpkin?<br>

    Death Count - 21<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Detana!! TwinBee - 3<br>

    Pooyan - 4<br>

    Thwocker - 14<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 12/15/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:25<br>

    Cause - Touched by a chef. ...The touch of death is weird when they're not monsters<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Food Fight - 4<br>

    M.I.A.: Missing in Action - 4<br>

    Scramble - 3<br>

    Star Raiders - 1<br>

    Time Pilot - 2<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 12/22/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:37<br>

    Cause - Distracted by the dope beats of Desert Falcon. Then he got hit by something<br>

    Death Count - 22<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Desert Falcon - 9<br>

    Devastators - 4<br>

    Iron Horse - 3<br>

    Star Ship - 2<br>

    Surround - 4<br>

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 1:28<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 0:33<br>

    Cause - Go into his own line<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    You blew up the Sun, Jeff! What have you done? What! Have! You! Done?!

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 10:55<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 0:45<br>

    Cause - Shot by jumping guy<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    That's just like jumping guy: jumping around corners and then waiting for you on the other end.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Non-Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 11:18<br>

    Cause - Didn't get to a hard point<br>

    Death Count - 25<p>

    Should've been attempting to throw a bottle into a fire. Apparently, you become invincible when you do that.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 7:29<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 0:47<br>

    Cause - He didn't dodge<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Vinny initially started this Quick Look and about halfway through, Jeff took over to try it. And he got rocked.

  • Start to Death - 0:47<br>

    Cause - Missiles. A FURY of missiles<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Soooooooo many missiles........

  • Start to Death - 0:54<br>

    Cause - Fell in fire<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    You know, seeing Jeff's Sackboy being stuck on a treadmill for thirty seconds was amusement all in its own.

  • Start to Death - 1:01<br>

    Cause - Hit by an explosion<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    So happy!

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 17:08<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 1:35<br>

    Cause - Got hit by a bullet<br>

    Death Count - 20<p>

    This was part of a <a href="">Quick Look</a> where Jeff and Brad looked at a series of vertical shoot 'em ups, hence the two times of death. Also, this particular game is a compilation of games and minigames, but since they're all under this one title, I'm only listing the time of the very first death from the very first thing they look at, which is the shoot 'em up skill test.

  • Start to Death - 1:35<br>

    Cause - Flew into enemy fire thinking it was a power-up<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Oh, Jeff. You don't want that. But it's okay because <a href="" target="_blank">THIS IS BEAT HAZAAAAAAAAARRRDD!</a>

  • Start to Death - 1:46<br>

    Cause - Slam'd into the side of a br'dge<br>

    Death Count - 28<p>

    I would much rather see them play Funnel'd. ...or... or would I..?

  • Start to Death - 1:47<br>

    Cause - Vinny<br>

    Death Count - 29<p>

    Nothing more embarassing than being taken down by the guy with inverted controls. Also, Death #13: Hat kill!

  • <b><a href="">(Ultimate Sith Edition)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 2:09<br>

    Cause - Hit by a rock and fell to his death<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Apparently, Siths suck at platforming.

  • Start to Death - 2:11<br>

    Cause - Got hit by a bullet<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    This was part of a <a href="">Quick Look</a> where Jeff and Brad looked at a series of vertical shoot 'em ups. And of course, as skilled as these fellows are, there was no way they could've avoided dying in a vertical shoot 'em up.

  • Start to Death - 2:11<br>

    Cause - Jared<br>

    Death Count - 17<p>

    Here, Jeff gets his ass handed to him by the one and only Jared Rea.

  • Start to Death - 2:23<br>

    Cause - Banged by Rally-X Guy<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    You could also chalk this one up to "not easy controls". Is that the same as "bad controls"...?

  • Start to Death - 2:24<br>

    Cause - Ryan<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Here, Jeff was trying to demonstrate one of Ragna's special abilities. Unfortunately, Ryan disagreed. To what, you ask? To Jeff.

