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    Bomberman Live

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Jul 18, 2007

    Bomberman Live brings the multiplayer staples of the franchise for Xbox Live Arcade.

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    Bomberman Live plays the same as the Original Bomberman game, but this time it adds online via Xbox Live. Your goal is to destroy all of your opponents with bombs, while dodging theirs. There are several power-ups, including 'Speed Up' which makes Bomberman move faster, there's also 'Bomb Up' which allows you to drop multiple bombs at once. Other power-ups range from giving bigger distance to your bomb explosions to a huge bomb that could take up half the screen. The game allows for up to eight player matches with customizable options including what powerups will be available on the stage. Things like "Revenge Mode" can be turned on or off, which spawns defeated bombers on "carts" on the outside of the stage and allows them to throw bombs down on the remaining players.

    Other powerups that can be found in the game include:

    • Bomb Kick, which allows bombers to kick bombs and send them sliding in a straight line across the stage.
    • Bomb Punch, which allows bombers to punch bombs and send them flying forward a few spaces.
    • Power Glove, which allows planted bombs to be thrown forward a few spaces, bouncing until they reach an empty space.
    • Line Bomb, which allows all of one's available bombs to be placed at once in a line.
    • Dangerous Bomb, which makes the player's first bomb explode in a square shaped explosion which gets very large.
    • Power Bomb, which makes the player's first bomb have an explosion which has the maximum possible length, reaching the end of the screens.
    • Land Mine, which makes the player's first bomb into a mine which sinks into the ground, exploding when a player walks over it.
    • Remote Bomb, which turns all the player's bombs into remote explosives, which will not detonate until the player presses a button.
    • Cut-Through Bomb, which allows the player's bombs' explosions to "cut through" multiple "soft blocks" rather than just one.
    • Skull, which afflicts the player with one of several adverse conditions, such as very slow movement or uncontrollable dropping of bombs.


    Although Bomberman is the only playable character, the game allows for a large amount of customization, such as making Bomberman a Knight, "Bomb the Builder", a Nerd, and a lot more. Individual costume pieces are unlocked by picking up "Costume Balls" that spawn during normal matches. These pieces fall into head, face, and body parts, which can either be matched up with similar parts to make a cohesive outfit or mixed up to the player's liking. The costumes don't offer any statistical bonuses, simply lending personality to the normal Bomberman. Additional costume items have since been added to the game as downloadable content, giving more options and also adding an appearance of a "character" from the video game site "Mr. Destructoid," as a set of costume parts that allow him to be created were added in one pack.

    Avatar Support

    Bomberman Live was one of the first Xbox Live Arcade games to have Avatar support added to it retroactively. To add Avatars to the game a title update is necessary and then users are prompted to redownload the game. This download will have Avatar support included in it and will not erase any progress previously made in the game. Anybody who purchases Bomberman Live after November 19th will already have Avatar support built into the game.

    Playstation 3 Version

    Bomberman Live was ported to the Playstation 3 under the title Bomberman Ultra. All of the features, save for Avatar support was retained for the re-release.


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