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Alex: Quick Look Start to Death Times

Alex may not be a Giant Bomb staff member but he can still 'pull a Brad' like anyone else.

Here's Mustard's original list that started off all the shenanigans. RJPelonia is the list bearer for all other start to death times (except this one of course) and you should check out all of them. I looked around to see if this list had been made already and it hadn't so I thought I'd make this one for posterities sake.

Copied from RJPelonia's description:

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and [Alex] dying, regardless of the method. Occasionally, there will be two times listed, the reason being written in the description for the game. Also, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.

Links to other Quick Look start to death times:

Brad - Jeff - Ryan - Vinny - Drew - Sean - Andy - Jared - Dave

List items

  • Start to Death - 5:33<br> Cause - Swallowed by swamp hands<br> Death Count - 5<br> It seems that once you start 'pulling Brads' you can't stop as this is Alex's second QL death in a row, and it was an easily avoidable one too.

  • Start to Death - 17:21<br> Cause - Shot by a giant Nosferatu<br> Death Count - 1<br> Alex's first QL death! He did survive for a while so it's not a bad start.