  • Start to Death - 2:24<br>

    Cause - Fell backwards<br>

    Death Count - 16<p>

    I wasn't sure whether to include this one or not. On occasion, your character doesn't really die. He just crashes. Though on other occasions, he explodes. So I'm counting each failure as a death; anytime Jeff had to restart. And though your character does get horribly destroyed at the end of each track, I did not count those.

  • Start to Death - 2:25<br>

    Cause - Shot at a bomb that was right in front of him<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Yeah, the whole "DeathSpank" name, "thongs", the main character's voice, not working for me. I would like to like this game, but it's just not. Things pushing me back, you know.

  • Start to Death - 2:34<br>

    Cause - Shot by Mattrlee after <strike>mindjacking</strike> taking over a CPU<br>

    Death Count - 13<p>

    Great... Another modern-esque shooting game... We at the point where those are just as tiresome as World War II shooting games yet?

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Demo)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 2:36<br>

    Cause - Gunned down. Gunned down bad. Gunned down like the dog he was<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Man, he got messed up! The game should just mosaic your own head.

  • Start to Death - 2:36<br>

    Cause - Fragged by his own Pass-Through Bomb<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Yep... This is some Bomberman-ass Bomberman... Guess that's not a bad thing.

  • Start to Death - 2:37<br>

    Cause - Flipped onto spikes on the ceiling<br>

    Death Count - 26<p>

    Vivaciously vicious vafrous vertical veering. Verily.

  • Start to Death - 2:44<br>

    Cause - Got punched/slammed/scrapped/something clever<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Clearly he needed another hat.

  • Start to Death - 2:47<br>

    Cause - Shot by a cannon<br>

    Death Count - 20<p>

    Oh, that handlebar thing.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 11:33<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 3:00<br>

    Cause - Got hit by a bullet<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    This was part of a <a href="">Quick Look</a> where Jeff and Brad looked at a series of vertical shoot 'em ups, hence the two times of death. Also, this game is savage.

  • Start to Death - 3:01<br>

    Cause - Stabbed and sliced by a Centurion<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    Man, you die quickly in this game. And I like this show.

  • Start to Death - 3:09<br>

    Cause - He didn't make it. By which I mean the stomach acid got him<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    It was like the color-blind leading the color-blind.

  • Start to Death - 3:11<br>

    Cause - Caught a heavy fist to the face by Randall Mont-blanc<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    The funny thing here is that Randall Mont-blanc is Jeff's created character. He essentially lost to himself.

  • Start to Death - 5:16<br>

    Cause - Did not go into the house and fell and died<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    He should have <i>reached</i> out to save himself! Ha ha ha ha ha-- Also, the audio of this video was really quiet and there was a slight delay.<br><br>

    <b><a href="" target="_blank">(Noble Map Pack)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 3:12<br>

    Cause - Rocketed from the 'bove<br>

    Death Count - 27<p>

    In space, no one will let you stand and stare at... space.

  • Start to Death - 3:15<br>

    Cause - Hit by an acid ball shot from a giant insect<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Apparently, all players share the same life bar, so Jeff and Ryan died together. But they died together <i>IN 3D</i>! Unimpressive 3D, but <i>3D nonetheless</i>!

  • Start to Death - 16:00<br>

    Cause - Shot by "NVA". Or gun-butted by one. ...Both?<br>

    Death Count - 25<p>

    You can play Zork? Guess this game isn't so bad afterall...<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(First Strike Map Pack)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 8:14<br>

    Cause - Killed by roth76<br>

    Death Count - 31<p>

    More Call of Duty. Sure.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Map Pack 2 - Escalation)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:26<br>

    Cause - Headshot'd by Exicutioner38<br>

    Death Count - 22<p>

    Bluh bluh new map pack. Sweet kills by Jeff though. Call of the Dead's neat too.

  • Start to Death - 3:28<br>

    Cause - Chaos. Chaos happened<br>

    Death Count - 13<p>

    The ol' Canyon Grande didn't help too much neither.

  • Start to Death - 3:30<br>

    Cause - Sean<br>

    Death Count - 14<p>

    Ol' Gerstmann just couldn't handle the... uh... diagonal... flying kicks... Sean was using Adon.

