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    Tales from Space: About a Blob

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Feb 08, 2011

    About a Blob is the first entry in the fledgling Tales From Space series. It's a puzzle-platformer about a race of Blobs that eat and grow along the way. Featuring a retro monster movie art style, it supports Single-player and Co-operative gameplay.

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    Tales from Space: About a Blob is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer about a race of  alien Blobs developed and published by Drinkbox Studios for PSN downloadable. The player takes on the role of one of these inter-stellar travelling Blobs. Looking for their next meal, the blobs end up on a distant Earth-like planet that has fallen prey to mass industrialization. Upon landing, the player is captured by an evil scientist and must then begin the task of escaping, saving fellow Blob friends, and cleaning the planet.  
    The game features a retro-inspired monster-movie art style and local co-op gameplay. 
    The title was originally released on PSN for PS users on February 2nd 2011 for $14.99, and subsequently released for general download for PSN North American on February 8th 2011, and Europe on February 9th 2011.   


    The player controls a Blob that has a range of starting abilities :   
    • Absorb : the main ability. the player can absorb any object smaller than the Blob 
    • Spit : player maybe spit any object absorbed to either solve puzzles or use as a projectile to damage enemies 
    • Fast Run : to run fast 
    • Jump 
    • Slam : a move that slams the blob down very quickly. Used to damage enemies and to combine with jump into a "Slam Jump"   

    The Blob's objective for each level is to locate and absorb objects. Absorbing objects results in the Blob to increase in size, and subsequently absorb larger objects that were once to large. Levels are broken into sections that are usually blocked by large objects that require being absorbed. A player will receive a "target size" (bottom left hand side of the screen) that they must achieve. Achieving this size usually results in the player being able to absorb the blocking object and continue on to the proceeding section.   
    The game is broken into 4 tiers with a total of 17 levels. The approximate time required to finished the game ranges from 5-7 hours. Initial levels are somewhat simple, where the difficulty curve ramps quite quickly. Local cooperative play is also available where a player may respawn on their partner after 5 seconds. If both players die then they start at the last activated checkpoint. 
    Later levels introduce new mechanics: 
    Magnetic: The player has the ability to attract toward any object that is metal (indicated by purple glow), or repulse of any object that is metal to propel themselves into the air.  
    This is often used in platforming 

    Electricity: This ability is used mainly in conjunction with puzzles. The player can absorb electricity, or dump electricity that has been absorbed. Electricity can power machines, or turn of machines. Additionally players can use electricity to take control of physical mechanisms in the game. 
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     The player takes control of a Blob from outer space. The high level objective of the game is for the character to find all the blob friends who have been captured by the evil scientist, general populous, and those that have become lost. 

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