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Vinny: Quick Look Start to Death Time

 Power outages have no effect on
 Power outages have no effect on "pullin' a Brad."
Ya know, Brad isn't the only one who " pulls a Brad" during Quick Looks, and we give him a lot of flak for it. Inspired by Mustard's amazing list, I decided to compile lists for all the other Giant Bombers "Start to Death" times in Quick Looks, this one being for Vinny!

"Start to Death" is defined as the time elapsed between the start of the Quick Look, and Vinny dying, regardless of the method. Occasionally, there will be two times listed, the reason being written in the description for the game. Also, I kept track of not only the time of death, but also the Death Count to list how many times they died during the Quick Look.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had fun putting it all together! And remember, "It's tougher to play and talk at the same time, than you think."

Links to the other Quick Look Start to Death Time Lists:
Brad - Jeff - Ryan - Dave - Drew - Sean - Andy - Mike - Will - Alex - Jared

Vinny's Total Quick Looks Ran: 87

List items

  • Start to Death - 0:17<br>

    Cause - Shot at... with bullets<br>

    Death Count - 17<p>

    Yeehaw, motherfucker.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 4:48<br>

    Start (from beginning of Vinny's turn) to Death - 0:28<br>

    Cause - Stairs. The dreaded stairs<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    Wasn't sure whether to add this one or not. They aren't really deaths. But I thought, "Nah, forget it," yo, homes, to Bel-Air.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 18:06<br>

    Start (from beginning of Vinny's turn) to Death - 1:20<br>

    Cause - Smashed upside the head by Jupiter<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Not even the Gallagher of the Wii can withstand a stone bat.

  • Start to Death - 1:45<br>

    Cause - Fell down a pit<br>

    Death Count - 21<p>

    Pure madness.

  • Start to Death - 1:53<br>

    Cause - Brad and the Golden Gun<br>

    Death Count - 28<p>

    That's what happens when you invert your controls.

  • Start to Death - 2:03<br>

    Cause - Flew into an enemy immediately after shooting a rescuee<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    Vinny! Stop shooting the survivors!

  • Start to Death - 2:33<br>

    Cause - He didn't dodge<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    This was just painful to watch. Really, just unplug the Nunchuk, guys.

  • Start to Death - 3:00<br>

    Cause - Jeff (via Ring Out)<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Yep. Turtles fighting. Not much else to say about that.

  • Start to Death - 3:03<br>

    Cause - Shot up by a tank piloted by Ryoma<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    To be fair, Vinny never owned a Dreamcast.

  • Start to Death - 3:19<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    This was part of a <a href="">Quick Look</a> where Jeff and Vinny looked at various fighting games. Which led to Vinny getting Burning Knuckle'd to the face, courtesy of Jeff Gerstmann. Also, Jeff cheated by giving himself infinite P power.

  • Start to Death - 3:25<br>

    Cause - Exploded shortly after pooping Ryan out<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Vinny is a clever, clever person.

  • Start to Death - 3:41<br>

    Cause - Hit by a falling stalactite<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Vinny is cool, but rude.

  • Start (from beginning of video) to Death - 16:54<br>

    Start (from beginning of game) to Death - 3:52<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 12<p>

    This was part of <a href="">Quick Look</a> where Jeff and Vinny looked at various fighting games, hence the two times of death. Well, at least Vinny actually got Jeff down here and there.

  • <a href="" target"_blank"><b>(Pigsy's Perfect 10 DLC)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 3:57<br>

    Cause - Killed by a no-longer-ally'd turret<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Waddle, Vinny! Waddle for your life!

  • Start to Death - 4:07<br>

    Cause - Got distracted showing Ryan his nipples, I presume<br>

    Death Count - 10<p>

    Alright, Ryan, this is getting to a weird place. Please. Just, please stop.

  • Start to Death - 4:12<br>

    Cause - Killed by a Critter<br>

    Death Count - 4<p>

    Weak, dude.

  • Start to Death - 4:17<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    One cannot defeat the team of Neo Geo guy and Tetris lass!