  • Start to Death - 3:31<br>

    Cause - Laser blasted by the Samus-ass-looking motherfucker<br>

    Death Count - 19<p>


  • Start to Death - 3:32<br>

    Cause - Nazi-space-robot-Pacman-ghosts. And insanity!<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Oh god... I don't understand what's happening... and I love it...

  • <b><a href="">(Classic)</a></b><br>

    Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 20:14<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 3:37<br>

    Cause - Nazi bullets<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Ryan initially started this Quick Look and about halfway through, Jeff took over to try it out. He soon found out that there was no sprinting in this game, unabling him to be Oscar Mike.

  • Start to Death - 3:42<br>

    Cause - Vinny<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    It's like Smash Bros., but this game has health bars. And this game isn't as good as Smash Bros.

  • Start to Death - 3:42<br>

    Cause - Bullets<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    There were no bees! There were. No. Bees!

  • Start to Death - 3:57<br>

    Cause - Wrecked by line of aerial explosives<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    This... actually doesn't seem that bad. Pretty rad, even. You know, if people actually played it online. This free game. Online.

  • Start to Death - 4:00<br>

    Cause - Stungun'd to death by cops. Crooked cops perhaps<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    What a <i>stunning</i> conclusion! Ha ha ha ha ha ha-- actually no, that wasn't very stunning at all. Lackluster, at best.

  • Start to Death - 4:01<br>

    Cause - Exploded by Leona<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Okay! ...Weird how all these KoF deaths seems to bunched up together here...

  • Start to Death - 4:05<br>

    Cause - Leg sweeped by Sie Kensou<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Sweep the leg, Sie!

  • Start to Death - 4:06<br>

    Cause - Laser shot by the Qix<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Got too greedy there, Jeff.

  • Start to Death - 4:16<br>

    Cause - Blown up and no Sheepie Save<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Insanity. Jeff actually gets blown up various other times, however he gets a Sheepie Save for those times, so I didn't count them.

  • Start to Death - 4:20<br>

    Cause - Shot at while trying to take out sniper<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Didn't think I'd be adding this one to the list. I mean c'mon. Exploding bullets.

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Multiplayer Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 4:20<br>

    Cause - Bayonet'd by Mr. Achievement with the Gold Retro Lancer<br>

    Death Count - 22<p>

    There was not enough "aw, c'mon!" in this Quick Look. Or, any at all.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 17:33<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 4:31<br>

    Cause - Vinny<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    This was part of Quick Look where Jeff and Vinny looked at various fighting games, hence the two times of death. So yeah. Good job, Vinny.

  • Start to Death - 4:32<br>

    Cause - Slashed by Haohmaru<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Was never that fond of mirror matches.

  • Start to Death - 4:44<br>

    Cause - Punched by Holly Wood<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    If only Jeff was Metro City Mayor Mike Haggar, maybe then he wouldn't have been defeated by a lowly henchman.

  • Start to Death - 4:52<br>

    Cause - Intentionally got zapped by Romulans<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Here, Jeff died on purpose to show the eject and respawn feature and to change ships.

  • <b><a href="">(PSP)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 4:52<br>

    Cause - Hugged and thrown to the floor by Ganryu<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    The hug was nice, but the throwing to the floor thing wasn't cool at all.<br><br>

    <b><a href="">(PS3)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 5:47<br>

    Cause - Ryan<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Not even Lars' crazy hair could save Jeff from Ryan's crazy robot girl skills.

  • Start to Death - 4:53<br>

    Cause - Crashed into by enemy ship thing<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    A dual-joystick shooter with a twist is still just a dual-joystick shooter.

  • Start to Death - 4:54<br>

    Cause - That damn wiener<br>

    Death Count - 56<p>

    Separate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Burger Time - 4<br>

    Bad Dudes - 35<br>

    Burnin' Runner - 3<br>

    Caveman Ninja - 2<br>

    Crude Buster - 1<br>

    Heavy Barrel - 3<br>

    Lock 'n' Chase - 3<br>

    Peter Pepper's Ice Cream Factory - 3<br>

    Secret Agent - 1<br>

    Wizard Fire - 1

  • <a href="" target="_blank">(Multiplayer Beta)</b></a><br>

    Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 15:10<br>

    Start (from beginning of Jeff's turn) to Death - 5:00<br>

    Cause - Shot by coelhoeve<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    Welp, he found 'em, alright. But oh man, that last assassination kill. So good.<br><br>

    <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Actual Game)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 24:55<br>

    Cause - Rico couldn't get to him<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    Why must you dissappoint us in every way possible, Rico?

