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    PAX Prime 2010

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    The 2010 Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) took place at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington from September 3-5.

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    The 2010 Penny Arcade Expo brought several changes to show goers in terms of scheduling and venues.  Since 2007, the show had taken place at the Washington State Convention Center, and it did again in 2010.  The 2008 show utilized the Pike Street Annex across the street from the WSCC to house all of the tabletop gaming as well as an additional theater room.  The annex was renovated between 2008 and 2010, including an escalator from the expo hall down to and from what is now known as the Conference Center.  An additional theater was also added in the Sheraton Hotel across the street, which provided seating for 1200 attendees. 
    In 2009, the expo hall expanded across the sky bridge and into what was formerly the PC gaming room.  In 2010, the expo hall spread further by going into what had been known as the Queue Room.  The Queue Room was relocated to what was formerly the Main Theater. And that brings us to the biggest change of PAX 2010.  The main theater was offsite.  Benaroya Hall, better known as the home of the Seattle Symphony, is located at the corner of Union and 3rd St, which is about a six minute walk from the WSCC.  Benaroya Hall had its own line-up area for the larger panels, presentations, concerts, and the Omegathon. 
    The keynote speaker of PAX 2010 was  Warren Spector

    Giant Bomb @ PAX Prime 2010 

    Montage of the expo hall 
    World exclusive interview with the most important man in the game industry
    Brad interviews Max Schaefer of Runic Games about Torchlight II 
    Ed Boon interviews Jeff and Brad about Mortal Kombat 
    A live rendition of "Everybody Loves Donuts" at the Twisted Pixel booth
    The guys discuss pepperoni pizza, Subway, Duke Nukem, Black Ops, Mortal Kombat, Bastion, and PAX's growth.
    The panel continues with Telltale, Project Sword, Oddworld, and John Vignocchi as Ice-T.  Then an intermission panel with Jeff Green, Gary Whitta, and Michael Pachter discussing game journalism, Mafia II, and levitation.
    Jeff, Gary, and Michael continue discussion on journalism and celebrity developers.  The GB guys come back on to take Q&A.
    10 minutes of Portal 2 co-op including a short trailer and extensive gameplay footage. 
    Jeff chats with Gearbox's CEO about the most talked about game at PAX 2010. 
    Ryan takes a lap around The PAX 10 booth and talks to the developers of each game.   
    Jeff stops by the Warner Bros. booth to talk to Hector Sanchez about Mortal Kombat  


    • Total Attendance - 67,600 
    • July 16, 2010 - 3-Day passes to PAX 2010 sold out. 
    • August 27, 2010 - PAX Prime 2010 officially sold out of all badges.


    MC Frontalot
    MC Frontalot

    Friday Night

    • Anamanaguchi  
    • Metroid Metal 
    • Minibosses  
    • Protomen

    Saturday Night  


    The Omegathon 

    Omegathon Finals
    Omegathon Finals
    The Omegathon is an annual tournament held at PAX that pits 20 randomly selected attendees in a three day marathon of games that span the spectrum of the gaming universe.  After each round, some participants are eliminated.  Each year, the final game is held secret until moments before the final two Omeganauts enter battle.      

    The PAX 10 

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    In 2009, over 150 independent games were submitted for review.  The deadline for 2010 was June 15.  To be eligible for entry, games cannot have outside funding, cannot be mods of existing games, and must be in at least beta form.  Previous games featured in The PAX 10 include Audiosurf, Machinarium, and The Maw.   




    Expo Hall (North)
    Expo Hall (North)
    Over 100 exhibitors had a presence at the 7th annual PAX. 

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