  • Start to Death - 5:09<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    vinny, as the PTX-40A, got Shinshoryuken'd the hell out of him by Jeff, as Ryu. And all the while, Vinny kept his upbeat attitude. Also, Jeff raised his handicap all the way up at the beginning of the Quick Look. Which meant he cheated.

  • Start to Death - 7:28<br>

    Cause - Suicide<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    Vinny, as Anakin Skywalker, felt remorse about killing all those kids, so he decided to jump off a cliff. Several times.

  • Start to Death - 7:40<br>

    Cause - Magic'd to death<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Vinny did turn around. ...For some reason. But we did it. We've found the weakness of the Kinect:<br>



  • Start to Death - 8:30<br>

    Cause - Zombies. And deciding to close the distance with himself and the zombies<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    This makes me fear for Vinny's life during the event of an actual zombie outbreak.

  • Start to Death - 9:11<br>

    Cause - Hit by the missle that got him<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    This game has a lot less blade than gun.

  • Start to Death - 9:12<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Vinny let Jeff kill him.

  • Start to Death - 9:32<br>

    Cause - Wacked by a red ninja<br>

    Death Count - 41<p>

    Seperate Death Count for Games:<br>

    Bad Dudes - 36<br>

    Caveman Ninja - 1<br>

    Crude Buster - 1<br>

    Heavy Barrel - 1<br>

    Wizard Fire - 2

  • Start to Death - 11:18<br>

    Cause - Cut up by an alien. Also, had no medic<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Will's never there when you need him the most.

  • Start to Death - 12:25<br>

    Cause - Ryan<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Vinny's first loss was due to a Time Out, so that didn't count as a death.

  • Start to Death - 15:14<br>

    Cause - Hit by Master Chef LeBlog<br>

    Death Count - 9<p>

    Vinny is moderately fearful o' ghosts.

  • Start to Death - 16:36<br>

    Cause - Hit the top of the screen in a Timed Battle against Ryan<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    This counts, right? This is a death?

  • Start to Death - 17:47<br>

    Cause - Hit by a not-Bullet Bill<br>

    Death Count - 7<p>

    What I learned from this Quick Look: Brad and Vinny aren't that familiar with the Donkey Kong franchise and they shouldn't play co-op games with each other.

  • Start to Death - 19:38<br>

    Cause - Sent to speedline world by aniballz420<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    Sonic boom, sonic boom, sonic boom, trouble keeps you running faster...

  • Start to Death - 20:27<br>

    Cause - Himself (with the Magma Suit)<br>

    Death Count - 3<p>

    Gravity, Vinny. Gravity.

  • Start to Death - 20:45<br>

    Cause - Torched<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    So many near-death situations in this Quick Look, all the while Vinny is calmly explaining the game. And then toward the end, he gets rocked.

  • Start to Death - 21:14<br>

    Cause - He froze and got shot<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    I'm finding the usual cause of death I've been typing is "got shot".

  • <A href="" target="_blank"><b>(for 12/22/2010)</b></a><br>

    Start to Death - 23:50<br>

    Cause - He was the guy on the left<br>

    Death Count - 8<p>

    That's how you send off Game Room: With a Vinny death.

  • Start to Death - 24:37<br>

    Cause - He forked up. ...what<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Welp, there goes the love. Thanks a lot, Vinny.

  • Start to Death - 25:13<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 5<p>

    Mistake #1: Choosing T. Hawk.

  • Start to Death - 28:14<br>

    Cause - Ryan<br>

    Death Count - 6<p>

    If only Vinny had a beard. Or a hammer. Or a bearded hammer.

  • Start to Death - 33:07<br>

    Cause - Jeff<br>

    Death Count - 2<p>

    Danger, Vinny Caravella. Danger.

  • Start to Death - 55:52<br>

    Cause - Uh... he died<br>

    Death Count - 1<p>

    They went all split-screen and Vinny was behind a rock. He died, but I don't know by what.