  • Start to Death - 5:04<br>

    Cause - Ryan's Move<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Dinosaurs are awesome.

  • Start to Death - 5:06<br>

    Cause - Defeated by RastaAdam<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    You can never truly defeat RastaAdam.

  • <b><a href="" target="_blank">(Demo)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 5:07<br>

    Cause - Tackled by the Great Jaggi<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Oh, Jeff. You got to create some distance. Also, you can sprint.

  • Start to Death - 5:22<br>

    Cause - Himself (via Ring Out)<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    I know what you're thinking. Yes, this is a fighting game, and yes, he was playing against Ryan. Well, this game still has a health bar in it and he still lost all his health at one point or another. Albeit, it was because he jumped out of the ring, but a death is still a death. Not to mention Jeff was able to clip Ryan through the edge of the arena, causing him to fall first, giving Jeff the point.

  • Start to Death - 5:23<br>

    Cause - Killed by Skramzas<br>

    Death Count - 13<p>

    This game needed more magical floating chunks of wood.

  • Start to Death - 5:55<br>

    Cause - Grapple into flying demon thing<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    I bet this would be mind-blowing when watching someone who actually knows how to play.

  • Start to Death - 5:58<br>

    Cause - Ran over by Cement Man<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Jeff leads.

  • Start to Death - 6:01<br>

    Cause - Burned by a dragon wagon<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    This death was due to Jeff's created character, CCCCCCCCCCCC, having a bow and arrow for a weapon. Not very useful when dealing with hordes upon hordes of enemies.

  • <a href="" target="_blank"><b>(Demo)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 6:04<br>

    Cause - Brad<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Oh, Jeff. How can you fall for that?

  • Start to Death - 6:14<br>

    Cause - Toxic Swarm Missles shot by Col. Lucy Van Pelt... weird...<br>

    Death Count - 11<p>

    First you pull the football away and now this?! Does your treachery know no bounds?!

  • <b><a href="">(Co-op Demo)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 6:21<br>

    Cause - Stepped on by the Category G beast<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    Just about every single death in this one was from Jeff getting stepped on.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 15:03<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 6:23<br>

    Cause - Giant-ass laser<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    The genes! There are infinite!

  • Start to Death - 6:45<br>

    Cause - Shotgunned by Darknight0867<br>

    Death Count - 20<p>

    Should've saved that digi-grenade. Could've saved your censored ass.

  • <b><a href="" target="_blank">(The Secret Armory of General Knoxx)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 6:47<br>

    Cause - Shot by either Lance Pyro or a Badass Engineer. Maybe both<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    You fool! You can't kill a Probe that fast! Nor a Badass! Nor a Lancer! Almost had that giant spider though.<br><br>

    <b><a href="">(Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 17:21<br>

    Cause - Not sure. Something explosive, I assume<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    There was nobody there to shoot.<br><br>

    <b><a href="">(360)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 31:07<br>

    Cause - Clawed by a Feral Skag<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    I suppose the real cause was the power going out.

  • Start to Death - 7:07<br>

    Cause - Vinny<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Nothing more embarassing than being beaten by Mars boobs.

  • Start to Death - 7:11<br>

    Cause - Bullet hell<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Just admit it, Jeff. You wanted the game for the face plate. ...That "X" looks like an "F."

  • Start to Death - 7:21<br>

    Cause - Quick-Look-itis<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    He died, but did a great job showcasing the controls. Thanks, Jeff. And I'm sorry for these lists.

  • Start to Death - 7:21<br>

    Cause - Looks like he got something stuck to him. And it exploded<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    At least his dick didn't get killed.

  • Start to Death - 7:28<br>

    Cause - Got hit by a laser while shooting his own laser<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    As impressive-looking of Jeff's performance was in the Quick Look, he only ended getting a C-rank on the first stage and a D-rank on the second. And he was blasting those invaders.

  • Start to Death - 7:28<br>

    Cause - Ran out of energy<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Used his laser too much when he didn't need to.

  • Start to Death - 7:33<br>

    Cause - Jumped off a cliff while attempting to wall run<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    For the record, jumping is pretty janky in this game. Also for the record, he missed the jump twice in a row.

  • Start to Death - 7:43<br>

    Cause - The bottom of the screen<br>

    Death Count - 15<p>

    Pure chaos.

  • Start to Death - 7:46<br>

    Cause - Jumped into the spike pit<br>

    Death Count - 26<p>

    Pro Tip: Don't jump into the spike pit.

  • Start to Death - 7:55<br>

    Cause - Shot from above<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Watch out for those off-screen enemies.

  • Start to Death - 8:05<br>

    Cause - Defeated by Honeybee<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    Shouldn't have went into the forest without the Flyswatter. Everyone knows that. And I do count the world being destroyed as a death. I mean c'mon, the world gets destroyed.

  • Start to Death - 8:44<br>

    Cause - Tackled by a Sendillian<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Luckily, Jeff had a few Scapedolls to automatically revive him.

  • Start to Death - 8:50<br>

    Cause - A giant robot sandworm fell on him<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    I don't remember many giant robot sandworms in the original Contra. Maybe I'm just not remembering hard enough.

  • Start to Death - 9:00<br>

    Cause - Slid off a platform<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Some insane skid on Luigi.

  • Start to Death - 9:28<br>

    Cause - Blown the eff up<br>

    Death Count - 19<p>


  • Start to Death - 9:30<br>

    Cause - Missed the swing and fell into water<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Nathan "Rad" Spencer: Learned how to jump. Still can't swim.

  • Start to Death - 9:45<br>

    Cause - Killed by Starninja33<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    This game isn't fast enough.

  • Start to Death - 10:01<br>

    Cause - Kicked by a not-Big Daddy<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Nothing really to say about this. Although, I do love games with a clear health bar and lives indicator. Makes all this so much easier.

  • Start to Death - 10:07<br>

    Cause - Punch by white-jacket dude while exiting No-Account Video<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    You know, it being like River City Ransom, if not a strong homage to, doesn't make it a bad game. And come on, what other kind of game could they make out of the Scott Pilgrim series? But that's just me.

  • Start to Death - 10:10<br>

    Cause - Fell off trying to pop a bubble<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Uh... Yeah. Guy just accidentally jumped off.

  • Start to Death - 10:16<br>

    Cause - Drew<br>

    Death Count - 16<p>

    Drew: Deadly with the Reverse Pitch.

  • Start to Death - 10:21<br>

    Cause - Uh... lasers<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Hm. Well... Yep.

  • Start to Death - 10:32<br>

    Cause - Shot up with guns<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    I like how Jeff declared that he was dead mid-explanation. Makes my job a lot easier.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 26:35<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 10:45<br>

    Cause - He fell<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    This was actually part of the <a href="" target="_blank">09/15/2010 Game Room Quick Look</a>. Since Sonic Adventure isn't actually a part of Game Room, it's separate here. ...Yeah, I don't have much else to say about this game.

  • Start to Death - 11:15<br>

    Cause - Shot up like crazy<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Messed up by space lasers. Should've just went back to Ropesk. I heard its similar to a rope. That doesn't sound too bad.

  • <b><a href="">(PSP)</a></b><br>

    Start to Death - 11:23<br>

    Cause - Suicide<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    It was the part of the tutorial level where it teaches you how to blow yourself up.

  • Start to Death - 11:26<br>

    Cause - Jumped off edge of a cliff house.<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Jeff accidentally jumped off the edge, but he jumped off with style.

  • Start to Death - 12:17<br>

    Cause - Bad timing against Dr. Robotnik<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Just keep holding right, Jeff. Never not be holding right.

  • Start to Death - 12:25<br>

    Cause - Fucking got shot at<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Goddamn cockbreath commie motherfuckers!